The Song Is You (Chapter One)

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations. 

Author’s Note: This has been a long time coming, you guys!! You’ve probably been hearing Esme and I talk about our fic collab for a while now. We’re very excited to finally begin releasing this special piece to the public! All we can say now is that you will finally understand all the Monster Mash and “rick rolling” jokes you’ve heard in the last weeks. 

*** If you wanted to listen to the road trip playlist that is mentioned in this chapter, please click here!! 

Words: 4,481 

Warnings: an extremely cheesy mixtape, lame jokes, Lin showing off (so, nothing?) 

Without any further ado, welcome to the world Esme and I have so lovingly crafted for you! 

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Sai cosa mi piace? Che non ti dispiaccia la mia malinconia. Non me la fai pesare, la culli, la mischi alla tua, mentre resti in silenzio e capisco tutto.

Io non voglio un mazzo di rose.Non voglio un profumo costoso.Non voglio uno striscione sotto casa con scritto quanto mi ami.Non voglio nemmeno la casa piena di candele o una cena romantica.Io voglio i tuoi occhi che guardano dritti nei miei.Voglio un abbraccio che sia talmente vero da permettere alle nostre anime di toccarsi.Voglio un bacio che mi faccia venire la pelle d'oca.Voglio il tuo calore che si mischi con il mio.Io non voglio me e te,io voglio un noi.
Muggles Can’t Fly Part One

Pairing: Reader X Draco

Word Count: 1,699

Prompt: Draco and reader(both Slytherin) go to Hogsmeade but the reader is muggle born and wants to teach him how to do something muggle like.

 Warning(s): Fear? (Does that count? Lol idgaf)

A/N: I really liked this, tbh. So buckle your seatbelts (because safety fucking first) kids.

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You and Draco had been dating for a little over a year, which was surprising considering the fact that you were a Half-Blood. Draco had found it hard to adjust to at first, but eventually got over it.

It was Christmas Break and you and Draco were the only Slytherins who had decided to stay at Hogwarts. Of course there were other students from other houses who had stayed as well, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, and the Weasley twins.

You were relatively good friends with Fred and George since the three of you all liked to pull pranks. You occasionally studied with Hermione, but Harry and Ron would barely talk to you, just because you were in Slytherin.  

You and Draco were in the Slytherin Common Room cuddling on one of the couches; Draco’s arms were securely wrapped around you, as if he were scared you’d vanish if his grip wasn’t tight enough, and his fingers were interlaced with yours. Even his grip on your hands was as though he were terrified by even the idea that, for one reason or another, you would break physical contact with him.

Draco suddenly sat up so he could look more closely at you and said, “Let’s go to Hogsmeade.”

You raised an eyebrow at him in response and asked skeptically, “You? Want to go to Hogsmeade? Where it’s cheery and uplifting?”

Draco made a face in mock hurt and said jokingly, “You know Y/N, I’m hurt that you would think I can’t fully enjoy something that revolves around happiness.”

You rolled your eyes. “You really want to go?” you asked in a borderline whiny tone.

Draco looked into your eyes, smiling like an idiot, and nodded enthusiastically.

You sighed very melodramatically and mumbled “I guess we can go.” You looked out one of the windows at the still falling snow.

Draco’s face drastically lit up, if that was even possible at this point, at your halfhearted words. You were finding it harder and harder to be irritated about going out into the cold as you looked at Draco, who had the smile of a child plastered across his face; you couldn’t help but grin back at him.

Draco practically threw you off of him in his attempt to stand up, which caused him to basically trip over nothing. The laugh that came out of your mouth was instantaneous.

“Shut up.” Draco said, still smiling. Draco stood there, looking at you expectantly.


Draco’s arms flailed at you, “Go! Go get ready!” he said exasperatedly.

You groaned as you slowly got up and began walking to the stairs that led to your dorm. Draco was looking at you with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Okay Y/N, we do not have time for this.” he said playfully, as he took two long strides which put him right next to you. You didn’t even have time to ask what he was doing, since he bent down and wrapped his arms around your knees and effortlessly lifted you up, throwing you over his shoulder. You squealed in protest in between fits of laughter as Draco quickly took you up the stairs to your dormitory.

