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craigslist for cryptids:
  • missed connections full of sasquatch people who saw each other in the woods but were too shy to say hello
  • yeti listing snow furniture they’ve built and need to sell
  •  el chupacabra asking around for which farmers are struggling this year so as to not eat their livestock specifically
  • nessie offering uber rides across the loch
  • the jersey devil offering services to bring premonitions to those in need
GOT7′s kinks

Mark. Although I thoroughly believe he is a fuckboy, he is a vanilla fuckboy. I’ll bet he’s really into vocalization, basically his partner’s moans. It doesn’t matter if he’s going down on you, or if he’s fucking you, every sound you make is legitimately the most delicious noise in the world. You could probably turn him on just by moaning. It’s almost like subtle praise, letting him know he’s doing a good job. He’s probably also into biting, usually just soft bites, that little bit of an extra sensation, dragging them over your skin, but every now and then harsh bites. When he’s about to cum, he’ll drop his head into your shoulder and sink his teeth into your skin, a muffled moan coming out. He probably appreciates it just as much when you bite back. I think he has a pretty big kink for thigh riding, and giving oral. He just wants to please you and he’s not content until you’ve cum at least twice, no matter what you’re doing.

JB. I think passion is important to him, and that leads to rough sex. He’s probably also into hair pulling, but more so on his end. He wants your hair in his fist, tugging while he fucks you from behind, other hand tightly gripping your hip or thigh. He’s the type to need to go another round once you’re both ready, just because once isn’t satisfying enough for him. Dirty talk would be something that’s pretty present, but nothing degrading, more so telling you how good you feel, how fucking badly he needs you, that you look so gorgeous when his cock is in your mouth– positive things. I think he’s into public teasing, trying to get you as needy for him as possible and leaving you like that until the two of you are alone. It’s both an establishment of dominance and almost like he wants you to know that your his, and only he can make you feel the way he does. Really though, he just likes intensity.

Jackson. I think when it comes to him although it’s not a kink, above all he craves intimacy. He wants that connection, and knowledge that there’s reasoning behind the sex. He wants it to mean something, he wants the sex to be about needing you as close to him as he can be. I think that he also would really like some form of praise. He wouldn’t necessarily want you telling him how great he is, but just reassurances that he’s making you feel good, and that you love him– again it adds to the intimacy of it. Now, on the other hand, that boy doesn’t know his strength. You have to understand he’s going to f u c k you, and afterwards you’re going to have bruises in the shape of his fingers and hip bones. It’s not his fault, and he feels terrible, he just can’t control himself because you feel so fucking good, and he genuinely doesn’t realize how much strength he has. He also probably wants to make sure you get off before him as often as possible, because he just wants to treat you right. I think he’d also be really into oral, but on the receiving end. He loves tangling his fingers in your hair, and running his thumbs over your face, and the look you give him.

Junior. Our boy junior wants control and dominance. He has the capability to be soft and sensual but his preference is that his you completely submit to him. He absolutely has a thing for eye contact. He wants you looking at him– watching– as he goes down on you. He wants to see you when you cum, and he wants you to know damn well that it’s him getting you off. He probably really likes giving oral, honestly, mostly because he can tease you and make you beg for it. He’s the kind to tease you relentlessly until you’re so desperate for release you’re practically crying. Every time he goes down on you he puts your legs over your shoulders and has one hand on your stomach, another on your hip forcing you down so you can’t control the situation at all. When it comes to actual sex, aside from that overall dominance and control, he probably has a bit of a spanking kink. He absolutely loves fucking you from behind, one hand on your neck, almost pushing you down slightly, all the while smacking your ass every now and then. I’m also going to be honest, I think he might have a low-key daddy kink. He isn’t the typical daddy everyone thinks of– he’s the type to raw you, and then after he’s running his fingers through your hair, making sure you’re not too sore, and then he’s making you snacks and spoiling you.

Youngjae. For the most part, I think it’s your pleasure that’s the most important thing. He wants to do everything he can to make sure that he’s pleasing you exactly how you need. Because of that, he can really go either way, either submitting to you, or dominating you, but his preference is really just balance. He does like you riding him, as it gives him a sense of intimacy. He can look you in the eyes, and press sloppy kisses to your lips, and brush your sweaty hair out of your face, and after you’ve both finished he can whisper ‘I love you’ really softly with his forehead pressed against your own. I think with him, vocalization might be another thing that gets him going, as it gives him a boost of confidence and reassures him that he’s doing the right thing. He probably likes it when you call his name, or a sweet pet name, and he more than likely does the same in return.

