mischief and thunder


OKAY so I know everybody pokes fun at this scene because haha Sam has long hair like Thor lol

BUT. According to Marvel (and real Norse) lore, Mjolnir is VERY picky about who can or can not wield it.

There are NO specific rules for who is allowed to wield it. The only description we are given is that Mjolnir is a SENTIENT ENTITY WHO IS CONSCIOUS ABOUT WHO IT WANTS TO BE USED BY.


BRUCE BANNER = All around good guy. Just has a “condition”. Never killed anyone (in human form)

TONY STARK = A bit of a playboy but is still a nice person, gave up his company to keep people safe

JAMES “RHODEY” ROADS = Is really just Tony’s best friend, a good guy who only wants to keep Tony safe. No homo. (maybe a lil’ homo)


Thor = (Obviously) He is not a perfect person. He can be arrogant, think himself above others (not much anymore but still), and has a very clear weakness when Loki is involved

Steve Rogers = There is no “almost worthy”. Steve CAN lift the hammer, he just didn’t want to embarrass Thor about his “I get to rule Asgard now” thing. He HAS killed people in the past. Suffers from PTSD



Well first look at the asshole who bought Mjolnir at that supernatural auction house. We see him cradling Mjolnir as he walks away. I think that the only reason he can hold it is because he’s a demon and is probably using some demon-witchy magic to lift it.







Avengers Preference - Little Moments

Tony likes to have you by his side at his parties, but sometimes you just want a break. You’ll leave early and when Tony’s thoroughly drunk and exhausted he’ll come and join you in bed. He’ll lay his head on your stomach while you read, his fingers tracing tiny circles on your thighs. Eventually you’ll put your book down and you’ll lie beside him, your thumb running in circles on his bare shoulder.

You and Steve like to watch things together. It doesn’t matter what, you just like to be together. Sometimes you’ll show Steve things he missed and sometimes he’ll show you things he used to watch. Sometimes you’ll just watch whatever on netflix. It doesn’t matter what you watch really. If it’s scary he wraps his arms around you, just so you both know the other one is still there. For romantic movies you lay your head on his shoulder, while he wraps his arm around you and laces your fingers through his. When the movie isn’t so great, you’ll get distracted with each other. Steve might braid your hair or you might draw an intricate design in felt pen all the way up his arm. You can spend ages on that couch, just together. Tickle fights, laughing fits and kisses are all regular occurences.

When Bruce is reading in bed, you’re often reading with him. You’ll be side by side, reading out interesting or funny parts aloud to share with the other person. Sometimes you’ll get bored or uncomfortable and you’ll lie across Bruce’s lap, or shoulders, going into the most uncomfortable positions just to get a reaction from him. If it’s a particularly good book he might gently push you off with a murmur to which you’ll pout and flash him the innocent eyes “Sorry, was I being annoying?”
Bruce will look at you, smiling and reply with “You’re always annoying.”
You’ll lean over and kiss him and he’ll murmur “Yet I still love you.”

One time you found a stray balloon in your pocket. It surprisingly didn’t have a hole in it so you blew it up and took it to Thor. You booped it at his head. Although he was surprised at first he soon picked it up and hit it back to you. You hit it back yelling “Don’t let it touch the ground!” Thor laughed and caught it before it hit the ground.
This carried on for while, maybe a day or so, you both fitting it in with your day’s activities. When the balloon finally popped on the bed post. You fell to the floor in false anguish, howling. Thor crouched beside you, thinking you were actually very upset. He kissed you on the nose, promising you a thousand “air filled rubber balls”.

You like to take Loki out to watch the passing people. You make up stories for each person, telling him in a hushed voice while he read his book. Aside from the occaisonal chuckle, Loki barely spoke, choosing to just listen. One time, he saw a man sitting on the bench opposite yours in the park. “And that one is watching you with lust. He wishes to take you to bed.” Loki murmered into your hair.
“No he doesn’t!” You exclaimed before glancing at the man to find yourself agreeing with Loki. You and the man accidentally made eye contact and you instantly turned to Loki and gave him a passionate kiss.
Loki smiled, “I will have to join in this game more often.”

