Disc 1 of FFVIII took place in the span of a day and a half and your rival permanently scars your face, your school sends you to war for an assignment, you’re hired to kidnap a president, and directed to assassinate a sorceress and honestly if that’s not an example of going a mile a minute I don’t know what is


“Can I ask you a weird question” is one of my least favorite lead-ins to a conversation because I live in constant fear of how weird the question is going to be. I’d rather be obliquely insulted by my friends about my chest size a thousand times than have to field one real-life inquiry into whether I draw comics about cat yaoi on the Internet!

liner notes:

  • The song was written, recorded, and produced over the course of 72 hours – neither SGAP nor I slept the night of the 23rd or 24th, in order to finish the song on the 25th.
  • The small-cap ʜ and bolded exclamation points ! are both relics of the original 1843 printing of A Christmas Carol.
  • The verses of A Nyxmas Carol can be sung to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”, which arguably results in a better song  (than “here comes santa claus”)
  • Did you know? The line “the stars will aid our jaunts and japes” is a subtle reference to “the stars will aid in her escape."  How clever is that!
  • Neither SGAP nor I have ever met anyone who has read Past Sins
Great friends having fun together, a dialogue

Me: I don’t really know CSS

tumblr, that one time: We made 540px dash fuck up your entire layout!

Me: Okay I guess I’ll have to learn a little bit of–

tumblr, that other time: We made ads fuck up your entire layout!

Me: Okay I guess I’ll have to learn a little more of–

tumblr, today: We made rescaled like and reblog buttons fuck up your entire layout!


Post-game impressions of Final Fantasy XV

I completed Final Fantasy XV a couple of days ago, and my friend asked me the mandatory just-finished-a-game question: what did you think of the ending?

It took me about a day and a half to come up with my answer, which is that quite honestly, I don’t think of the ending.

(After the break is an in-depth discussion of Final Fantasy XV’s plot. Spoilers are abound)

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You’re welcome. 

- Summer

To My Friends

Last summer, my friends Trix and Sana were bemoaning the upcoming ‘Omegapause’, a scheduled break in activity leading up to the end of Homestuck. They wanted something to tide them over until the time came, to keep their fandom torches burning, and so Trix finally convinced me to do what she’d been trying to get me to do for almost a year: start a liveblog. And let me tell you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Not only was the comic vastly deeper and more complex than I could have imagined, but the fandom community was vibrant, thriving, engaging, and most surprising of all, interested in what I had to say. My experience reading Homestuck wouldn’t be half as amazing if all of you weren’t along for the ride with me, encouraging me and sharing your insight. Even though it’s been less than a year, and I’m still not anywhere near the end of my journey, I feel like I have family in you guys. Thanks to you, I can truly call myself a Homestuck.

My End of Act 5 audio reaction will go up in just a few short hours, and I’m excited for you all to see it, but tomorrow isn’t about me or my liveblog. Tomorrow is about you: you loyal, patient multitude, artists and thinkers and lovers and dreamers all come together for one final celebration of that which joined us all as friends. However Homestuck ends, my hope is that it’s everything you’ve wished for, and more, because you deserve it.

Here’s to Homestuck, and here’s to you. Happy 413. I love you all.


iminlovewithalion, maddationigwild, modern-merida-and-steamgirl, beardmanly, and anons— thank you so much for the sweet messages! I suppose this is as good a time as any to do a very quick re-introduction of sorts for new followers, so here it is:

Hi! You are going to be disappointed by this blog. It is just… something that is going to happen. There is definitely going to be stuff here that follows the general lines of the Chivalry Comics (dumb jokes, bad drawings, English literature, feminism and its discontents, anachronisms) but there is also stuff that won’t be relevant to your interests :( Then again I update twice a day at most, three times very rarely, so at least I won’t be clogging up your dash, I hope. I do tag everything, but just let me know if there’s other things or ways you’d like me to tag! Mostly it’s text post central around these parts, especially on weekdays. This is an incredibly boring blog. This is an incredibly boring blog.

As for continuing the Chivalry Comics, it will probably happen at some point because I have a bad habit of constantly returning to old jokes (…playthatsadtrombone followers can attest) but, you know, things happen when they happen, as they do, you know. I am fond of these two so I will definitely keep an eye out for possible continuation ideas. In the meanwhile, here is a picture of Lady Who Is Also a Knight preparing to rub a chicken butt all over Willowy Poet Boyfriend’s face.

Peace out!

Dana: oh uh
Dana: like
Dana: birds have a hard time making certain word noises bc they don’t have lips, so even if they 100% knew what they were saying they’d still sound super weird, right?
Dana: basically i want to know if talon talks like a parrot 

From this day forth, I ask all readers to please read all of Talon’s lines in this voice from now on: