mischief m

Supermarket Mischief || M

►Character: iKON’s Hanbin || You

►Summary: Hanbin makes grocery shopping the hardest chore in the world, Well you kinda enjoy it too

►Genre: Smut

►Word Count: 877

Well, this ain’t enough romcom lol

You pushed the cart slowly, your eyebrows knitted together in concentration, your eyes glued on the list in your other hand, scanning the three-row list of things to buy. “Y/N look…” You turn your head towards your boyfriend who was standing by the meat freezer. Hanbin was holding a piece of meat in front of his lower face, forming a huge grin like shape making you debate whether you should hit him or laugh. He then pulled out another one that is shaped in a round shape, holding it in front of his eyes, his lips formed a pout. You giggled at his childishness. Hitting his arm, you dragged him away when a few shoppers looked at you. Still grinning you shook your head at him. “Babo…” Hanbin grinned, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, trapping you between his body and the trolley. You tensed at his action. Hanbin rarely initiates skinship. Deciding to drop it, you go back to your list when you felt his breath fanning on your neck, grazing his lips on your nape. You froze before turning to look at him, your eyebrow raised at how he feigns his innocence by humming a song, his eyes glued on the list in your hand. “Ohh, leek? What you need them for?” He reached for one leek before giving it to you and taking another one for himself. Now you know where this is going. He mimicked the pose of a fencer making you burst into a fit of laughter at how his eyebrows knitted together in seriousness. “Hanbin please, people are watching.” He grinned sheepishly before putting them back and grabbing a new one to put into your cart. This dork.

After getting everything that you needed with Hanbin occasionally pecking your neck and nibbling on your ear, you got the message. But you won’t do it in the supermarket where everyone could see you. Gosh, there’s cameras everywhere, you’re not giving the guards free porn to watch. Once both of you loaded your things into your car, Hanbin quickly skipped to the driver’s seat making you giggle. So eager. When you open the door and slide in, Hanbin’s lips quickly latch onto your neck making you gasp. “Hanbin, here?” He just groaned in response, busying himself by sucking a huge mark in your neck. Luckily, the parking lot is deserted, and your car’s windows are dark tinted. You pushed Hanbin back before proceeding to straddle him. He leaned back before pushing the seat backward to give you more space. His hands immediately landed on your bare thighs as your skirt rides up due to your position. You could feel his bulge is straining in his jeans against your hot core. You grind down making him groan, his head thrown back giving you free access. Leaning down quickly, you suck on a spot where you know so well could make him go wild. His response is instantaneous. Deep growls vibrated in his chest making your core clench in need, wetting a spot on your panties. You could feel his fingers slipping underneath to slide his fingers in, gathering your juices on the tip of his finger. You moaned, your hips reflexively buck into his hand. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you like this for a while. And when you had this skirt on..” Strings of curses tumble out if his lips. He quickly unbuckled his pants, unzipping it before pushing it down to free his erection. Precum smeared the bulging head, standing proud against his lower stomach. You pushed down your panties, taking it off completely before aligning your dripping core against Hanbin’s bulbous head. Slowly you sink down, his erection sliding into you with ease due to your juices. Your head was thrown back as your lips parted to moan out his name. Hanbin watched you, his lips tucked into a coy smirk before groaning a curse at the feeling of your tight channel around his throbbing cock. Once he’s fully inside, Hanbin didn’t give you any time to adjust before groping the globe of your ass, urging you to move. With a whine, you bounce up and down on his lap, his member slide in and out of you, stretching you in every way possible.

