It happened so quickly that Sam barely knew what hit him. Gabriel just snapped up out of the blue. No warning, no witty lines. He just showed up and pushed Sam out of the way as he grace blasted a werewolf into oblivion that had just jumped out from the shadows to attack Sam from behind. 

Gabriel only stuck around long enough to say that he cared. Sam’s nod was enough to let him know that despite everything in the past, that Sam was happy to see that the sugar sucking angel wasn’t really dead after all. Gabriel smiled, winked, and snapped away leaving Sam to an empty room as Dean came running in from outside. 


Prompt from anon:

“Challenge: Make a gif set of Sam having an emotional discussion about something that should not be emotional.”

Sing with me!

♫ I love you ♫

♫ you love me ♫

♫ hunters is what we will be ♫

♫ with a stab and some salt and a bit of latin verse ♫

♫ we’ll cure them of this foul curse