TITLES TO KNOW TUESDAY: Trinity Week Round-up Edition

Bonjour my little marshmallow munchkins of mischief! Welcome to another edition of TTKT. This week, I’ve read every single freaking piece of fanfic submitted for TRINITY WEEK and below is a result of what the highlights were for me. Feel free to throw candy and Taylor Swift in my general direction for finally birthing this out into the world.

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Disclaimer: I gave all ships an equal opportunity to shine this week, so you’ll see a mix of everything!

Favorites are indicated with an *. Some themes have honorable mentions, some don’t.


1. Last Sight*: by puns-n-butts  (Hartbig)

This fic is the epitome of the morning after when both of you aren’t quite sure what to say, only that you both want so desperately for the other to say it first. It’s wonderfully paced, and as it clips along you’re caught up in the hope that something lovely just might happen again before the sun rises.

Great lines: But suddenly everything within her has turned to bubbles, and every time she reaches out to touch her own feelings, they pop into foam and light, glowing air.

2. Christmas To Remember: by @trinitysmut (Hartbig)

Holiday nerves can get the best of anyone, but especially when you’re meeting someone’s big, loud family for the very first time. This is a little ficlet really, but it reminded me so much of that nerve wracking “well, what did you think?” moment that I had to include it.

Great lines: A kaleidoscope of color danced on the freshly fallen snow, and each breath hung in the air as we walked to my car.

3. I’m Glad: by alloftheyoutube (Hartbig)

Have you ever been on a date that you just, well, had no idea was a date? That’s where this fic takes us and it’s pretty hilarious when one person is so nervous and the other is just so so oblivious. Maybe once they figure it out, sparks will fly after all?

Great lines: As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, Grace does the thing, where she nudges Hannah’s pinky with her pinky. She feels like all of the air might have been sucked out of her, that she might explode from the pressure, that’s now, inevitably, there.

Honorable Mentions:

Every Moment Counts by another-trinity-fanfiction-blog (Swace)

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