Think about the fact that Darren Wilson murdered a black boy in the street….will NOT even be indicted let alone convicted of this crime..was given paid leave and will NOT lose his job…had a nice wedding to his fellow cop girlfriend…..and made about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS  from donations in the process. he was quite literally paid, in part by the government…to kill a black boy



January 13th 1898: ‘J’accuse’ letter

On this day in 1898, French writer Émile Zola’s ‘J’accuse’ letter was printed, exposing the miscarriage of the justice in the Dreyfus affair. Zola was a prominent author, well-known for his short stories and novels, and his letter sparked national outrage. Published as a newspaper editorial in L’Aurore, the letter exposed the unlawful conviction of French army captain Alfred Dreyfus for espionage and treason. Dreyfus, of Jewish descent, was found guilty of selling military secrets to the Germans by a military court and sentenced to life imprisonment on a South American penal colony. However, subsequent evidence proving his innocence and implicating officer Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy was covered up by the military, with Walsin Esterhazy exonerated. The case had exposed the virulence of French anti-Semitism, as military officials and members of the public readily accepted Dreyfus’s guilt, considering his alleged crime indicative of Jews’ disloyalty. Zola’s letter, a response to Walsin Esterhazy’s acquittal, led to his arrest for libel, though he fled France to avoid a prison sentence. The debate came to embody divergent visions of France’s national identity, with those against Dreyfus arguing his defenders sought to undermine France. On the other hand, Dreyfus’s supporters raised the pertinent question of the extent personal freedoms can be subordinated in the interests of national security. Steadily, Dreyfus’s supporters gained traction, as evidence came to light that key evidence had been forged. Desperate to restore order, the French president pardoned Dreyfus in September 1899, though he was not legally exonerated until 1906. The French military only conceded Dreyfus’s innocence in 1995. Zola’s ‘j’accuse’ has entered the popular lexicon, and the Dreyfus affair has become synonymous with anti-Semitism and the miscarriage of justice. The crisis also had the practical effect of leading to a radical ascendancy in the French government, which shaped French politics for decades to come.

Milbank: Grand Jury in Mike Brown shooting being rigged

(Washington Post) What happened in Ferguson, Mo., last month was a tragedy. What’s on course to happen there next month will be a farce.

October is when a grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who killed an unarmed black teenager by firing at least six bullets into him. It’s a good bet the grand jurors won’t charge him, because all signs indicate that the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, doesn’t want them to.


Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter

Rubin 'Hurricane’ Carter, who died in April 2015 aged 76 was on track to becoming the World Champion at middleweight. However on June 17th, 1966 Carter was out on the town with friend John Artis and they found themselves getting arrested for the murder of a bartender and two customers of the Lafayette Bar and Grill. 

In a miscarriage of justice that attracted the attention of the likes of Muhammad Ali and Bob Dylan (who wrote the song ‘Hurricane’ about it), the two men spent nearly 20 years in prison despite not even being at the bar when the murders occurred, eyewitnesses failing to identify the pair and a long list of other inconsistencies with the prosecution’s case.

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Far from admitting culpability in Rice’s death, Loomis neatly dismisses even the idea that this was just a tragic and fatal misunderstanding. Tamir Rice, instead, is guilty in the crime of his own death. Loomis denies Tamir the innocence of childhood because Tamir had the wrong body to be considered a child. In America, I am beginning to realize, there are no black children, but black bodies of different sizes and threat levels, latent or active, primal and overgrown. Tamir lived in an indicted, criminal body, and it is for this reason that he deserved to die.

It is this inherent criminality of the black body that provides the bedrock upon which Loomis’s logic rests, and it is the assumption of guilt that drives his interpretation of Tamir’s actions. This is why the only explanation Loomis can find for Tamir casually walking towards the police car is that he wanted to gun down police officers. The other explanation, not even considered plausible enough to be explicitly dismissed, is that a 12-year-old boy sitting at a park bench would approach a police car because he believed the lie that the innocent have nothing to fear from the police. He believed the lie that the police were there to protect him, too. Loomis is old enough to know that this is a lie, and this is why he finds nothing wrong with Tamir’s death. There is no fog of apathy to be burned away, no ignorance to be replaced.