Clint and you try new things together. One time it was chess. You had no idea how to play so you ended up making up your own game. You had voices for each character and it got quite intense when Clint took your horse hostage. His horse sibling was distraut.

You and Bucky have little competitions. Sometimes you’ll both bake a cake and drag Steve round to judge. Other times you’ll play video games or have a nerf war. The winner of the days activities gets to choose what the two of you have for dinner. One time you played hide and seek. You hid in the very top of your wardrobe. Bucky spent around half an hour searching for you before he panicked and called Steve. When Steve arrived, he started calling for you and you realised Bucky was worried. You climbed out of the wardrobe and found Bucky. He instantly wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly until Steve left. Then he kissed you, mumbling into your hair, “I thought I lost you.”

When Natasha and you go shopping she likes to make you try on the clothes. She says that since you’re basically the same size, you can try on the clothes for both of you. She waits outside the changing cubicle and you come out and show her each item of clothing once you’ve got it on. Natasha looks you up and down and decides if you should buy or leave it, taking your opinion into consideration of course. You often throws in a compliment or two as well.

Pietro makes sure the two of you have a lot of free time, since he can do the chores in a fraction of the usual time.
With this free time, you like to set up cushions and blankets on the floor, lying and talking while music plays.

Marvel Cinematic Universe #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly

Iron Man (2008) : A billionaire eats cheeseburgers and talks to his machines that do all the work for him.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) : A scientist fails to become Captain America and instead turns into Shrek.

Iron Man 2 (2010) : Same billionaire, but richer, more famous and crazier.

Thor (2011) : A hot blondie is outcast from his planet just because he wanted to kill his fathers enemies.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) : Creepy CGI dude gets make over and gets hot AF and everyone loves him suddenly. And he asks out a girl when he’s about to crash into ice.

The Avengers (2012) : A hot Rapunzel wannabe bullies his little evil brother with the help of Buzzlighter, an old man with frisbee, Katniss Everdeen, Shrek and Fiona.

Iron Man 3 (2013) : Same billionaire drags his destroyed suit around and at the end he gets a surgery so he won’t glow in the dark.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) : hot blondie takes his nerd girlfriend to his planet and Loki dies. But he’s alive somehow. Again.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) : The best MCU movie. Best. Done. No word.

Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) : Everyone makes fun of the main character because of his name. And everyone chases around an ugly ball.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) : Buzzlighter, old man with Fresbee, Katniss, wannabe Rapunzel, Shrek and Fiona can’t defeat Siri and everyone makes fun of Cap because he doesn’t curse.

Ant-Man (2015) : A criminal becomes friends with ants and fangirls over Falcon.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) : Rich guy with metal suit fights two 95 years old men, one with metal prosthetic arm and another with frisbee.

Thor- “Fine work on the battlefield today, brother.”

Loki- “Thank you. And your decapitation of that giant was most impressive.”

Thor- “Ah, yes. Not every head comes off so smoothly but when it hits that sweet spot it is truly a splendid feeling.”

Agardian Water Cooler Talk

Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve   Ch.3

A/N: this chapter includes the teaser from a few weeks ago. I hope you guys enjoy this because the next chapter is going to be super angsty. 

A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my beta on this fic! You’re the greatest Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)

-For this chapter: fear of rejection, I don’t think there are any other things I need to warn you about but let me know of you see one .

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  Thor held her hand tightly as they traveled to midguard. She was thankful for his grasp, having only traveled through the bifrost once before, when she was brought to the palace. She hated the journey then and she hated it now, it made her head spin and stomach churn. However, she refused to get sick when they finally landed in a large feild somewhere in midguard. 

