miscellaneous history

Medical History Questionnaire

This form is to be completed  by all patients prior to medical treatment. Treatment will only be disbursed upon completion of this form in it’s entirety. Dr. Alastor H. Blake holds the right to refuse service to anyone.

Patient’s Full Name: __________

Date of Birth: __________

Location of Birth: __________

Race: __________

To your knowledge, do you have any outsiders, fey, giants, or other non-humanoid creatures in your bloodline? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Sex: __________

Gender: __________

Deity/Deities (Please include former deities): __________

Are you or could you be pregnant? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Do you smoke? (Circle One):    Y  or  N 

Do you consume alcohol? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Do you have any Allergies? (Circle One):    Y  or  N    

If yes, please list them here: _____________

Do you have any dietary restrictions? (Circle One):    Y  or  N 

If yes, what are they? __________

To your knowledge have you ever accepted food from a fey? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever formed a pact with a hag, demon, fey. elder god, spirit, or other entity? (Circle One):    Y  or  N   

If yes, what was the nature of the arrangement? _____________

Are you currently or have you ever been cursed? If yes, please elaborate: _____________

Was the curse removed? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever been kissed by a vargouille, or contracted lycanthropy, mummy rot, blood bane, or any other magical diseases? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

To your knowledge are you currently suffering from any diseases, magical or mundane? (Circle One):   Y or N    

If yes, please elaborate: ___________

Have you ever blacked out for an extended period of time? (Circle One)    Y  or  N    

If yes, what were the circumstances of this blackout? ____________

Have you ever been polymorphed into another organism or material? (Circle One):    Y  or  N     

If yes, please elaborate: __________

Have you ever been possessed by a ghost, demon, hive mind, or other entity? (Circle One):    Y or  N

Have you ever had an organ, limb, or other body part regenerated? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever died and been resurrected, reincarnated, or otherwise returned to life? (Circle One): Y or N

Are you or have you ever been undead? (Circle One):    Y  or  N   

If yes, what manner of undead were/are you? __________

Have you ever been the subject of  a scientific experiment, religious ritual, or other procedure? (Circle One):   Y or  N

If yes, please elaborate: __________

To your knowledge, have you ever been poisoned? (Circle One):  Y or N

If yes, what was the agent with which you were poisoned? __________

Do you have any unusual distinguishing visual features, including but not limited to birthmarks, albinism/melanism, or uncommon eye/hair color? (Circle One): Y  or  N

Are you currently suffering from any ongoing medical or supernatural conditions not covered by the above questions?  Y  or  N

If yes, please elaborate: __________

Are you presently taking any medications? (Circle One):    Y  or  N     

If so, please list any medications you are taking: __________

Please list any injuries you have sustained in the past six months: __________

Please list any spells, charms or blessings you have been subject to in the past six months: __________

Do you certify that the information claimed above is correct, to the best of your knowledge? If so, please sign and date here: ___________

“As it is a new year I require all current patients and anyone who wishes to become a patient in the future to fill out an up-to-date medical history. This will allow me to customize treatment to your precise medical needs.”

((Translation: The mun thought it would be a funny and unique way to get to know our muses better if they had to answer questions that pertained to their medical history. I haven’t seen haven’t seen any character questionnaires quite like this. Plus, by muse is a doctor, so I thought the theme would be appropriate.))

miscellaneous histories

perception is imagination
what we see, have done
broken physics
passing time in curled strips
our pathways are electric
this truth of things

if ever anyone
if ever ever anyone
finds an origin point
where there is an old wood stand
scattered dark sheets of vellum
and one furiously scribbling

( “out out out!” )

tap them on the shoulder
and tell them
that it will be okay

even if they shock themselves
into all sharp teeth screaming
and overgrown black wings
to tear you to pieces
it will be okay

Okay, I’m probably not going to get through the whole spring without this coming up - I already silently passed over that seasons meme because of it - so here goes.

I have Polar Hypovernal Syndrome.

It’s an Erethani thing, genetically linked to our resistance to polar reseasoning. Shows up most often in people born in the south of Ereith to polar-resistant parents. During the isolation era, there were a lot of nasty superstitions about it, which have mostly but not completely gone away in modern times. The colloquial term for us is “frostchild”, which is a borderline slur in Erethani.