Once the two of you were in your dormitory, Draco finally set you down, the both of you laughing and smiling.

“What was that about?” you asked, out of breath, which was slightly alarming seeing as Draco was the one who had carried the weight of two people up an entire flight of stairs.

“Get ready.” Draco said with a wink as he left your dorm to go get ready himself.

You laughed quietly as he left and began putting more and more layers of clothing on.

That’s when the idea hit you. You didn’t know where it came from, or even why it seemed like a good idea, but it did.

You and Draco were always doing things that he wanted to do and going places he wanted to go. A mischievous smile crept upon your face, it was time Draco learned a thing or two about the muggle lifestyle.

You and Draco were walking to Hogsmeade, and you were practically dragging Draco along with your newfound excitement.

“What’s with your sudden change in attitude?” Draco asked suspiciously.

“I’m just happy to be spending time with you, that’s all.” You said, your voice dripping with sweetness.

Draco’s eyes narrowed immediately. You shrugged and continued pulling him to the Hogsmeade entrance.

“What do you want to do first?” Draco asked.

Without missing a beat, you replied far too innocently, “I have an idea.”

Draco pulled on your hand and spun you around, very smoothly placing his hands on your waist, his grip on you immediately tightening, and rested his forehead against yours. “What are you up to?” he asked seductively.

You very lightly pressed your lips against his so that there was barely any contact. Draco’s breath hitched in his throat and his breathing became heavier. You placed your hands on his neck and slid them up into his hair. Draco took half a step closer to you and you felt his grip on your waist tighten drastically, his short nails digging into your skin. You trailed your hands down to his biceps and gripped them tightly, all while keeping your lips pressed exceptionally lightly to his. Draco’s breathing was becoming more unsteadied with each movement of your hands. You lowered the position of your hands even more so that they were on his forearms, and again tightened your grip on them.

You moved your body into Draco’s so there was no space between the two of you, causing Draco’s breathing to become alarmingly sporadic. His eyes were closed and his lips were parted. “Nothing.” You mumbled, your voice barely above a whisper. Draco’s brows furrowed in confusion, but before he had time to process what you had said, you shoved his arms back towards him, and quickly let go.

Draco’s eyes opened in panic, which you didn’t see because you had already turned around and were sprinting through the empty streets of Hogsmeade. If it wasn’t for the fact that you had caught Draco off guard giving you a ten second head start, he would have caught up to you in a matter of seconds. He tore off, sprinting after you with terror etched into his features, which of course you didn’t see.

You were running. Lips parted, gasping for breath. Legs carrying you as fast as they could, burning. Hair flying aimlessly behind you. Face burning from the constant contact with the cold wind. You were running.

Panic was beginning to set in Draco from not being able to find you. He was urging his legs to carry him faster in a desperate attempt to find you. He was looking everywhere for you.

You had finally reached the end of Hogsmeade and were running into a field of snow when you finally stopped. You bent over, placing your hands on your thighs smiling and gasping for breath. You looked at the area that you had just run through, waiting expectantly for Draco, still gasping for breath.

You watched as Draco frantically ran out, his head turning in every direction, eyes darting everywhere trying to find you. You stood up straight and shouted, “Hey baby! Miss me?”

Draco turned to the direction your voice came from and jogged over to you. You smiled at him, and were confused by the unreadable expression on his face.

Draco stormed up to you, his expression softening when he saw the glow on your face. You jabbed him in the stomach playfully and said, “You, my love, need to get in shape.”

Draco’s eyes widened. “I need to get in shape? Look at you! Red cheeks and gasping for air like a fish out of water!”

You laughed and shrugged, surprised to notice that Draco wasn’t even out of breath, while you felt like your lungs could collapse.

Draco took a long step towards you and placed one hand on your waist, pulling you into his chest. Once you were safely in his grasp again, he snaked one arm very protectively around your waist and with his other hand, he lightly grabbed your chin, tilting your face up to look at him. Draco leaned down towards your ear and whispered darkly, “Do not try running again.”

He began to pull away and you stared into his still frightened crystal blue eyes. You searched his face for answers as to why he was scared, but could find none. Draco was staring into your eyes silently, as though he were trying to tell you something, but couldn’t just come out and say it.