Hellhole Belgium:
Female terrorist and accomplice of terrorist who received 90,000EUR from state is released after only FOUR MONTHS of her fifteen year sentence.

Fatima Aberkan, dubbed ‘the mother of jihadi’, was sentenced last April for 15 years in jail. The longest sentence a terrorist has received in Belgium so far. Yet she was released after only four months.

Aberkan was sentenced for partaking in terrorist activities as leader of a terrorist organization and recruiting young Muslims to fight in Syria. She was in direct contact with Nizar Trabelsi, a terrorist that tried to attack the American air base in Belgium and was infamously awarded 90,000 euro for “violation of his rights”’.

Her lawyer appealed her sentence because of a “procedural error”. The Brussels court agreed and decided to release her for her hardship, unjust treatment and surely, to make sure justice was served.

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And today and tomorrow and the following days, black mothers will tell their sons, “stay safe,” with a sense of hopelessness. They will mean, “try not to encounter those who want to kill you.” They will mean, “you are loved and killable.” They will mean, “you are disposable.” They will mean: “I love you.”

Keguro Macharia at Gukira

Stay Safe


A prominent legal expert eviscerates the Darren Wilson prosecution, in 8 tweets

Following the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, prominent lawyer and MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom argued on Twitter that St. Louis County prosecutors did a bad job questioning Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson about the shooting of Michael Brown. She argued the questioning was basically a “tea party,” far from the “grueling session” it should have been.

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The city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, was shocked when on August 5th, 2013, a whole family was murdered in their home. Husband and wife Luis and Andreia Pesseghini, Andreia’s mother Benedita and Benedita’s sister Bernardete had been killed with clean shots to the head. The final victim was 13 year old Marcelo Pesseghini, the son of Luis and Andreia, who had apparently died from a self inflicted gun shot to the head. Investigation determined that it was this kid who killed his whole family before ending his own life.

According to the police’s timeline, Marcelo shot his family around midnight of August 4th, that was a Sunday, then drove his mother’s car to school and waited there several hours. He spent that Monday like a normal day in class, before going back home and killing himself.

But there were strange things about the case from the start, and evidence that points in a very different direction. Soon after the crime was made public, a coronel with the local police came forward and said he believed young Marcelo was being framed. Both of his parents were police officers and Andreia had been working on turning in crooked cops, which made her a potential target of the death squads inside the famously corrupt police force of Brazil.

He’s not the only one who believes police is behind the crimes. There was nothing in Marcelo’s profile that suggested he’d do something like that, and he had no experience with guns, yet he had managed to gun down his whole family without missing one shot. A family that included two trained police officers. His suicide is also peculiar. There was no gunpowder in his hands and his body had fallen forward, instead to the right as you would expect from a shot to the left temple.

Still, Sao Paulo’s justice closed the case stating that Marcelo was the killer. The rest of the Pesseghini family is until now trying to get the case reopened.

I just want to take a moment to express my absolute joy after finding out the human scum that is Ethan Couch has been apprehended in Mexico and will be turned over to U.S. Marshals for transport back to the United States.

He killed four people, paralyzed another, and injured many more because he drove while intoxicated (three times the legal limit) and was under the influence of Valium. He was sixteen when he took four loved ones away from their families and friends; a man lost his wife and daughter because of this poor excuse for a human being.

His defense argued that he suffered from ‘affluenza,’ meaning that he grew up so wealthy and spoiled that he did not know the difference between right and wrong. Despite the fact that Ethan Couch killed four people and irreparably injured others without once showing remorse, the judge presiding over his case gave him a slap on the wrist and sentenced him to probation. This same judge sentenced a sixteen year old to twenty years in prison for driving drunk and killing one person. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the U.S. justice system: if you’re rich, you don’t have to suffer the penalties of your action because you can buy your way out. This has to change.