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Hide and Seek with the Avengers: A Bucky Barnes x Reader One Shot

Hide and seek with the Avengers
Part One


You, Thor, Tony, Steve and Wanda were on one team; Bucky, Sam, Clint, Bruce and Natasha being the opposition and you were in a gruelling match. A battle to the death, ‘til the last man was left standing. Or rather, hiding, since you were playing hide and seek. But it was most definitely the most intense game you’d ever played, the most serious and adult-

“Bucky put your shirt back on!” Steve called, laughing.

“I was throwing you off my scent, super soldier. You’ve got the nose of a blood hound!” Bucky countered with a playful wink. “And plus we said no peeking, so you can turn back around and start over with the countdown!” Steve rolled his eyes and we all turned to count, before Bucky began talking again, the rest of his team already dispersed and in pursuit of the perfect hideout spot.

“Yeah everyone except you Y/N!” He called, whistling as you turned to look at him with an incredulous look plastered across your face. He winked and flexed his muscles arrogantly when he knew you were watching. “That’s for you!” He shouted, throwing his shirt at your face as he dashed away, not before landing a definitive slap against your ass. His laughter echoed around the empty forest and the rest of your team mates chuckles fondly. You shook your head in amusement.

“One hell of a boyfriend you’ve got there, Cap.” You teased, nudging him playfully with your shoulder.

He cackled and nudged you right back, “I could say the same thing to you.” He laughed, raising his eyebrows as you scowled at him.

“Hey, as cute as this whole exchange thing is, we’re in it to win it. I didn’t appreciate losing last round and being forced to do the funky chicken, it was totally undignified.” Tony stated, earning a chorus of laughter. “If, I mean, when we win..” Tony began, clearing his throat and tugging animatedly at the material around his neck, shooting you a pretend look of worry that forced a smile into your lips. “I get Clint. And I’m giving him the worst possible dare you could possibly think of- don’t ask me yet, I’m still mulling it over and I need time to focus on my art- that’ll make him wish the funky chicken was never created.” Bursting into laughter, you placed a friendly hand upon Tony’s shoulder and squeezed heartily.

“Oh come on Tony,” you giggled, the memory of Tony bent over and squawking flashing behind your eyes. “It wasn’t that bad.” Almost as if he could read your mind, he shot you his best 'are you kidding me’ look and shook his head, resigning himself to his revenge. The losing team each sacrificed their right to free will and were all individually presented with a dare they could not back out of. Or they’d be forced to strip down to their underwear and jump into the lake, though the memory of Bucky’s flexed muscles and Cap’s broad back made you wish that maybe they would forfeit the mischievous dares. You shook your head slightly. “I get Natasha!” You declared, everybody else chiming in with their victims. Steve choosing Bucky, Thor- Sam and Wanda- Bruce.

Soon enough, it was time to hunt. You found Bruce first, who was meekly hidden behind a tree and didn’t really put up much of a 'fight’, coming out with his hands held up in surrender and a sheepish smile swallowing his features. He wasn’t really that fond of the game and kept on talking about all the work he was “behind on” but Tony was adamant he participate as they had grown rather close and the team needed another rival to even things out, and who better than a “tragically cute- come angry, green war machine?” (Tony’s words, not your own.)

Next you found Natasha and Clint. You would’ve been looking all night had they not been giggling vicariously and tweeting like birds, Wanda’s familiar red ether revealed their whereabouts: perched upon the highest branch of the tallest tree they hid like birds and cackled like hyenas.

“You okay up there, love birds?” Tony quipped, shining a light on where they were sat, nestled deep within the branches and leaning intimately close together. “I thought that Y/N and Bucky were the only two that were going to get funky tonight, not you two.” Laughing, they scaled the most part of the tree and then leaped down like agile creatures of the night, Clint wrapping a protective arm around Natasha’s shoulders, earning a subtle frown from Bruce who watched on with an ache in his chest. You smiled sadly at him and offered him your hand in comfort only to have Thor take it instead, swinging it heavily and singing strange songs as you both skipped along, throwing an apologetic smile over your shoulder at the small, heart-broken scientist. Natasha had no idea how Bruce felt about him, and though there was nothing truly occurring between Clint and her, the sight still pained Bruce and you hated the too-often-appearing grimace that lined his features when they interacted. It was painful to watch.