Your car’s window had fogged up due to your hot breath, the car bounced slightly but unnoticeable if you don’t look close enough from outside. Nearing the edge, your pace started to become sloppy as Hanbin started to take over, his fingers gripping the ample flesh of your ass. He was breathing heavily, his jaw tensing as beads of sweats started to run down his temple. You whimper, signaling that you’re nearing your orgasm. “Come on, cum for me.” He commanded making your lower stomach coil tighter. After a few more thrust, you arch your back before moaning his name loudly, your orgasm washed through your body like a huge wave. Hanbin grunts, his hips thrust upward before reaching his high too, catching up with you, injecting strings of thick loads inside of you. You slumped down on his chest, trying to regulate your breath. “Can we go home now?” Hanbin chuckled. “Of course, for round two.” You groaned into his chest making him chuckle, devilishly.

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  1. Their reaction to you being their favorite stripper.
  2. Their reaction to coming home and finding their wife and child asleep on couch.
  3. Their reaction to a foreign fan girl coming to a fansign and calling them oppa.
  4. Their reaction to you surprising them in lingerie.
  5. Their reaction to you painting/drawing.
  • MTL
  1. MTL likely to prefer giving head than receiving.
  2. MTL likely to fuck you(their gf) in public.
  3. MTL likely to like shower sex.
  4. MTL likely to date a foreigner.
  5. MTL likely to grab your ass in public.
  6. MTL likely to punch your abusive father/bf after seeing them hit you.


  1. Imagine the maknae line seeing you walk by
  2. Imagine waking up next to Jungkook
  3. Imagine Jungkook watching you play with your son
  4. Imagine you’re a dancer and Jungkook watches you on stage
  5. Imagine stripper Jungkook giving you a private session
  6. Imagine resting your hand on Jungkook’s thigh


  1. Imagine the maknae line seeing you walk by
  2. Imagine Jimin seeing you sitting across the table


  1. Imagine late night video chats with Taehyung
  2. Imagine the maknae line seeing you walk by
  3. Imagine Taehyung wanting to take you in a library.
  4. Imagine Taehyung spotting you in the crowd.


  1. Imagine sending J-Hope a naughty text


  1. Imagine Namjoon performing a song for you.


  1. Imagine waking up next to Jin.
  2. Imagine Jin seeing you in a short dress for the first time.


  1. Imagine Yoongi asking for a kiss on the cheek.  


  1. Demon(M)
  2. Trading(Slight M)
  3. Netflix and Chill(M)
  4. Pointing Fingers
  5. Today’s The Day(M)
  6. Recording(M)
  7. Birthday Tease(M)
  8. Cookie Jar(M)
  9. Sweaty Bodies(M)
  10. Theirs To Love(M) Feat. Taehyung
  11. Jealous(M) Feat. Taehyung


  1. Trapped: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3(M)
  2. Rage Quit(M)
  3. Shark Week
  4. Cutie(M)
  5. Cute Jealousy(M)
  6. Private Dancer(M)
  7. Permanent Decision: Part 1(M) | Part 2
  8. Nightly Mischief(M): Part 1 | Part 2
  9. 10 Minutes(M)
  10. The Arrangement(M)


  1. I Forgive You
  2. Why
  3. Betting
  4. Theirs To Love(M) Feat. Jungkook
  5. Jealous(M) Feat. Jungkook


  1. Protector
  2. New Tricks(M)
  3. Cold
  4. Dance Battle
  5. Tears
  6. Known Crush
  7. Meet me at Han River


  1. Sweat
  2. Chocolate(M)
  3. New Toy(M)
  4. Husband and Wife(M)


  1. Scared
  2. Strawberries


  1. Dark Days
  2. Teamwork

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1. Damaged Series

2. A Blood Sacrifice(Jungkook x Reader; Vampire AU): Ch1 |

3. 12 Hours(The Purge AU; Angst): Prologue | Hour 1


1. Series Name TBA

2. Their’s To Hold(Namjoon x OC x Jimin x Jin; Angst/Smut): Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 | Ch5


1. I Can’t(Yoongi x Reader; Angst/Smut): Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 | Ch5 | Ch6(Final)

Category: Friendship

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Fic: Mischief Reimagined (1/?) (M)

Author’s note: My secret project! This little crossover was inspired by brainstorming sessions with @wordsmith-storyweaver, my partner in crime. It features the Swan Jones Trio in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. So if you enjoy HP and the SJT, I hope you enjoy this. The usual warnings apply!

