In celebration of reaching 300 followers, we prepared a glee themed icons masterpost for you! You can find lots of our icons packed in zips to download, sorted by character, ship and promotional pictures. Thanks for all your love. Hope you like them!

by character
    *blaine anderson [ZIP]
    *kurt hummel [ZIP]
    *quinn fabray [ZIP]
    *brittany s. pierce [ZIP]
    *santana lopez [ZIP]
    *kitty wilde [ZIP]

by ship
    *klaine [ZIP]
    *hummelberry [ZIP]
    *mccarthy twins [ZIP]
    *unholy trinity [ZIP]

promotional pictures
    *over the years (1-6 seasons) [ZIP]

ninjangu asked:

Where did you learn how to make these 3D modular? and where do you buy your paper from?

BenI usually get my paper from art stores (Michaels, AC Moore, etc.) But as for online sites you can try Amazon and eBay.

Happy Folding gives you a list of online origami stores.(some are outside of the U.S. but can probably ship to your location). 

For origami diagrams, youtube is a great way to start learning it (keep in mind they do a variety of origami not just kusudama/modular type) 

- Adamssara
- Jonakashima
- Tadashimori
- 1petiteSorciere
- dutchpapergirl
- ezorigami

For websites: 

- Kusudama.info
- Kusudama.me
- origamee
- goorigami

That’s all I can think up now, but if you look at other origami artists on tumblr they usually put a link to the diagrams when they post up pictures (as well as I do but not for the older posts).
- Benny-cheung
- origamipenguins
- paperphiliac

I hope that helps! 

Gosh!! I am super flattered that you like my make up skills. I honestly just use the same few make ups over and over again because I love them and am lazy. I will totally link them to you! :D I like giving dues where it is due. So this might be a looong reply. The thing is, it’s easier to link in a post so I have made this public - hope you don’t mind. 


HQ Mod!:
For things that are in the photo-shoot world, I use a HQ mod. Recently I went up, and I am so happy with it! I use Simsl3gacies HQ mod, which you have to request from them.

My defaults!:
Default skin: Iced Starfruit Skin by Kurasoberina. I find it super difficult to find darker coloured skins that don’t pixelate a bit!! Or maybe it’s just the ones I have tried. So sometimes I have to Photoshop some smoothness.
Default eyebrow/facial hair: Defaults by Simple Life
I also use Brntwaffles Sahra Defaults for eyes but Pandora uses contacts I will list later!

My fave make-up CC creators!:

S-Club Eyelashes - Not a whole lot of introduction needed, these are the best eyelashes on the block! They recently went total Sims Resource so their site isn’t up any more! It’s recommended you also download the sliders so you can fit the eyelash to any eye shape and the remove eyelash mod, which removes the EA eyelashes. 
Eyeshadow N4

PralineSims - Lots of lovely stuff! I use:
Sun Candy Glow Blusher (I use this maybe too much, aahahah, I just love the nose line and the cute cheeks!)
Precious Eye-shadow
Candy Caramel Lip Balm
Aqua Eyes - Pandora’s eyes!
Contouring Eyebags - For sleepy Sebastians
La Vogue Nails - Pretty much the only nails besides Supernatural nails that I use
I think the Cotton Candy Plumper??

Dolly Blush - This is Isabeau’s blush!!  Might be too cartoonish but I love it, especially on Isa.

Tifa - Lots of great stuff!!
Blusher 15 - I use it for Juniper and River. 
Eyebag Vr 3
Lip N77
Mouth Corner V2

Gosik - Such awesome. Love the creative!
Winged eyeliner
Fairy dust set

Fireflies eye shadow - for when I want something a little heavier.

I think that’s it, really!! I just play around with those, and colours, and strength. I would say the shiny of which you speak is mostly PralineSims CC!


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