“Let us race!” Thor declared, raising your interlaced hands in the air and swinging you onto his back, carrying you like one would a small child. Bruce clambered onto Tony’s back after being guilted into it and Clint onto Natasha’s, with Wanda wrapping her legs around Steve. Then you were off. “Please don’t Hulk out.” Tony begged of Bruce as he bounced up and down on Tony’s back, a pained smile etched onto his features. “I’ll try..” He whined.

The forest filled with the sounds of whooping and cheering and the occasional twittering of actual birds, followed by the feigned, copying attempts of Clint, trying to communicate as Natasha howled in laughter. “Gods speed, my loyal steed!” You commanded, pushing yourself up on Thor’s back and punching one hand into the air as he raced faster, his feet pounding the dirt track and his laughter bellowing around the forest, frightening all wild life. Somewhere along the journey Wanda had spotted Sam jumping from tree branch to tree branch and yanked him out with her ether, dangling him above the crowd of Avengers who laughed at his misfortune.

“Falcon?” Clint laughed, “More like Fal-can’t!” He burst into fits of giggles which Romanoff attempted to stifle with her hand as every body stared in embarrassment. “So lame.” Tony groaned, rolling his eyes whilst hitching a disgruntled Bruce higher up on his back. “Come on!” Clint whined, still unable to regain a hold of his laughter. None of you cut him any slack, mocking him endlessly on his tragic attempt at a pun.

“And then there was one.” Cap smiled, his eyes glinting mischievously with the knowledge that it was his best friend who solely remained in hiding. You had twelve minutes remaining of your allotted time of thirty to find him, or else Team Clint would win, and Team Tony was NOT accepting defeat. Seven minutes into the fruitless search for the Winter Soldier and Tony had pulled out a metal detector, much to the dismay and outrage of Clint and his team mates.

“You can’t do that!” Falcon berated, snatching the device from Tony’s hand, only to have you snatch it back in an instant. “Says who?” You snapped, widening your eyes and hitching your brows in defence.

“Says me.” Natasha declared, prying the detector from your fingers. “It’s cheating!”

“And what rule book, exactly, are you reading that from?” Tony mused, pulling out yet another, smaller metal detector from his side pocket. “Just in case you decided to complain.” He explained with a mischievous smile, “Oh and I have another three so don’t even bother snatching this one.” He winked. Matched with a chorus of groans from the opposing team, Tony dedicated the remaining six minutes to tracking down the metal armed man.

Five minutes, thirty seconds and three ran miles later, you’d found him. “Bucky I know you’re in there.” Tony called, smacking the hollow tree with his fist. No answer. “Metal man!” Thor called, sticking his head into the body of the tree. “Reveal yourself.” A slight shuffling sound. “Bucky, we’ve got a metal detector.” Steve laughed, patting the tree softly, understanding his competitiveness. “Give it up. We’ve won.”

Muffled swearing and the definitive sound of metal against the soft interior of bark signalled Bucky’s undignified exit from the tall tree. Thor quickly grabbed him and pulled him into his arms, rubbing his knuckles against the brunettes skull, dismantling his perfect hair. “You dared me to act out Shakespeare in the park, small man. I didn’t even know Shakespeare entered a park. It is time for revenge!” Thor yelled, his eyes shining with humour as he let Bucky go and nodded to Steve, passing on the mantle of revenge and humiliation onto the Captain.

Assembling around a camp fire that Tony and Bruce created with an unnecessary amount of calculations and geeking out over the science of the experiment, Team Clint prepared themselves for their dares.

Clapping his large hands together, Thor laughed heartily and regarded Sam with his big, blue eyes, aflame with mischief. “Falcon!” Thor thundered, clasping the smaller man’s shoulder roughly as he groaned, dropping his head into his hands and muttering slightly to himself.