Bambam. 10/10 I think his biggest kink is oral. If this boy could spend every waking minute between your thighs, he would. He wants to go down on you literally anywhere, all the time. He likes it when you pay the favor back of course, but he goes down on you because he wants to. He’s also the type to be into teasing, making you beg for it, subsequently, he’s also the type to overstimulate you, until you’re begging him to stop because you just can’t cum anymore. You will never get off just once with him. I believe he’d also be into public teasing, the type to touch you when no one’s looking, or try to get you off beneath the table, even if you’re at your parent’s. He’s also the type to be into public sex, if it escalates, dressing rooms, bathrooms, cars, probably even an elevator until you tell him that there’s cameras watching and it’d be /really/ bad if that footage got out.

Yugyeom. I think he’s young, and he’s probably yet to discover his true kink potential, but he’s definitely got some– he’s a hoe. He likes oral, because what guy his age doesn’t want to get sucked off? But above all I think he’s really into face fucking. At first he’d try to control himself, but halfway through the blowjob he’s just lost control, and his hands are on either side of your face, his cock is all the way down your throat, and even though the squelching noises sound disgusting to you they’re just so divine to him. (Afterwards he’d be sweet of course, and he’d rub your throat lovingly, and then really sheepishly ask if you want a halls or something. He’s also probably got a system worked out for when you can’t breathe.) He’s probably just into really rough sex, with slight dominance, anything that strokes his ego. He’s also really into hair pulling, and he’s the kind to physically put your hands in his hair. The aftercare is just as important though– the cuddles, and the pillow talk. It’s a total contrast to how he was during sex, because now he’s sweet, and whining for your attention.

"Mentally ill"

I’m so sick of trying to explain “mentally ill” to people bc my mom was all shocked and disapproving of me using that term because there’s this stigma that mental ill = psychotic or like deeply deeply depressed. I think it’s generational though. But like okay let’s talk about these semantics.

When you’re physically ill, when you’re sick, you have a number of symptoms. It might come and go. Sometimes you’re not sick at all. Some days you’re really sick. You go to the doctor if it’s really bad and they usually give you a diagnosis. And then you come up with a treatment plan and eventually it will be resolved.

When you’re mentally ill, you also have symptoms. You aren’t always mentally ill, but you have some bad days and some good ones. You get a diagnosis. You figure out how to treat it, how to cope with it.

Now, I’m not saying that just being anxious or just being depressed to a normal degree is mental illness, but I mean people like myself who have been hospitalized, on medication, in therapy, formally diagnosed, etc. although I also understand not everyone has access to resources.

There are varying degrees of feeling physically ill, from allergies to head colds to being hospitalized. The same is true of mental illness.

I view mental illness as a strength. It makes me proud to say THIS is what I’m fighting. THIS is what I’m surviving. If I had cancer I would much rather say I AM BATTLING THIS ILLNESS than “oh yeah…I just have like a few symptoms…but I’m not really sick.”

So being “mentally ill” is not pathologizing yourself unless you’re wallowing in it. And I do not wallow. I use it as a tool and an overarching term for a basic human experience. Owning my experiences with mental illness gives me strength and allows me to reach, touch, and inspire others. So no, mental illness is not just for psychopaths and scary asylum patients anymore. One of these days, hopefully, society will get that.

One of the other frustrating things about mental illness is like
You can be stable and high functioning much of the time with underlying MI
But then shit happens and it’s like HELLO BRAIN
and you’re like no wait no no that’s not rational don’t do the thing -
And then you do the thing anyway.

Here’s the other thing people don’t seem to grasp. WE REALIZE WHAT WE ARE DOING. Look it’s not like we want to overreact and be insecure and a total pain in the ass to deal with. In fact, being 110% aware of how our behavior is coming across causes a LOT of guilt and shame and embarrassment, which only makes it worse.

Since I seem to make a lot of posts about mental health trying to educate/advise people (idk who) let me just say, the best thing you can do for someone going thru an episode of whatever freaking out feels like to them… is to NOT make them feel worse by telling them that they’re overreacting or making them feel like they’re weak and thin skinned. WE ARE ALREADY TELLING OURSELVES THOSE THINGS.

Don’t tell us to calm down or disparage us or find us annoying. I mean it’s impossible sometimes but try not to. Please. Speaking as someone who is extremely put together externally most of the time, the worst thing is when something happens and I realize other people are rolling their eyes at me and I want to be like NO I PROMISE IM USUALLY COOL *desperately waves testimonials at everyone*

So that’s that. Hang in there fam. You are not annoying or thin skinned or spineless for having feelings that work against you. I love you


15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”