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*jazz hands* well here it is! The main portion of Don’t Forget Us’s cover!! While the title’s position is still being played around with, this is the main illustration on the front ^^ Many thanks to @dtnart for working with me!

(Pictured: aph Prussia, aph South Korea, OC Kazimir, OC Robert, and OC Juhaina)

The book is still being edited for print, but you can find it on AO3 (HERE)


Dil decided to request assistance from Tabs concerning an old fling that hasn’t quite disappeared, but T-bag kinda just wants to sleep.

Eliza was later found following Tabs around to learn her clever wordplay ways.

It’s weirdly convenient they uploaded a new sims the day I finish this.

Last Agent Tabitha comic:



He’s the kind of man who – who hurts people. Not like you, but…he damages them. Breaks them. Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So, those are the people you get out of your life! Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


And so the powers that were did decide to send Billy and his boys over the river first and they spent a cold night/morning securing roadways and waiting for the rest of the army to cross the Delaware.

Drawing old(ish) tweets.

I had this sketch sitting in a folder, so I figured I’d take a quick break and color it. Cereal mascots look awful in my style, but Phil turned out okay ha.

There might be a followup to this idk.

“Have you ever thought about a world where everything’s the same … except you don’t exist?”

A request from @phillionplier for Dan and Phil with Monster Kid in Waterfall. I hope you like it! I took the liberty of adding Grey Kid and Umbrella. Umbrella is probs my favorite character.

superswankspy  asked:

hi moosey this is probably a really dumb question and probably has been answered before but how do you actually do a tag dump? i wanted to make one for my upcoming tags but at the moment i am a bit lost and confused. is there a simple code i use? please help a girl out!

not a dumb question at all, friend - i hope you don’t mind me posting this in case it helps anyone else!

tag dumps are essentially what roleplayers do, often when they’re setting up a new blog.  this is so that there’s a reference post to remember all tags and they’re often done in a few posts - i.e. a post for verse tags, a post for graphic tags, a post for character tags, a post for miscellaneous tags etc.  

they’re just normal posts with the tags included ( though it helps because you can search for your tag dump post if you need a reminder! ).  the reason people do this is usually because they’re using ‘fancy’ characters in their tags and don’t want to have to keep copying and pasting them.

a couple of links that might help -

∀⅂⅂ ⋊IᴎDS OℲ S⊥∩ℲℲ…
𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝒻𝒻

with all of these - just try to make sure they’re still readable and searchable! ( try them and test them out if you’re not sure! ) – hope this helps!


These orders were issued by the District Attorney. And the fact that she’s had it in for us ever since we started asking questions tells us we’re on the right track. Someone in the D.A.’s office wants you dead, Mr. Castle. And we’d like to know why. You let us take your case, we can soften your sentence and give you a shot. Maybe even find who’s responsible for what happened to you…We’re talking about your life, Mr. Castle. We can help you keep what’s left of it.
                                 Hmm, yeah. Kind of like what you did for Grotto, huh?


GINTAMA: favourite relationships → [Kagura + Umibaldy]

↳ U: Kagura-chan, there’s nothing a man can’t fix! I can make amends for any mistake!
   K: It’s impossible! Once your hair falls out, it never comes back!

miscellaneous OTP AU ideas
  • we’re sitting in separate restaurant booths with slats in the wall between us so I slipped a cute drawing through and now we’re passing notes and I’m working up the courage to give you my number
  • the coffee shop is full and I really need to sit down and your two seat table is the only one with an available chair so I’m sitting across from you trying really hard not to stare at your beautiful face
  • I found this business card on the ground and prank called you but you took it in stride and now we’re in a competition to see who can out-prank whom
  • I take this flight every week and you’re always an attendant on it and now we have inside jokes like the one time that kid kept screaming for cake or the time a passenger next to me spent half an hour trying to decide what to buy off the duty free catalogue and I kept making faces at you and you were trying not to laugh
  • I broke my foot and you carried me to the hospital two blocks away and you were exhausted by the end but pretended it was fine
  • I found a 20 on the ground so I paid for the meal for the person ahead of me and it was you and you chased me out of the store and offered to take me out for dinner tomorrow to pay me back and now we’re stuck in this endless payback cycle but I’m not gonna be the one to pull us out of it because it’s an excuse to see you
  • we pass each other every morning on the sidewalk but never say anything and then one day you don’t show up for a week and I worry myself sick and the moment i see you again I kind of scream at you about where the fuck have you been and it’s really embarrassing but you just laugh and it’s really really cute
  • I’ll race you to the cash for the last sheet of bus tickets
  • what do you mean I’m shipwrecked on a lifeboat with a really hot really interesting person
  • I’m too cheap to get a proper professional service so I found you on craigslist to help me paint my apartment and you demanded I rethink my colour choices and I fought you so hard but actually you were right the whole time
  • I’ve been desperate to have a pet dog for years and your new landlord isn’t letting you keep yours so now we kind of both own the dog and you come over for puppy playtime and we talk about our problems
  • you started talking about your travels and I challenged you to tell me the wildest stories you have and now I’m falling hopelessly for you and your tales and your voice and your daring and working up the courage to challenge you to show me the scar on your ass from the time you went cliff jumping
  • how the fuck did you fall through my bedroom skylight at three in the morning in nothing but a dinosaur suit while I was reenacting my favourite romantic scene from my favourite movie with my panda plushie
  • we seem to be the only two people who have commented on or even read an obscure complex forum thread by a long gone user and now the thread is 8 pages long and I don’t think we’re on topic anymore but the mods haven’t banned us yet
  • you fell sleep on my shoulder on the bus and my feeble attempts to wake you before my stop didn’t work so I awkwardly rode all the way to the last stop with you and it turns out we were supposed to get off at the same stop anyway
  • we’re the only two people at the classic cinema for my favourite movie so we’re basically saying the whole movie along with the actors and oh boy you look a lot like the hot lead and why are you insisting I play the romantic interest

tag me or send me a link if you use any of these i really wanna see em