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Hi! Could you do a peter parker/spidey prompt with the words "i'm your boyfriend, stop ignoring me pleaseee" thank you!

This is the first time I ever write about Spiderman, so I hope it was accurate and that you guys enjoy it. I decided to do Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman since the person who requested it told me they wouldn’t mind him :)

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Peter poked me in the ribs as I yawned.

“Y/N, come on…” He whined, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“I’m so tired, Pete, I don’t feel like doing anything…” 

“Come on, just a little kiss” He made a cute and funny smooch sound. “Just one!”

I didn’t reply, but I closed my eyes and I felt so drowsy that I could fall asleep right there. 

“Sorry…” I just mumbled, too exhausted.

I did feel bad because we were meeting to spend some quality time together yet I was so sleepy that I could barely stay awake.

“I’m your boyfriend, stop ignoring me pleaseeee!” Still poking my ribs to tickle me, he also poked my cheeks to get my attention.

I didn’t reply nor move, but I opened my eyes when I felt how he stood up from the couch we were sitting in.

I glanced just in time to watch him throw his head back in exasperation and turn on his heels to leave.

“Don’t go” Making a huge effort, I sat up. “Stay, Pete”

Peter grinned happily and sat next to me again, wrapping his arms around me. i gave him a quick peck and cuddled him.