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I group my followers into 10 little circles and it almost never fails and I want you guys to see if it’s accurate or not so tag yourself with which one you fit into:

1. The Hamilton Circle (such pure blogs tbh)
2. The YouTuber Circle (usually Dan and Phil or Markiplier) I have so many phan blogs following me hello there
3. The Political Circle (usually have the words conservative, Texas, or anti blank pro blank in their username) have a lot of discourse
4. The Brandom Circle (yall are great)
5. The Edgy Circle (usually post pictures of Nazi flags but they’re usually pretty dormant hi guys)
6. The Emo Bands Circle (almost always twenty one pilots, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, etc.) (very similar to #2)
7. The Aesthetic Circle (you guys come out of nowhere I love you but how did you find this blog)
8. The Steven Universe Circle (bleeds into #9 a bit I’ve noticed)
9. The I’m Just Here For The Memes Circle (pretty self explanatory)
10. The 18+ Circle (yall are pretty chill but sometimes I’ll see one of you liked my post so I’ll go to your blog and BAM a penis)

If y'all don’t fit in any of these just tag yourself with 11 (miscellaneous)

protip: don’t go and buy 2 new journals before you finish the one you’re on because it’s currently taking everything in me not to start these two new journals before using up the last pages of my A6 journal


Dil decided to request assistance from Tabs concerning an old fling that hasn’t quite disappeared, but T-bag kinda just wants to sleep.

Eliza was later found following Tabs around to learn her clever wordplay ways.

It’s weirdly convenient they uploaded a new sims the day I finish this.

Last Agent Tabitha comic:



He’s the kind of man who – who hurts people. Not like you, but…he damages them. Breaks them. Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So, those are the people you get out of your life! Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


I’m in the process of taking pictures of all of the new items to have as reference. This list will be updated withing the next few hours and hopefully completed by tomorrow. I already have most of these items just need to take pictures.

And the miscellaneous items: