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1, 16, 25 on the do this my children

#1 - “It was an accident.”
#16 - “I don’t need you to protect me.”
#25 - “Are you jealous?”

Pairing - Pietro x Reader

Y/N - Your name
Y/N/N - Your nickname
Y/L/N - Your last name


“Oh, my God you like Pietro.”

Nat’s mouth drops open in shock.

You avert your gaze but catch sight of your reflection in the elevator mirrors - your cheeks are bright red.

“You sound surprised.”

“Well, yeah, I mean … it’s Pietro.”

“And you say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“It’s not, it’s just - you do still remember his first week here at the Stark Tower, right?”

“Of course I do,” You laugh out softly, looking at Natasha quizzically. “How could I forget?”

Exactly, how could you forget that Pietro is the same speedy little shit who broke your arm in a way of thanking you for bringing him back to life?”

You sigh, your right hand going instinctively to your left elbow. Nat, who is leaning against the elevator rail with her arms folded over her chest, quirks an eyebrow.

“I haven’t forgotten Nat.” 

“So you’re saying, you have not forgotten how he broke your arm within seconds of meeting you, but you have developed romantic feelings for him? Is that really what you’re telling me?”

“He didn’t break my arm on purpose, Nat.”

“You get what I’m saying, Y/N/N.”

You give another sigh, shifting your weight awkwardly onto one leg. You weren’t used to talking about things like this, but ever since the Avengers had recruited you for your ‘invaluable’ healing powers and you had grown close to Natasha and Wanda, you had found yourself talking and thinking more and more about things like clothes and boys.

And ever since you had started thinking about them more, you’d noticed that you’d changed. You had suddenly developed a new sense of style, and you had starting noticing boys everywhere.

Queue Pietro Maximoff, who had caught your eye more than once, and had run off with your heart sometime in the last few months.

“Yes, Nat, that is what I’m saying.”

“Gosh, and here I was thinking you were an asexual. Or a lesbian at least.”

You look at Nat out of the corner of your eye as the elevator comes to a halt.

“What made you think I was a lesbian?”

“Are you saying what we have is entirely platonic? Way to break my heart Y/N/N.”

Nat gives you a smirk before gliding out of the elevator, leaving you to roll your eyes at her back and hurry to catch up. As soon as you fall into step, she continues talking.

“All jokes aside, I don’t think this is a bad thing Y/N. But he better be careful if anything ever happens between you guys - otherwise he’ll have me to answer to.” 

“What do you mean?”

Nat turns and stares at you in a way that makes you feel incredibly stupid.

“Y/N, no offense, but you really aren’t any type of expert when it comes to romance - or men.”

You feel the blush returning to your cheeks, but carry on as if you don’t notice.

“Okay, but still, I don’t need you to protect me or whatever.”

“Maybe not,” Nat agrees, but she doesn’t sound convinced. “But just know that if he ever tries anything on you, I am seriously going to kick that boys butt.” She stalks across the last few meters of the lobby, missing it when you mutter, “Thanks, mom.” under your breath.

You’ve just reached the door when it flies open from the other side, almost whacking Natasha’s head off, but she jumps back just in time. Unfortunately she jumps back into you, and just as you’re stumbling backwards towards the floor a flash of blue whooshes past you and suddenly you’re looking up at the grinning face of Pietro Maximoff.

“You better watch where you are going, Y/L/N.” 

His Slovak accent makes your ovaries feel as if they are melting. He pushes you out of his arms and you stumble to your feet. You’ve just about regained your balance when he grabs the hand closest to him and twirls you out and around and back into his chest.

“I may not be there to catch you the next time.”

“Yeah, well, maybe if you’d been a little more careful Pietro, none of this,” Nat gestures vaguely at the two of you, “would have been necessary.”

Nat’s growling saves you from having to reply to Pietro and so instead you focus on trying to hide your crimson cheeks and sudden rapid breathing.

You were touching Pietro’s chest, and it was better than any imaginings you had ever conjured up late at night. 

His muscles were solid under the light fabric of his shirt. You could feel the energy and the life coming through your fingers in little ripples that fizzled up the veins in your arms. Your heart starts racing like crazy not only at the contact but as your powers kick in; you feel yourself filling up with his life and connecting with his body.