Summary:  OUAT/HP Crossover. The Swan Jones Trio embarks on a new adventure as the Triwizard Tournament returns to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 1

Fall 2009

Killian tapped his wand to the shabby looking door and softly muttered the right spell. Despite living in the damn house for several years now, he was still not quite accustomed to all of its quirks. Why did Emma’s ancestors have to be so bloody secretive? Because they were the most rabid pure blood maniacs in the world, he thought bitterly. He wondered how they’d react to the current occupants of the ancient house. If their first encounters with old Mrs. Black’s portrait were any indication, not well.

“Love? You home?”

He could get away with yelling now, since the home’s previous owner (or more accurately, the owner’s very intelligent friend) found a way to defeat the Permanent Sticking Charm that kept the dreadful portrait in place. Said portrait now resided in the uppermost floor of the house, locked away. Not that it stopped the indominable Mrs. Black from making herself known when they got up to some rather…loud activities. It wasn’t Killian’s fault that they forgot to cast the Muffliato charm occasionally.

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The Boy in the Woods

Muse A’s family just bought a house with a large woods behind it. While exploring the woods, Muse A happens upon Muse B, a mischievous forest sprite who, against better judgement, is simply fascinated with humans. Muse B, who usually hides themselves in the presence of humans, approaches Muse A hesitantly, unsure if they’re the monsters the Elder Sprites have made them out to be, but Muse A is just as shy and just as curious as Muse B. A friendship blossoms, and Muse A begins to visit the woods often, but Muse B will never venture towards the human’s home, and will never show themselves if other humans are around. Muse B is fascinated by things like umbrellas and cell phones, but cannot comprehend human greed, the need to build bigger houses and destroy nature to do so as it is in the nature of the sprites to take only what they need and to give what they can, so Muse B cannot understand why humans do not all just take care of each other. 

When autumn comes, Muse B reveals to Muse A that they will be leaving soon, to migrate south for the winter where it is warmer. Can Muse A convince Muse B to give up their life as a Sprite, cover their pointed ears and live as a human? Is Muse B ready to step out of the forest and into Muse A’s strange and scary world?

P-Posin’~ M-Mischief a-and I had o-ourselves a little bit of fun!~ It’s s-such a nice s-song!~

(ooc: T^T Practicing their height differences!~ Mischief! Why you tall?! Plus, now I’g going to tag artwork of mines as #Shy art, so it’s easier to find art of mines!~……*sighs* Which means I have to go back and edit…..)

ask-sensitive-bendy  asked:

*hums, tail wagging as he sways in joy* M-Mischief, are y-you here, love? I w-was wondering if y-you would like to watch some Disney m-movies together? *tilts his head, not seeing Mischief* W-where are you, d-darling?

The toddler was hidden underneath his bed. Seeing Shy brought him such joy! While Shy wasnt looking, he came out and from behind let out a tiny “rawr!” in an attempt to scare Shy. He giggled though. Mischief wasnt one to be scary.

