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Mischa, trauma, transubstantiation & the feminine

Mischa is a place I tend to avoid when writing about Hannibal. That level of loss and trauma is something I - so very fortunately - cannot begin to relate to.

Yet recently there have been moments of the series I was writing about or discussing, that make no sense within the context of Mischa and my understanding of it. And then it hit me:

I was assuming that Hannibal justified/processed the consumption of his sister as “Keeping her safe within” or “honouring her the only way he could, by not letting her death go to waste”. But maybe it was something far more literal. Maybe Hannibal, brain traumatised and malleable with the very beginning of teenage-hood, having already read books on folklore, philosophy and religion, decided that by ingesting Mischa he was literally absorbing part of her in him - physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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i’d just like to say how much i love the captain canary fandom :) it’s like you go into the tag and you know everyone on there, you know the fic writers, the giffers, the vidders, the ppl who simply fangirl and the ppl who reblog all original work and add adorable tags which makes it worth making gifsets and all other original work.

just know that i love you all, guys, bcs it’s so adorable and lovely to see all this positivity in the tag :)

Between ministrations to Starling, he sits in his armchair with a big pad of butcher paper doing calculations. The pages are filled with the symbols both of astrophysics and particle physics. There are repeated efforts with the symbols of string theory. The few mathematicians who could follow him might say his equations begin brilliantly and then decline, doomed by wishful thinking: Dr Lecter wants time to reverse no longer should increasing entropy mark the direction of time. He wants increasing order to point the way. He wants Mischa’s baby teeth back out of the stool pit. Behind his fevered calculations is the desperate wish to make a place for Mischa in the world, perhaps the place now occupied by Clarice Starling.