“The stories and characters change each time. This is because stories tend to limit a world and I think by changing these aspects and creating new material for each title, we try to show our full potential. In a way, you can say that it serves as a type of challenge for us.”

-Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi

logo vectors created by and used with permission
from eldi13.deviantart.com


I’m in love with these sweet and lovely constellation mugs made by Kiln Witch on Etsy (aka Kaïk, a potter living in Seattle). The Etsy store appears to be empty at the moment, but from Kaïk’s Instagram feed, it seems you can still purchase the mugs through Temple of Cairo

Available in either black or white for any of the zodiac constellations.

- Summer


One more shout out to the Unemployed Philosophers Guild for their love of all things nerdy. In addition to the notebooks and Star Trek items I already posted, they have a selection of little things to fill your nerd cravings. The soaps might be in the running for my all time favorite puns. You can find all these items and more in the SCIENCE section of their website.  (I posted the star stuff bar back in our first year, so clearly we were on top of things even back then. 

- Summer

The signs as Tidus' socially awkward quotes and actions
  • Aries:*distressed screaming*
  • Taurus:*awkward jogging in place*
  • Gemini:"Whoa! I gotta tell Wakka!" *immediately after being told not to tell Wakka about Yuna's racial background*
  • Cancer:*swats at sinspawn with his hands then falls on his ass*
  • Leo:*forced laughter*
  • Virgo:"She's an Al Bhe...beh..."
  • Libra:"Well helly do sad wee to you, too."
  • Scorpio:*invades Auron's personal space to sniff him*
  • Sagittarius:*chokes on food after eating too fast*
  • Capricorn:"Stop right there, Goers! You guys are smilin' now, but not for long! 'Cause this year, us Aurochs are takin' the cup!"
  • Aquarius:*spies on Yuna then gets caught by stumbling through the door*
  • Pisces:"They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple."

It’s time to drool again over things I can never afford. This time, it’s thanks to Chanel’s Comete Jewelry collection. Apparently Coco Chanel used to say: "I wanted to cover women in constellations. Stars! Stars of all sizes…“ To which, we reply: YES, ALL THE STARS. ALL THE STARS ON ME. 

- Summer


When the reigning Miss Universe is a Final Fantasy fan, and her favorite is also your own:

“I started with Final Fantasy VIII. Not a lot of people like VIII because they usually start with FF VII. But I started with VIII because I’m a girl and I fell for the love story. My favorite character…that’s a tough one… is Quistis. The one with the whip. I like her.”

(via Epicstream)


“Can I ask you a weird question” is one of my least favorite lead-ins to a conversation because I live in constant fear of how weird the question is going to be. I’d rather be obliquely insulted by my friends about my chest size a thousand times than have to field one real-life inquiry into whether I draw comics about cat yaoi on the Internet!


Pluto may be “Always the planetoid, never the planet” but it’s still pretty damn exciting in my book!

I’m planning on rocking this necklace tomorrow for the flyby!

- Summer

  • Me:*wakes up*
  • Me:*needs to post scheduled comic update that people are waiting on*
  • Me:*needs to do basic chores like taking out the trash so I can continue to function without suffocating in my own filth*
  • Me:*needs to feed animals that depend upon me for their survival and health*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:Well first things first I'd better get caught up on the funnies on my Tumblr dashboard

We’ve found the perfect luggage for traveling through time and space! These cosmic suitcases are made by Heys Luggage and they are ON SALE. Available individually or as a set. 

Large - 30″ (Source image: M83, Southern Pinwheel by Hubble)

Medium - 26″ (Source image: Orion nebula, infrared by VISTA/ESO)

Small - 21″ (Source image: Milky Way composite by Chandra, Hubble, Spitzer)

Set of 3

- Summer

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