dark stiles, a reclist
  • Hell Is Other People series by tsukinofaerii (E, 16k) Stiles discovers the hazards of growing up a real boy when, at heart, he’s not a real boy at all.
  • This Vicious Little World series by Salomonderiel (M, 75k) Stiles has managed to avoid Hell and its natives for near 16 years. He’s almost managed to fool himself he’s human. And best friend who smells of wet dog or not, he thinks he’d got a pretty good deal with this second chance at a life, and is planning to stick with it. But, unknown to Stiles, the new king of Hell has other ideas…
  • What Good Men Wish For by jettiebettie (M, 24k) She had only wanted his soul. She never expected to fall in love with this man. She never thought she’d be a mother and she never imagined she could be so happy living the life of a human. But she did know it would kill her. Claudia Stilinski as the Queen of the Crossroads. 
  • No Code Beyond Survival by jettiebettie (M, 50k) He wasn’t born with this hunger. It came not long after all he had left was taken from him. It came when he was close to death himself, scared, cold, and alone. When every breath hurt and no one could hear his pained sobbing. It clawed its way into him when he no longer had the strength to call for a father he knew couldn’t save him. And as much as it frightened him, he didn’t fight it. Warning: Major Character Death. 
  • souls of mischief by hoars (M, 3k) Stiles’ first memory of his mom is green.Her green eyes, her green dresses, her green scarves, her green blouses and her green barrettes.
  • Inverso by Saucery (E, 888 words) In which Stiles is the werewolf with a dark past, and Derek is the hapless teenager he fixates on.
  • Love is Mean by BarlowGirl (E, 11k) “Stiles,” Derek’s mouth says. “Yeah,” Stiles says. “That’s me. So who the hell are you?” He doesn’t like the smile that curves Derek’s mouth. It’s a predator’s grin, and for a moment, Stiles wonders if this is what the moment before being slowly eaten feels like. Magical bodyswap with a darker, paralell universe with a twisted dark version of Stiles and Derek. 
  • The Pretty Things (are going to Hell) by FaeryQueen07 (E, 5k) 
  • “You have something of mine,” Stiles says, and he reaches for his hood, pushing it back to reveal the rest of his face. Lips curled up in a smile promising pain and eyes like death, he says, “And now I’m going to take it back.” 
  • The Time Stiles Gets Possessed (by a demon named Bob) by eldee (E, 13k) Stiles is walking through the woods when the demon takes him. His mind is reeling with distracting thoughts of a stupid alpha werewolf and their kisses, and he doesn’t know what hits him when there’s black smoke swirling all around. Not really a dark!Stiles fic, but it’s a good read and hey, it’s got demon possession and some cute Sterek.
  • Three Can Keep A Secret by ladyblahblah (E, 5k) Derek discovers that Stiles has been living with a demon inside of him for most of his life. What starts as a confrontation turns into something else altogether.

Jeans and a T-Shirt

Muse A is in a crowded place expecting to meet somebody for reasons that are secret. They do not know the person they’ve been in contact with or what they look like, but they were told what the person would be wearing. Muse B is not the person Muse A is expecting to meet, but they just so happen to be wearing the same outfit Muse A was told to look out for. Muse A approaches Muse B and announces that they were expecting to meet them. 

Out of boredom, curiosity, or attraction to Muse A, Muse B goes along with it and pretends to be the person Muse A thinks they are, following them and trying to act like they know what’s going on.

How does Muse B react when they find out the reason that Muse A wanted to meet?
Was this all a coincidence or was Muse B specifically chosen by the person in correspondence with Muse A?
What are the consequences if Muse A finds out Muse B is not who they say they are?

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hot, sticky sweet

hot, sticky sweet    


By:  Awriterwrites

Summary:  The boy with the shorts giggled and rolled back and forth on his roller skates—bright white with large rainbow pom-poms bouncing near the top of the laces, knee high socks covering his shapely calves. “Can I take that for you?” Roll, roll, roll. “Sir.”

Louis’ eyes snapped up from the hypnotic roll of the boy’s skates and looked at eyes full of mischief. “Yes. Um…yeah. ’M done.”

He lifted the empty fountain soda glass, lined with pink cream remnants, and handed it to the server.The boy’s long fingers brushed over his and Louis felt a feathery tickle down below, in his groin. Just from one fleeting touch.

The boy’s fingernails were painted in a pastel shade of light rosy pink with glitter. They glinted in the high afternoon sun. Louis looked away. It was too much. The shorts. The skin. The warm papery feel of skin igniting on skin.


