Cover and back cover for Homestuck 2014 Calendar, which you can buy over the next few days over here:
And check What Pumpkin’s tumblr for the most beautiful interior previews!

I really love Homestuck, and I had the wackiest luck to be contacted to do these illustrations! What I had in mind was way more colorful and pretty than this, but still I did my best with the deadline =P I mean, 36 headshots sounds easy, but it isnt *self shot*

Recently reading Homestuck, and I was really stuck, passed 2000+ pages without knowing what was going on. Now I’m getting to know the trolls, I like Karkat so far.

I’ll be out of the city for a few days but hey, thanks a lot for the almost 1000 follows! I cannot see why you’re still with me while posting my shitty art =D


My submission to the SDCC’s Souvenir Book, I don’t know if I’m in but I had so much fun drawing my sweet turtles in their 30th anniversary ♥

Wanted to include a lot of characters but in the end the deadline killed the rest of it =(

I’M NOT DEAD! ;v; I just… okay, I don’t know what to say, but I want to be more active on tumblr instead of reblogging on my other account.

I’m testing my very first store at Society6! I have just a couple of prints but I’ll post more shortly =)

I love Fennekin’s evolution and that stupid song

VERY SLIGHT SPOILER! I won’t ruin your finale

;___; Daaammn I’m so glad that I got a chance to draw something for a finale, I missed SNK due to work, and this was the perfect moment to revive my sketchbook.


BTW I drew Satsuki’s hands in sword so terribly awkward :S