And he was holding your hand, which didn’t really help either.

“Why, Natasha, are you jealous?” Pietro’s joking voice jolts you out of your haze, but as he looks down to smirk at you a wave of heat passes through your fingers, making them tingle.

“Something’s wrong.” You mutter, a slight frown appearing on your face.

Pietro, noticing the little frown line between your eyebrows, lift his arm to smooth the line away with his thumb. Usually that would have sent you swooning, but as he moves his arm another wave of heat passes through you.

“You’re hurt.” You say, a little louder.

Pietro stops, his hand in your hair, as Nat asks, “What do you mean, he’s hurt?”

“I just had a little accident.” Pietro grumbles to Nat as your hands start sliding down Pietro’s torso on their own accord. You don’t have time to marvel at the sensation - you’re too focused, too worried. 

“It is nothing.” Pietro continues, as you move your hands lower and lower and grow more and more concerned as the waves of heat get hotter and hotter.

You both react when your hands finally find the source of the heat; Pietro’s whole body tenses visibly and you scrunch your eyes closed and hiss through your teeth.

The injury is on his hip, and when you lift his shirt up to have a look your heart almost stops.

“You’ve been shot.”

“What?” Nat hisses.  You don’t have to turn around to know she has a gun ready in her hands.

“Natasha, it is fine. The Stark Tower has not been affiliated. I was just being a little reckless.”

“This is not nothing, Pietro.” You whisper, trying your best not to cry as you look at the chunk of missing flesh.

“I am fine, Y/N.”

“No you’re not!”

“Y/N, I really am fine.” Pietro murmurs, the hand in your hair twitching slightly.

“Y/N, if he’s been running around and could change his shirt and whatever, maybe he -”

“How did it happen?” You ask, ignoring Nat completely. You hear her scoff exasperatedly then stalk off, her echoing footsteps growing fainter and fainter. You barely notice her departure as you take both of Pietro’s hands and lead him over to a couch in the corner of the lobby.

“Tell me how it happened.” You demand, your voice soft as you sit Pietro down and then move between his legs and kneel on the floor in front of him.

You get Pietro to hold his shirt up for you as you lay both of your hands on either side of the bloody wound as Pietro starts explaining.

“I went to see Wanda. She was taking part in Clint’s target practice class.”

Your eyes flutter closed and Pietro utters a soft groan as you start stimulating the growth of new cells.

“It was all my fault. I should have been more careful - it was his beginners class. I was -” He breaks off with a hiss as the new cells start joining together. You try to ignore how you can feel the blood draining from your face, and put more energy into your hands. Pietro waits for a second before continuing. “I was silly not to be more careful. It was an accident, and it was my fault.”

You let out a big sigh as the skin completely heals over, leaving only a faint red outline of where the gaping hole used to be. Pietro lets his head fall back against the couch, and you push yourself up onto the couch beside him shakily. You don’t bother moving your knee when it naturally rests against Pietro’s.

“Maybe, next time, you could, be a little, more careful.” You whisper out between breaths, slowly gathering the material of your skirt into your hands to try and still their shaking.

Pietro nods, his head tipped back, eyes closed, and you get a moment to watch him before he tips his head forward to have a look at his side. He starts tracing the red line with his index finger, and you clench your hands as a spasm of pain travels through your head.

“I’m sorry, I usually, don’t leave, any marks, but I didn’t, have enough, energy.”

Pietro gives a slow laugh and lets his head loll back then around, so your foreheads are only centimeters apart.

“Do not be sorry, you did an amazing job. Thank you.” He looks at you for a second before his eyes go down, and land on your knees, resting against each other. 

You’re looking at his hair when your vision starts to blur, your head suddenly feeling heavy and dark. 

You can’t help the whimper that escapes from your mouth as your head explodes with pain, and your eye lashes flutter, tears getting caught on their ends.


Pietro’s voice sounds faint as you try to stop your heavy breathing.

“Y/N, what is wrong?”

The pain expands as the couch is lifted out from under you, and you sob pathetically as you curl in on yourself, your head finding its way to the juncture between Pietro’s neck and shoulder.