Confusion and worry began to settle in your core. But just as you opened your mouth to say something, Draco pulled away from you, and looked at the ground. “Please enlighten me on why we just had a cardio workout in freezing temperatures Y/N.”

Everything inside of you screamed to question Draco, to find out what was eating at him. But the courage to ask him failed you.

“I want to teach you how to drive.” you said, much less enthusiastic about the idea now, than you were thirty minutes ago.

Draco stared back at you blankly. “You want to teach me to what?”

“Drive. I want to teach you how to drive. It’s how muggles get places, well, usually. I mean they can fly, or take a train, or even the subway, but driving is the most common way they get places.” you rambled.

Draco looked even more confused when you answered his question than when you told him what you wanted to do. “Muggles can’t fly. They don’t have broomsticks.” Draco stated matter-of-factly.

“I know that Draco but they can..nevermind,” you trailed off. “But I still want to teach you to drive!” you added, your excitement coming back.

Draco looked at you skeptically, obviously confused. “Okay, I guess. What exactly do I drive?”

You laughed at how clueless he was, “You drive a car.”

“And how are we going to get one of those things?”

You smiled mischievously at him, “I may have an idea.”

Tutto quel che sono,
la difficoltà di esserlo-nell'esserlo-
quanto impegno c'è in ogni mio passo,
ogni sentimento che ho addosso e mi porto ancor più dentro,
e quel di cui mi importa, che non voglio si mischi in cose dove io non mi trovo, come gli applausi della gente, pensarmi necessaria più di altri, la fame di successo, la ricchezza che acceca, l'odio che divora…
… Ecco: Tutto quel che sono, e non sono, solo tu lo sai.
Sai di cosa ho bisogno.
Sai che baratterei ogni gloria e ogni cosa che le rassomigli, purchè mi si lasci il tuo Amore, purchè io ti possa illuminare di sola luce.
E sai che nessuna cosa al mondo mi è necessaria: Se non tu.
Tu, l'unico che conosca di cosa son fatti i miei i sogni,
la consistenza della mia speranza così simile alle nuvole, che alle volte, fan anche venire a piovere;
quelle lacrime che tu asciughi come il sole e di cui conosci il sapore e poi questo mio cuore,
e questa mia anima
così bisognosa di questo sentimento,
in cui si riconosce,
è che il suo solo comandamento.

Solo tu lo sai.
Lo sai, per cosa morirei.
—  Vos Sunt Amor; Carla Moscato | Lucifer-lux

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Don’t think you won’t be found either. That email with the cap also includes your Dox, which will of pedophilia VERY seriously. Especially when your uncle is a high ranking Homicide Det

[…] Penetrate, in certe ore, attraverso la faccia livida d'un uomo che sta riflettendo, guardate in quell'anima, in quell'oscurità; sotto il silenzio esteriore, vi sono combattimenti di giganti come in Omero, mischie di dragoni ed idre e nugoli di fantasmi, come in Milton, visioni ultraterrene come in Dante. Oh, qual abisso è mai quest'infinito che ogni uomo porta in sé e col quale confronta disperatamente la volontà del cervello e gli atti della vita!

- Victor Hugo, I miserabili, libro VII, cap. III, “Una tempesta in un cranio”

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69 pretty please!

 "you had a business trip and i missed you so much that i kind o tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?“

Sort of a sequel to this fic where Caskett decide to share custody of a dog. Also inspired by a series of photos I will place at the end of the fic. 

Castle’s going to kill her. He’s going to come back from his week away, exhausted and grouchy and hungry he’s going to see the mess and he is going to kill her.

Beckett sighs and surveys the area around her. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not too bad. The blankets, she can fold and store easily enough. Dinner can’t be salvaged, but that’s what the takeout menus on his fridge are for. And the rest…a couple of broken glasses, a few scratches on his floor, upturned cushions on his couch - surely the loft has seen worse, right?

A bark echoes through the empty apartment and she grimaces. Yeah, and then there’s that. Their tiny puppy, adorable on the outside, little hellion on the inside. Getting down on all fours, she peers under the coffee table, crossing her fingers that he’d be lying there with his favorite ratty rabbit between his teeth.

No such luck.

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