Unlike some other conditions under the hypovernal umbrella, the symptoms of PHS sum up to complete infertility: I don’t spring and I can’t get pregnant. There’s been some investigation into whether we still produce viable gametes, but nobody’s trying too hard because very few people want infertile children. A few people with PHS still have sex drives, but I’m not one of them. Thankfully, we almost never have anything remotely like the normal drive for kids.

There are tests for the condition, but the definitive one doesn’t work any earlier than 4. My parents are northerners who moved south, so when I didn’t spring at four they checked, and I’ve known since then. It was more of a relief than anything. I want to find somebody to pair my guarantee with eventually, more because I don’t want it to go to waste than anything, but it’ll probably be a V or triad who needs a fourth half or a couple one of whom already used theirs.


We have released version 1.1 of “Cinderella Phenomenon”!
The updates are as follows:

Notable Gallery Tweaks: Images with variations that depend on the player’s choices are now unlocked once encountered.

Proper Achievement Unlocking + Carry-Over: The Never Ever After Achievement on Steam is now properly unlocked once the player reaches the bad end. In fact, all achievement notifications will appear when returning to the main menu. For those who were working on transferring their data from a previous version of “Cinderella Phenomenon” downloaded on itch.io to the Steam version, we are happy to say that game data (save files and persistent data) is now carried over when playing on the Steam platform and vice versa.

After-Credits Teaser Bug: The teaser that appears after the credits should no longer freeze.

Fast-Forward Mode Glitch: We received error reports of the game crashing due to this error. Hopefully this update will solve that problem.

Dialogue History Tweaks: The italicization of Lucette’s thoughts and the change in font for Sebby’s dialogue are now reflected on the Dialogue History.

Miscellaneous Typos, & Mispellings Error Assessment.

Please send us a message if you encounter any other errors. Thank you!

007 Fest Prompt Tables!

Need some inspiration for 007 Fest? Check out these prompt tables! 

Prompt fills can include any kind of fancreation: fanfic, fanart, fanedits, gifs, meta, headcanons, crafts, food or drinks, or whatever else your Bond-loving fannish heart can think of! As always, all ships are welcome 

We’ve started with a general prompt table, and we have nine more themed prompt tables for you to choose from below the cut, including: 

  • trope reversal
  • porn
  • history AU
  • miscellaneous AU
  • fluff
  • angst
  • gender
  • villains
  • classic Bond
  • and–last but not least–our collaboration prompt table, which is blank so you can ask others to prompt you!   


1. The ***free space*** in the middle of each prompt table is a spot where you can choose your own prompt 

2. If you’re participating in the 007 Games, you get 30 bonus points if you can fill a whole table! 

3. REMEMBER: Be sure to tag with #007 fest so we can find and reblog your awesome prompt fills! We hope these prompts will inspire you! <3 

Prompts: “Don’t touch me again,” Trust, Sunshine, Broken, “This will be the last time I say this,” For the greater good, “Hello again, Mr Bond,” Dance the night away, and free space 

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And so the powers that were did decide to send Billy and his boys over the river first and they spent a cold night/morning securing roadways and waiting for the rest of the army to cross the Delaware.

anonymous asked:

Does Link have two last names? I'm wondering since his twitter is "linklamont".

No, his last name is just Neal. I can’t remember the exact reference and I suck at finding things in the annals of RandL (bahahaha i’m laughing i’m so immature), but I think he said at some point that Lamont was the name of someone they knew from childhood. I can’t remember who, though, or why it was significant enough that he chose it. (@ladycynthiana Can you help me out with this? You’re so much better at miscellaneous RandL history references.)

anonymous asked:

The Bro is a Strange Beast, but if you are careful and gentle you too can convert him into a Lorg Fremb, and he will reward you with laughter and beer and miscellaneous History Facts.

Input carefulness and gentleness, get back laughter, beer, and miscellaneous History Facts!

In all seriousness, though, I don’t want to stereotype bros and am not sure what level of irony you’re operating on. Thank you for the ask, however.