“Y/N, what is paining you?”

“My head hurts.” 

Your voice is faint and muffled against Pietro’s skin, but he somehow still manages to hear you. You feel a faint pressure on your hair as he kisses you, and as the pain eases enough for you to think, you wonder if he really did just kiss your hair or if you are hallucinating.

“Do you want me to take you to your bedroom?” Pietro murmurs, his voice low and soft and sweet against your ear. Your brain doesn’t like it though, and another wave of pain has you clinging to Pietro’s neck.

“No, I’m, fine.” You get out as the pain eases. You loosen your hold on his neck and move your head slightly.

“Can, you just, hold me, on, the, couch,” You talk into his collarbone.

“Of course,” Pietro says, and the pain spasms across your head as the pressure of gravity changes as he sits down. You moan and press your nose into his neck, trying to hide your eyes from the light.

“if you need,” Pietro says after a moment, “You can take some of my, my energy or, or anything, if it will help.”

“No, I’m, okay.” The spasms of pain were slowing down and becoming less powerful, but you were quickly becoming sleepy. You brave opening your eyes, and when your brain doesn’t protest, you move your head slowly along Pietro’s shoulder until you can see his face. “Thank, you, though.”

“Are you sure? If it will help you, I really do not mind.”

“I’m, very, very, sure.” You feel yourself smile as your eyes close and you turn your head into his shoulder. “This, has happened, before. I’ll, be, fine.”

“It has happened before?”

You nod, only the dull remembrance of pain left, you’re whole being suddenly consumed with this demanding tiredness. 

“I, just need, to sleep now.” You mumble. Pietro says something in response, but his voice sounds muted and muffled. You feel a soft pressure on your hip, moving in small circles, and a soft trail broken strokes in your hair. You smile at the thought of Pietro rubbing your hip with his thumb and stroking your hair out of your face, then fall asleep.


“Y/N.” A voice whispers by your ear. 

You try and swat it away. You didn’t want to listen to this voice.

A gentle shove on your shoulder pulls you out of your sleep, and you blink your eyes open slowly. 

“Whaa?” You mumble, looking around confusedly.

“Shh.” The voice hisses, and you look to your left to see Nat, looking down at you in confusion.

“Nat,” You murmur in recognition. You blink and yawn, then move your legs and arms to stretch your back, but freeze when you feel the body of another person wrapped around you.

“Y/N, what happened?”

You look at Pietro, face peaceful in his sleep, and resting against the back of the couch, and then at his arms that are still wrapped around your body.

You smile to yourself, a warm feeling spreading from your stomach as you lean your head back against his shoulder and snuggle into his arms.

“Nothing,” You whisper to Nat, and even the sound of your ecstatic heart can’t drown out her huff of disbelief. 

“Nothing my ass.” 

“Seriously,” You can feel yourself falling back to sleep, so you mumble hurriedly. “We just fell asleep here.”

Smiling, you fall asleep in Pietro’s arms on the lobby couch for the second time that night to the sound of Nat muttering as she throws a blanket over your two intertwined forms.


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Riptide Nieve ♦ for simsismybae

i used this blush and blush #8 from here to take the screenshot, but they aren’t necessary! he’s fully cc free.

no reuploading, claiming as your own. otherwise use the sim however you want, change whatever you want, do what your heart desires. only everyday wearing is set, all traits are randomized. if you use him, you can tag me so i can see what is he up to! 


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Reactions for how would Jimin+Jin+Rap Mon and J-Hope act if they went lingerie shopping w/ u?

Jimin : Yaaaay ! Let’s buy a lot of new stuff ! *really excited*

Originally posted by forjimin

Jin/Seokjin : *shows you matching pieces* I’m sure this will look really good on you

Originally posted by sailor--mon

RapMonster/Namjoon : Do I really have to come in ? Aiish…

Originally posted by ewjacksonwang

J-Hope/Hoseok : YAAAAAS LINGERIE YAAAAAS ! *excited af, but so shy and embarrassed in the shop* [notice cute maknae covering his hyung in the background awww]

Originally posted by hanbins-mic

Admin K