When this piece of shit appears before a judge this time, let’s hope that a lesson was learned the first time around and that real justice is served.

Okay, I’m done now. Have a good evening everyone! ❤️💛💚💙💜

The night of September 28, 2000, former State Trooper David Camm frantically called 911. He told them he had just got home and found his family dead in the garage of their Georgetown, Indiana, house. His wife Kimberly and his daughter Jill (5) had been shot in the head; his son Brad (7) in the chest.

When police arrived, they found Kimberly on the garage floor, slightly bent, her pants pulled down. Jill was still inside the car, but Brad had been dragged out by David, who said he thought he was still alive and had tried to do CPR on him without success. 

There were two strange clues in the scene:

2) Kimberly’s shoes had been removed and neatly placed on top of the car.

3) There was a dirty grey sweatshirt that didn’t belong to anyone in the house. It was under Brad’s body and it had DNA from two unknown males.

Several witnesses confirmed David’s alibi, that he had been playing basketball with his friends between 7 pm and 9:17 pm. Kimberly didn’t get home until after 7, and David called 911 at 9:29. But police and the prosecutors still considered him the main suspect and arrested him for the murder of his family.

To make a very, very long story short, David Camm was tried once, and found guilty. He appealed, and the judge sided with him in the argument that the testimony of his multiple infidelities had been prejudicial. He was tried for a second time, and found guilty again. Then, on a third trial, he was finally acquitted. He’d spent 13 years in jail by the time he was released.

In 2005, before the second trial, a new suspect appeared. DNA on the sweatshirt and a handprint on Kimberly’s car were matched to an ex convict called Charles Boney, who had a history of sexual assault and a foot fetish that would explain the strange placing of the shoes. Boney gave several conflicting statements, and finally claimed that he had been at the scene because Camm had asked him to go there to sell him a gun. Needless to say he was less than credible and there was plenty of physical evidence against him. He was charged as a co-conspirator, found guilty and sentenced to 225 years.

In case you’re wondering, Camm was granted a third trial because during the second, prosecution accused him of sexually molesting his daughter Jill, which was again considered prejudicial. They claimed this because there was evidence of a single blunt force trauma to her genitals, but an expert for the defense argued this could come from the attack itself and her hymen was intact.

There was also a lot of irregularities coming from the prosecution, like the fact they didn’t run the DNA on the sweatshirt for the first trial (they said they had and it didn’t come up with any match, which isn’t possible) and that they changed their theory of how and why the crime was committed 4 times. No wonder this case is often cited as proof that you can’t always trust the justice system.

Woman Who Fired Warning Shot At Husband Gets Released

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) The Jacksonville woman awaiting a new trial in a controversial “stand your ground” case is free on bond.

I am extremely thankful for this.

Happy Thanksgiving, Marissa Alexander…and God bless you.  You did what any normal person would do under extreme duress.  I hope you never see the inside of a jail again.

I want the name, the address, and the supposed credentials of the Alabama judge who handed my niece over to the tender loving care of a psychopath and added my brother to the list of America’s homeless veterans. Share this. I’ll add more when I figure out this shitwit’s identity. I want the world to know that justice has not been done this day.

In my brother’s words:

I would think that there are enough homeless veterans and at risk children in the world, but apparently Lee County Alabama disagrees. A judge ordered my brother, a career soldier and Iraq Veteran out of his home so that his wife, who he is divorcing because SHE THREATENED TO SHOOT THEIR INFANT DAUGHTER, could move back in after she moved out of her own accord. She already set up residence with other family, whereas my brother, across the country from his family, has no other home and as of today is living out of the back of his truck. He is currently paying the bills on a house he is not living in so a woman who is living off of disability for severe mental health issues can have custody of the child she threatened to murder.

Please pray for my niece. My brother is a tough soldier and will survive, as he has for 18 years defending our freedom. It’s his one year old daughter that needs help.