Disc 1 of FFVIII took place in the span of a day and a half and your rival permanently scars your face, your school sends you to war for an assignment, you’re hired to kidnap a president, and directed to assassinate a sorceress and honestly if that’s not an example of going a mile a minute I don’t know what is

I just rewatched Big Hero 6 plus the bonus features, and I am still tickled that one of the heads of story (I think) explicitly says something to the effect of “The superpowers aren’t what make these heroes great. Iron Man isn’t great because of the armor; he’s great because he’s Tony Stark.”


Day Ninety-Seven

-A woman asked me to deduct change from a precious purchase of hers off of her current total, handing me an old receipt for validation. I think the world may finally have found the ultimate shopping strategy.

-In the middle of her purchase, a woman wordlessly walked around the register, looked at my butt, and returned to where she had been and continued paying. As a man, I am not used to this sort of treatment. As a human being, I am very confused, and even more upset.

-A four year-old told me that she did not go to Walmart. I told her that this was probably for the best. It’s best if we try to teach them young.

-An elderly woman, amidst a series of vague yet disconcerting threats, angrily demanded that I do not scratch her purchase of two-dollar plastic tubs. Shortly afterwards, she requested I hand her the coin change first, only to pull her hand away as I attempted to do so and shout at me for dropping her change. I am not sure at what point it happened, but sometime in this shift I successfully crossed into the Twilight Zone. I look forward to my swift and safe return.

-I watched on as a woman purchased over $2,300 in home decor, picking up a mountain of gorgeous rugs, furniture, and general miscellany. She may not know it yet, but she has a new roommate, and he runs a blog about Target.

liner notes:

  • The song was written, recorded, and produced over the course of 72 hours – neither SGAP nor I slept the night of the 23rd or 24th, in order to finish the song on the 25th.
  • The small-cap ʜ and bolded exclamation points ! are both relics of the original 1843 printing of A Christmas Carol.
  • The verses of A Nyxmas Carol can be sung to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”, which arguably results in a better song  (than “here comes santa claus”)
  • Did you know? The line “the stars will aid our jaunts and japes” is a subtle reference to “the stars will aid in her escape."  How clever is that!
  • Neither SGAP nor I have ever met anyone who has read Past Sins

“Can I ask you a weird question” is one of my least favorite lead-ins to a conversation because I live in constant fear of how weird the question is going to be. I’d rather be obliquely insulted by my friends about my chest size a thousand times than have to field one real-life inquiry into whether I draw comics about cat yaoi on the Internet!

Post-game impressions of Final Fantasy XV

I completed Final Fantasy XV a couple of days ago, and my friend asked me the mandatory just-finished-a-game question: what did you think of the ending?

It took me about a day and a half to come up with my answer, which is that quite honestly, I don’t think of the ending.

(After the break is an in-depth discussion of Final Fantasy XV’s plot. Spoilers are abound)

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