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1. Strong, Bogota. BLs had a gif they were touting that they said showed Louis mouthing I love you at H. This did not look right to me, it looked to me like Louis was annoyed and if he mouthed anything it was closer to Fck Off than I love you. This was the miscaption that made me obsessed with this time, because I was like why? Why were BLs reaching if they were so confident?

3. IG questions Bogota, Lima and on. I think this is where the real H vs OT4 seperation really kicks in. (I couldn’t really see it in TMH, obv Larry interactions were down but the band seemed cohesive) Even Niall seems a little reserved towards H, Liam is keeping the how on the road, but all IG qs H is standing well apart from the other four, and there is alot of subtext in some of the answers eg In a Zombie apocalypse Everyone is going to Zs except H who is going up a tree (he answered last).

4 Happily, Lima. In the opening H sings ’ We were meant to be but a twist of fate, made it so we had to walk away’ . Louis and Liam are positioned behind him and Louis clearly says ’ He Did’ and Liam nudges him and laughs. It could be applied to Simon but given alot of others things, I’m inlcined to think not.

5. BTS. Again I’m not going to tell anyone what to conclude but taking off Larry goggles. Harry & OT4 clearly seperated at IG qs, with only Liam even trying to be friendly, Z a little too (oh the irony) and then in all BTS stuff and stories the stories are all OT4 tghtr not H. Only H and Liam going to Macchu Pichu. The BTS footage very scant considering it was the first time in SA. There’s only about 5 mins we’ve ever got to see and even those five Larry seem tense in a way they werent before

6 Today Interview Chile. I think maybe towards the end of this interview there was the first ‘thaw’. Louis and Z were just back from a little break (rarely talked about by Larries) and I think from here on things got better and Larry were tghtr again by Brazil definitely. But the first bit of the interview contains alot of subtext, I think, esp in body language, if we go with the theory of the band being suspicious/hurt by Hs dealings with Azoffs.

8 Anyway to end on a nice note there is a video of Little Things at one of the Brazil shows where you can quite clearly see H sings I’m in love with you’, Z seems annoyed at his but L looks ok with it so I’m thinking they were ok by then. In a way if they were having problems it seems shitty to pour over them but the only reason I do is it seems so fk up to PUSH Larry at times of uncertainty, to miscaption & teach ppl to override their natural emotional intuition all in the name of what? $$$?


It looks like I’m missing a part two and seven. I think you bring up some very interesting observations. It’s always so interesting when looking at things in hindsight.🌻

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Will you come back, even for a short while, to miscaption Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2?

Maybe if season 2 is any better.

The main thing holding me back is that I initially only made these posts to take my mind off my depression. You know, just to have something to do, right? But I’ve been able to deal with it better lately so I haven’t felt a need to go back and make any more posts.

My amount of material was also pretty narrow so I ran out of quotes due to not really looking for any.

While I’m here though, are any of the other blogs for incorrect quotes on Love Live stuff around anymore? I honestly just assumed that single-service joke blogs like these all inevitably simmer out.

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