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Han Solo being an amazing husband and father headcanons please! ❤️

Hi anon! Thanks so much for your request—this is what developed in response. I hope it fits your ask alright! It’s got some mother stuff in here too for Mother’s Day, and a little dancing (though real dancing is upcoming) for @knightedrogue‘s belated birthday. Sorry it’s 40 pages long friend

Things Han Solo Built


The first, of course, was the maple crib. Both inspired and simple, each bar spooled smooth and spaced at flawless intervals. No menacing edges. Burnished just with beeswax because, Han said, the kid might chew the wood. Leia found the crib reassuring as time contracted to the baby’s due date of late June. She knew Han would be a good father; his parental viability had never concerned her. Still Leia appreciated this manifestation of Han’s own labor, painstaking taken to an entirely unknown level. Finished, sturdy, meticulous, safe, the crib seemed to give off its own light and warmth, there in the loft under a window, waiting for the baby who turned out to be their daughter.

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I have a (sort-of) hobby. Whenever I go to a store that has a greeting card section, I look to see if they have any cards that are for same-sex couples. They’re usually found in the love/romance section, or the miscellaneous/just because section.

Stores I have found same-sex greeting cards in:

Rite Aid
Giant Eagle

Hallmark even makes wedding and anniversary cards for same sex couples, but they don’t always have them in the store so you can order them from their website.

I just wanted to let you all know that same-sex greeting cards do exist and most major retailers have one or two in their card sections. Just fyi.


▒  950+ Followers’ Gift  ▒
Miscellaneous 3D Store Signs

Since I haven’t come up with anything new, I decided that I will make some customized signs for my followers! (→ܫ←) (Not even sure if anyone would want it though.-_-;)  Hope that you’ll like this gift!!  ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Notice :: above photos are some shop-designing examples, rooms are not included. if you would like to download them, plz let me know. :)



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Haunted House

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Could you please write a super fluffy story of Jimin x reader going to a haunted house together. In the spirit of Halloween coming around. Thank you!!

Word count: 3260

A/N: This is the fifth story from a Halloween project I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote you can find them here: 

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

Halloween was your favorite holiday, ever since you were a child you looked forward to it. It wasn’t because you were an adrenaline junky that loved to get scared or that you were into morbid, dark things, it was simply that Halloween was a time of fun. From decorating the house, to dressing up to trick or treating to fun costume parties, you always had something to do and it was always a lot of fun. This year was no exception, and this time was particularly special since your school had prepared an event on the night of Halloween.

There were many activities organized by different groups of students: carving pumpkins, costume contests, horror story telling… but it was the haunted house that had you and your group of friends extra excited.

“Come ooooon Jin! Let us in!!! I know we’re five but can’t you just let us in like that?” Said one of your friends who was trying her best to look cute for her sunbae.

“I’m sorry… but the rules are that you have to get in in pairs… if you go in as five it’s going to mess the whole thing up…” He said clearly not falling for her attempted aegyo.

“That means one of us is going to be left behind Jin! We can’t do that…” Said another one of them.

“I’m really sorry, but those are the rules.” He said shrugging.

“Why don’t we just flip a coin?” You said, trying to light up the mood. “And then the one left out can go in with whoever wants to go again…”

“That sounds like a good idea… Here, I have a quarter.”

In the end, your idea betrayed you, as you were the one that had to wait outside until all of your friends had gone inside the haunted house. It quickly became a good thing, as you didn’t really have to wait alone. Jin, and later his friend Jimin – who you might or might not have had a “tiny” crush on – where keeping you company.

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Oh boy. Storm Atronach Crates have arrived. I’ve never much cared for random chance loot, but I suppose I’ll have to buy one. For science.

Oooh, but hey, it’s Pacrooti! I’ve missed you, man. You never write me anymore. Seriously, it’s been years.

Ah well. Just give me something shiny and we’ll call it -

Right. That’s… certainly a lot of stuff I have no use for.

…Thanks, Pacrooti. You charlatan.

My study table. This was how it looked like during the A level period in November 2014!

I keep all my stationery in 2 cases; the coral one for writing pens (Uni Signo DX), rulers, and correction tape, and the jade one for highlighters (I use mild liners, zig liners and stabilo highlighters). I carry these two cases with me everywhere I go because they’re vital for studying hahaha.

I also have a pen holder that I use to store miscellaneous items such as scissors, extra rulers and mechanical pencils. Right next to it would be a memo pad. They’re really useful especially if you want to do a quick to do list, plan your study time and even to make small notes during your revision.