This fic comes from an idea that @princessyles posted on her blog over on tumblr.  Here’s part of the pilfered prompt:  “concept: harry (in early 20s) being a cutesy little waiter at this cute milkshake and bakery type shop that’s all frilly and pink and they wear roller skates and serve the people there and harry is in cute high waisted shorts and an adorable crop top…”

My mind sort of wandered a bit then and here’s what I came up with…

(thank you again @princessyles for permission to run away with your prompt and for coming up with it in the first place!)

Artwork courtesy of


  and her brilliant creative mind. 

solarrift  asked:

dear carrie, i have it on good authority to ask you for a superhero au reclist please! plz and spanks.

  • But Not With Haste by uraneia (E, 20k) It’s been years since Derek escaped from the hunters who killed his family and bound him in his human form. He travels solo, never staying in one place, keeping under the radar–until a skinny, smart-mouthed kid stows away in the back of his truck. Four months ago Stiles’s first kiss put his best friend in a coma. His dad gave him a couple hundred bucks and a hug and told him to run. By the time Stiles witnesses the cage fighter known as Wolverine take out a shotgun and its wielder with his bare hands, he’s got a plan. He knows there’s a school in New York for kids like him. All he has to do is get there. OR, in which Derek is the werewolf version of Wolverine and Stiles is Rogue and the plot of X-Men progresses accordingly, with a few notable deviations.
  • it’s gonna take a superman by kellifer_fic (T, 14k) Derek figured the Children of Villains support group would at least be full of outcasts like him. How wrong could he be?
  • Secret Agent Man by zosofi (E, 6k) “Budapest.” Scott’s voice crackles in Stiles’s ear-piece. There’s a crash, a volley of gunfire, the sound of a heavy body hitting up against concrete repeatedly. “This is exactly like Budapest, Stiles.”
  • The Guard and Red by andavs (T, 74k)  Derek moves back to Beacon Hills after twelve years in New York and finds that the city has a superhero problem, his sister has a co-op problem, he has a neighbor problem, and he and Stiles spend a lot of time hanging from a fake rock and yelling at each other at seven in the morning.
  • Feed Me Diamonds by troubleiwant (M, 15k) “So, you’re the host,” the kid says, glancing at Derek under long lashes. He angles his body closer, more than appropriate for casual conversation.“I don’t remember inviting you,” Derek says, leaning in too, pretending it’s so he doesn’t have to shout to be heard over the pulsing beat of the music. “And I would remember.” Derek lets his fingers skim over the small of the other man’s back, just to see if he can.“Oh, you need an invite to get into these shindigs?” Stiles asks with a teasing grin that seems to draw them into some kind of confidence. “I hear just about anything goes at Derek Hale’s parties.”Derek curves his mouth into a flirtatious smile, because it’s something a spoiled rich boy thinking with his dick would do. “True, but I do like to know who’s doing the ‘anything’.”
  • Professor Xavier’s A Total Douchebag by FanHag102 (T, 13k) Derek Hale can read minds. If he could have chosen a mutant power for himself instead of being given one by random, genetic happenstance it’s safe to say mind-reading would not have been his 1st, 2nd, or even 96th choice. Maybe if he’d gotten the power of invisibility he wouldn’t be sitting in a senior Economics class next to a hyperactive kid with a buzz cut who won’t stop thinking about dicks.

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Inspired by Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

  They’re gonna clean up your looks
      with all the lies in the books
      to make a citizen out of you
     Because they sleep with a gun
     and keep an eye on you, Son
So they could watch all the things you do
      Because the drugs never work
      they’re gonna give you a smirk
Cuz they got methods to keep you clean
      They gonna rip up your heads
        Your aspirations to shreds
   Another cog in the murder machine
      They said: “Teenagers scare
         the livin’ shit outta me!
          they could care less
     as long as someone’ll bleed!”
        So darken your clothes
        or strike a violent pose.
    Maybe they’ll leave you alone
                 But not me.

