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translation :
- Haaaaa !! Let me goooo !

- Your face haha !
- Hannibal, this is NOT funny !!!

- Hey, little sister. hey… You’re sulking ? Don’t sulk.

- What were you doing, little sister ?
- A flower crown

- With this crown, you’ll be the most beautiful stag.
- Oh thanks.

- What are those flowers ?
- It’s white poppies, my favourite. Do you like them…? Hanni ?

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Secondo

We’re 72 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!
Today is S03 E03 Secondo two years anniversary!
To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Secondo scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork. Or just reblog :-)

It’s never easy to choose only one scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I chose two for today :-) But I still hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Let’s start with this. I really love how Bedelia knew better and sooner than literally anyone else in the show what was going on between Hannibal and Will. She really did, I’m sure :-D And in this episode she finally forced Hannibal to say it aloud - in fact, at least twince :-D Here is one of these moments:

On the other hand (or leg :-P), Bedealia is also insidious beast, sometimes. That might be because she didn’t want to be caught due these endles games which Hannibal plays with Will. Or she was simply jealous. Or there where some other motives… Anyway, she knew how to push Hannibal the right (read: wrong) direction and she clearly did it. That’s why we commonly don’t understand why Hannibal even tried to eat Will’s brain later - because it wasn’t his idea :-D For that single moment, we should appreciate Mason whose people stopped what would otherwise become another Hannibal’s “never forget moment which makes me want to timetravel” day.

And that’s all from me today - untill next weekend, it’s your turn with this episode :-)

#SaveHannibal Countdown: S2 / S3: Antipasto - Primavera - Secondo Aperitivo