On the table is a mini calendar I got from Kikki.k. Not really useful, for decorative purposes mostly!!!

And right in front of my would be my whiteboard that I use to pin up important stuff like my A level syllabus, inspiring quotes “nothing worth having comes easy” and random Polaroids with important people in my life! Oh yeah there’s a mini stop watch (in pink) on my whiteboard as well, for doing timed practices or just setting a quick alarm for a snooze.

My desk’s right by my window so I get plenty of natural sunlight which I absolutely love. Pair that up with some study instrumentals and there you have it; a conducive workplace :-)

My Sailor Moon collection

So it’s been a while since I showed you all my collection; I decided to rectify that! Unfortunately, my display space is very limited considering that my room is all I have to display my collection in, so everything is kinda smushed together. I hope to one day have enough space for everything!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my collection in its entirety! I also collect Madoka Magica and Pokemon stuff but I decided to have this post focus exclusively on Sailor Moon.

This is the Sailor Moon section of my anime bookshelf:

This part holds the Sailor V/Sailor Moon manga series, what copies of the animanga I have, my artbooks (both Naoko’s artbooks and the animation artbooks), and doujinshi. I also store my Sailor Moon necklaces here. And I have many, many necklaces. I also store my Starlight Studio brooches here. If you don’t know of them, they're AMAZING. They make replica Sailor Moon stuff that’s crazy cheap. The brooches also function as hand mirrors!

I also store miscellaneous charms, trinkets, and jewelry here:

And here are the necklace boxes:

Here’s the second shelf. It’s mostly doujinshi and merchandise I have no other place for. The reason why I’ve got so much doujinshi, by the way, because I do manga colorings of the series and I’ve found that the artwork in doujinshi is very beautiful and worthy of coloring. I stick to non-hentai doujinshi for obvious reasons, haha. 

More doujinshi and books that I have not sorted through yet. I’m terrible.

Here’s the bulk of my collection. This is where I display all of my figurines and dolls.

And here’s my mountain of plushies:

I have a ton of replicas of the brooches/wands/etc. I’ve had to put them in storage because I just don’t have enough space for them. The bin is open, though, so I can still see their sparkly goodness whenever I want.

My pen replicas:

My Figuarts and replica Ginzuishou! They have a special place on my dresser.

My assortment of Princess/Neo-Queen/Queen Serenity merchandise, which I consider to be the jewel of my collection:

Random stuff:

And that’s all! I’m so proud of my collection. It’s not the biggest out there, but I’ve handpicked everything I have and have been working on expanding my collection for three years now. It’s a very fun, intimate hobby for me.

You sure?; Sam Wilkinson

Today was the day that I finally got to my best friend, Sammy, after months of him being on tour. I was much more than excited. Sure, I had a tiny crush on him. But who wouldn’t have at least a small crush on their extremely hot best friend?

I sat on my bed deciding on what I should wear. The outfits were laid on my bed and I had a hard time choosing. After what felt like an hour of trying to decide, I picked an outfit that was completely different than the ones I chose before.

My outfit was a simple pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red and black flannel. 

I clothed myself and supplied my face with the light makeup I always wore. I slipped on my favorite white vans before checking the time.


Sammy said he would meet me at our favorite restaurant around 6:30. I whipped my hair up in a quick braid. I grabbed my purse and my keys that were hanging on the wall beside my door. I walked out the door, making sure to lock it first. 

I walked down the flights of stairs in the apartment building to bring me to the bottom floor. I reached the lobby and walked out the door to find my car in the lot. Once I spotted it in the same place I parked it before I quickly rushed to it so I wasn’t late.

I started the car and quickly drove off. I arrived at the restaurant in a little over 10 minutes. I glanced at my phone in my hand. 


I decided to sit and wait in my car until Sammy arrived. While waiting I gathered all the trash and put it in a miscellaneous grocery store bag that was sitting among the trash piles.

My phone dinged signaling that I got a text.

I’m here♡- Sammy

I shut my phone off and grabbed my bag. I jumped out of the car making a small click noise on the pavement.

I spotted Sammy by the door and walked over to him. I wrapped him into a bone crushing hug.

“I missed you so much.” I heard him whisper in my hair.

“I missed you too.”

We pulled away from our hug and entered the small restaurant. Soon we were seated at a booth. We were seated across from each other.

