Day Ninety-Seven

-A woman asked me to deduct change from a precious purchase of hers off of her current total, handing me an old receipt for validation. I think the world may finally have found the ultimate shopping strategy.

-In the middle of her purchase, a woman wordlessly walked around the register, looked at my butt, and returned to where she had been and continued paying. As a man, I am not used to this sort of treatment. As a human being, I am very confused, and even more upset.

-A four year-old told me that she did not go to Walmart. I told her that this was probably for the best. It’s best if we try to teach them young.

-An elderly woman, amidst a series of vague yet disconcerting threats, angrily demanded that I do not scratch her purchase of two-dollar plastic tubs. Shortly afterwards, she requested I hand her the coin change first, only to pull her hand away as I attempted to do so and shout at me for dropping her change. I am not sure at what point it happened, but sometime in this shift I successfully crossed into the Twilight Zone. I look forward to my swift and safe return.

-I watched on as a woman purchased over $2,300 in home decor, picking up a mountain of gorgeous rugs, furniture, and general miscellany. She may not know it yet, but she has a new roommate, and he runs a blog about Target.

To my followers:

If you are lgbtqai+, disabled, mentally ill, non-Christian, struggling financially, a POC, and/or an immigrant or family member of an immigrant, this is for you.

I live in middle Tennessee in the United States. I’m 27, genderqueer, biracial, nonreligious, able-bodied, mentally ill. I have a car and my own bedroom in a house with four other people (though it should be back down to just my sister, her boyfriend, and me by the end of this month, August 2017) and a cat.

If you’re ever in the area and need a place to lay low, we have an air mattress, a full-sized bed in my room, and another full-size bed plus a couch in the living room. I’ll feed you. You can shower here. The cops and SWAT and Christ himself can show up at my door, and I won’t tell any of them you’re here if you don’t want me to.

If you ever need an escort to a clinic or on any of the college campuses or – anywhere, really, I will do my damnedest to be there for you. If your vehicle breaks down and you need a ride to safety, I will do my damnedest to come for you. If you need a protest/sit-in/demo-buddy, I will do my damnedest to go with you.

Anyone, including people who don’t follow this blog, can message me. Reach out, and I will do everything in my power to help you, protect you, and support you. I won’t let you face this alone.

I just rewatched Big Hero 6 plus the bonus features, and I am still tickled that one of the heads of story (I think) explicitly says something to the effect of “The superpowers aren’t what make these heroes great. Iron Man isn’t great because of the armor; he’s great because he’s Tony Stark.”



Today’s attempt to make RAWRtorialist happen: these super fun space dinosaur patches from designosaurYEAH (aka Karli and Jacques) on Etsy. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to support the Intergalactic Dinosaur Space Corps? 

Show here:

Triceratops space pilot wings patch

Triceratops spaceship patch

Velociraptor astronaut patch

These awesome designs are totally ready for launch. Sorry, not sorry. :) 

- Summer


SVTFOE Goofs and Gaffs

What am I gonna do with Toffee? 

1.  The tasty solution

2. Miscellaneous Miscellany 

3. Toffee vs the real lizard

4. Any of Toffee’s appearances could be improved with more gymnastics

5. Bouncy trouncy flouncey pouncey fun fun fun fun fun

6. He was just trying to dry the dishes - he panicked

7. Oh Marco you RASCAL

Seriously, what am I going to do with this lizard?

Update (lo, for it cometh once again)

Long time, no see!

It’s been a fair while since there’s been any activity on this blog, so finally I’ve decided to rally myself and at least give you guys an update of sorts. It feels wrong, or at least questionable, to go completely incommunicado if I don’t have to.

First off, I want to say that the volume of support I’ve received since my last update, and even some from my silent period before that, has been unexpected and humbling to me. I regret that I can’t reply to each of them individually, but I’d at least like to take some time to share my gratitude.

In the interest of not taking up ungodly amounts of space, I won’t show all the support I’ve received, but I have most assuredly read them all multiple times. It has helped more than I can easily express to have you all rooting for me. Not to dump my own problems on you all, but one of the things I’ve been struggling with is the feeling that I’ll never be able to affect the world in a positive manner. You could argue that the compulsion I feel to do this in some way is the real problem, but nevertheless the encouraging words I’ve received have helped me feel that I am having some positive effect, even though it’s small in the grand scheme of things.

On a related note, I’m glad to say that I’ve been feeling noticeably better recently, despite persistent ups and downs. I’ve begun making progress on putting broken areas of my life back together, though they still sometimes resemble particularly odd pieces of contemporary art. (Does that analogy make sense outside my head? Heck if I know.) Since my progress has shown no signs of lasting regression as yet, I’ve decided to try easing myself back into regular activity. I’m not sure I can say I’m definitively “back”, but from today onwards I will be testing the waters and my own capacities, with the goal of returning to semi-regular updates like what I had going before. I am currently re-reading the parts of Homestuck I’d already experienced, as well as my own liveblog on the subject (narcissist much?), to refresh my memory and, as much as possible, return to the mind state I was in when I left off.

If all this goes according to plan, you can expect a liveblogging session later on tonight or tomorrow, with more to come with increasing frequency if I continue to cope well. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for everything! Hopefully I’ll catch you again soon!

Hi, excuse me, fandom, see these tiny maple candies? They are VERY SMALL and will probably not taste very good and I had to go LIKE FIFTEEN SUBWAY STOPS AWAY to buy them, expressly for Wednesday night, and now I think they won’t even last a DAY because I want to eat them so badly.

I’m in Big Maple’s pocket!