In a Dystopian future, adults treasure their children, but only as long as they are children. Around a child’s twelfth birthday, they are sent away to “schooling”. Schooling is a militant-like program held away from the rest of society where the children are forced into utter obedience, following the government’s strict rules, learning only approved trades, and preparing to be “productive citizens or society.” They are beaten and drugged into submission until they turn twenty, then are sent to different towns to live as adults, have their own children, and repeat the cycle. Every month, there is a strict inspection and a series of tests, and unfit teens are discharged from the program, driven out to the middle of the wilderness and abandoned. 

Muse A is struggling in schooling, unable to grasp their trade, or worse, they suffer a medical condition that prevents them from having children. They are discharged from their program, and find themselves alone in a desert, terrified, hungry, and with not much time left. They wander themselves to exhaustion and pass out, thinking themselves dead. They are found by Muse B, the leader of a gang of teenagers that survived their discharge and adopted a ghost town as their own. 

The gang grows larger by the month, and more resentful as well, until Muse B announces a plan they’ve had for a long time, destroy the Schooling Centers and release the damaged teens in the hopes that they might join their revolution. After a successful purge, they find that they need to travel through towns to find other Centers, and they won’t be let through quietly. The citizens are up in arms, but have never experienced group violence, only the occasional adult that would snap. The teens tear through the city, bitterly destroying everything in their path. Muse A lights a Molotov cocktail, looks up to throw it, but comes face to face with their own terrified eyes. It is not a mirror they’re looking at, but one of their parents. 

Will Muse A recognize the parents who sent them away?
More importantly, will they care or have they sworn their allegiance to Muse B?

                                     Dashboard Light
        "Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night,
                I can see Paradise by the dashboard light."

Muse A and Muse B are driving home on a dark and empty road on a stormy night. As much as Muse A insists that their car can handle the weather, Muse B is terrified. 

Much to Muse B’s expectations, the Car winds up hydroplaning and skidding off the road into a muddy ditch. Muse A tries to drive out of the ditch, unsuccessfully, then tries to push it out of the ditch, also unsuccessfully. 

Wet, dirty, and frustrated, Muse A gets back in the car to find that Muse B has called AAA and that help is on the way, but not expected for another two or three hours due to many accidents on the road. Muse A strips off their dirty and wet clothes and tosses them on the floor, not wanting to sit in soaking clothes for hours. 

Muse B wants to try and flag down another driver, but Muse A refuses to get out of the car again. Disgruntled, Muse B tries to climb the muddy slope as a car drives by, but is either unspotted or ignored, and they return to the car, also wet and muddy, following Muse A’s lead and taking their wet clothes off. 

Muse A and Muse B eye each other’s bodies and figure, with two or more hours to kill, they might as well have some fun.

           When You're Low

                     You’re feelin’ better when you’re smoking grass
                        So tell Nancy Reagan she can kiss your ass
                                Mother Nature, now she don’t lie 
                             When you’re low, it’s time to get high

Muse A is a wake-and-bake sort of student, they smoke in the the mornings before school, in the bathrooms between classes, and light up a joint on the way home. 

Muse B doesn’t touch the stuff, but doesn’t mind being friends with Muse A, who does their best to quell their habit around Muse B and not pressure them into it. Muse B is extremely intelligent, works very hard in school, and has never been in any kind of trouble at school, while Muse A tends to slack off, and had their fair share of detention sentences.

Unable to get a job, Muse A begins selling weed casually, but they need help if they’re going to make any real money off of it. They enlist the help of Muse B, who reluctantly agrees only to cover the huge tuition of the college they were accepted to. 

Before either of them know it, their side jobs become a full time business. Muse A collects and distributes while Muse B handles the finances, budget, and subscriptions.

With the new business and responsibilities, Muse A grows up a little and thinks about saving their money and working towards bigger goals, while Muse B, overwhelmed by the pressure of the business, finds themselves “testing the product”.

Will the two be able to maintain their business or will one of them quit before they get busted? What happens if something goes horribly wrong?