“You don’t know how much I missed you.” He said nervously. His leg was shaking underneath the table and the menu was grasped tightly in his hand.

“Sammy you already said that.” I retorted slightly laughing.

“I did?" 

"Mhm,” I mumbled. I tried to retain my laughter at his nervousness. The waitress had come by to take our order. We got our usual and began to talk again. 

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom real quick.” He spoke before rushing off to the back. He had forgot his phone on the table and as soon as he left it made a ding. He had gotten a text. 

I decided I was going to be snoopy and read the text. It was from Nate.

Did you tell her yet? It read.

Tell who what? I looked around to see if he was coming. I went on reading the text messages before. They were about me. They all were about me.

I kept scrolling until one caught my. The third one from today. It said,

Dude how do I tell Y/N I like her?

He likes me? This must be some sort of dream. I looked up to see Sammy rounding the corner coming back to our booth. I quickly shut his phone off and returned it to its original place. He sat down still looking nervous as ever.

“I’m back.” He smiled, grabbing his phone.

“I saw.” I suddenly began to worry. What if he saw that I was on his phone. Shit!

Minutes had passed of us having some small talk and soon our food had arrived. My mouth watered at the plate of deliciousness in front of me. We thanked the waitress before digging in. While stuffing my face, I looked over at Sammy to see him doing the exact same thing. He didn’t look as nervous as he was before. I returned back to my food for a second large bite. 

When we had finished eating, we decided to take a walk around the park that was close by. I hopped in my car and headed off towards the park.Sam had made it there before I did. He was sitting on a bench close to the entrance. I walked over to him hoping not to frighten him. I slid in the empty spot beside him.

He knew it was me right away based on the action of him placing his arm around my shoulders.

“I need to talk to you.” He said sternly while looking off in the distance. I was worried for what I was about to hear.

Was he going on tour again? Did he not want to be my friend after years of friendship? Was he finally going to tell me he liked me?

The thoughts buzzed through my head.

“Let’s walk.” I gave a worried smile and jutted out my hand for him to take. He grasped it and began to walk beside me through the basically abandoned park. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” I asked the now silent Sammy.

“I’m just going to be straight forward with this, even though it might ruin our friendship,” He said taking a deep breath. His grasp on my hand was released and his body was turned to meet mine. “Listen Y/N, I have liked you, for a long long time.” He was back to worrying again. I was silent while trying to figure a way to react to the information I had already known.

“I know that probably just ruined our entire friendship, I’m sor-” I placed my finger to his lips to shush his babbling nonsense.

“I like you too Sammy.” I smiled at how his face lit up at the words that had just spilled from my mouth. 

“Y-you do?” He stuttered reassuringly. I nodded my head as a quick yes. His large hands cupped my face. “Then can I do this?” He asked and I nodded, knowing what he meant by ‘this’.

His lips pressed to mine as the fireworks exploded in my stomach. It was more like a zoo in there than a fireworks show. His soft pink lips moved in sync with mine as we kissed. We pulled away and I mentally whined at the loss of contact.

“You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that.” He whispered breathlessly. 

“Me too.”  

His arm draped around my waist and I snuggled my head into his shoulder. We ventured the rest of the unfamiliar park as the night slowly went on.

That was know as one of the best nights of my life.


I’m trying to write more soon! This is just a Sammy imagine that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while now. I hope you liked it!


Send Me A Line And I’ll Write A Drabble:

You’re not to be trusted in here with a no-limit credit card

Steve should have known. They had been shopping for gifts for Pepper and Tony for their upcoming birthdays. Steve bought Tony a vintage record player and an ACDC record while he was struggling to think of something for Pepper. Somewhere in a miscellaneous store he lost sight of his beautiful fiancé, he thought she might be in the fine china and stemware section, dreaming of what plates to register for. While being a simple country girl, Y/N had a taste for the finer things in life and Steve figured it came from all the wonderful books she was always reading.

He loved that she read. Loved that she would read to him at night. The empty bedroom in his apartment became her library. He never begrudged her buying books or spending all of her free time organizing her books.

 When Steve couldn’t find Y/N in the china, it dawned on him: the antique bookstore on the lower level of the mall. Y/N had been in the back of the store reaching for a book. Steve took the elevator and there she was, arms piled high with books. Y/N spotted him and smiled brightly.

“Your not to be trusted in here with a no-limit credit card” Steve teased, helping her hold the books she found.

“But I did find a book Pepper loves oh so much.”