“I.. Dare you,” he began, testing out the words as he spoke and discreetly pulling a flask of something clear and Amber from his accoutrements, “To drink this.” He finished with a smile wider than his biceps. Sam’s eyes bulged and he shook his head. “Aw hell no,” he screeched, shooting up and already beginning to undress, accepting his forfeit. “I remember what happened when Bucky drank that, I was there. I ain’t doing that weird hallucinating shit. Nu-uh, no way. I’ll see you guys at the lake.” And then he was off, dashing away as you all whooped and cheered after him, laughing as you had the perfect view of him diving naked into the lake.

Next up was Bruce, and he looked to Wanda with hopeful eyes, praying she’d go easy on him. His prayers went unanswered, as they often did for Bruce.

“I dare you to kiss Natasha.” She said loudly and with fervour, causing the whole group to burst into raucous laughter. Everyone was secretly pleased and fizzing with excitement at her chosen punishment. Bruce let out a squeak once the words passed her lips, his face paling and his eyes growing wide. Natasha simply laughed, throwing her beautiful, red hair back off her face as she did so. It was her that made the move, pulling him close and wrapping her arms around his neck as he stared on- wide eyed as if in an outer body experience. It was adorable to watch, and the kiss long overdue. They sat together for the rest of the night, a pink hue dusting Bruce’s cheeks perpetually and an affectionate arm wrapped around her waist that never seemed to leave.

“Bucky.” Steve smirked, receiving a loud groan in return from the man in question. “Buck, Bucky, Bucky..” You and Thor whooped, revelling in his discomfort. “Give him hell, Steve!” You cawed in assent, Thor cheering you on. “Punish him!” He guffawed, ensconcing your shoulders in a comfortable hug of companionship. You snuggled closer and watched on as the drama unfolded.

Steve began to circle around his childhood friend, like a vulture surrounding its prey. You watched as Bucky steadily began to shrink under the watchful eye of his comrades and your smirk grew larger as his confidence shrank. “I dare you..” Steve began, Bucky clamping a hand over his mouth to stifle his nervous grumblings.

“To tell..”

“Oh no.” Bucky whined, his gaze flitting to yours instantaneously as he quickly smothered his face in his hands.

“Everybody here,” Steve called loudly, motioning around the circle as he continued to circle around Bucky, unencumbered by embarrassment and instead fuelled by the desire to humiliate his friend. “What you were dreaming about last night.”

Steve’s eyes landed upon Bucky and his face split into a large, shit-eating grin as Bucky crumpled in on himself. “And there’s no forfeits accepted, Sam took the one your group was allowed.” Bucky moaned loudly, his face burning bright red, the flush clear even in the dim light of the fire.

“Hurry, metal man!” Thor demanded, “Tell us of your dreams!”

“Yeah!” Tony chimed in, “Tell us!”

You all began chanting around an infinitely embarrassed Bucky who looked as if he wished more than anything for the ground to swallow him whole, all his previous arrogance and chassis of exuberance destroyed and left behind in the hollowed out tree.

“Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!”

Bucky scraped a hand across his face and looked almost as if he were about to cry from embarrassment. Whatever it was he had been dreaming about, he /really/ didn’t want to share with the team. The thought made you chant louder.

“Okay!” He exploded, standing to his feet and holding his hands up in defence. “Alright, alright. I’ll fucking do it!” Steve smirked again, the pair of friends engaging in a deep stare off as Bucky seemed to regret ever meeting the star spangled man for putting him in the position he was in.

“And don’t hold anything back.” Steve called darkly at Bucky’s turned back.

The excitement was bubbling up inside you so much that you feared you may actually implode. The worry and embarrassment on Bucky’s face actually incited a great hysteria within you, you craved knowledgeability of what it was that had gotten him so flustered.

He turned to you and smiled sheepishly, his eyes guilty.

“Y/N..” He began, “I am so sorry.”