Hey all, it’s been a long time since the Marauders have posted anything!

Before we did our huge Wizarding World shoot that seems to be scouring the Internet (as in literally…the night before…we were up until three freaking AM doing this), we decided to do a little miniature shoot of what the Marauders would be like just hanging out as friends in their dormitory, when they didn’t have to be professional. But really, when are the Marauders ever really professional?

So, we settled on what it would be like when the four of them got together and decided to work on the Marauders Map. I am absolutely in love with these photos, because I think all of us really encompass our character and show how it was the four of their combined efforts that made such a magical masterpiece exist.

The top photo we got the idea off of this gorgeous artwork: http://viria13.deviantart.com/art/the-making-of-the-marauders-map-267311887 <– Check out her stuff! Do it! Because it inspired the rest of this shoot. <3

Hopefully more Marauders stuff will be popping up soon, so don’t forget to follow us at the tag MoonyMarauders.

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