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Maiden Hatchell is twenty years old. He is currently enrolled at Walt University as a sophomore. Before coming to Los Angeles, you could typically find Maiden in his home town of London, England. He’s occasionally stopped on the streets for looking just like Elias Bender Rønnenfelt ’s doppelganger but he insists he resembles the Mad Hatter.

+, charming, whimsical, daring.
-, scatterbrained, uneasy, haughty.

background information;

Born with an inherited enzyme that affected the level of glucose in his body, Maiden Hatchell was never like the other children in his neighborhood. Having to watch the his blood sugar levels closely was never easy for him for he was often caught up in his own head, living fanciful daydreams while the rest of his peers had their minds more firmly rooted in reality. Mad, they called him. It was an adjective that seemed to follow him around in whispers and nothing he seemed to do could change the fact. It didn’t help when his blood sugar would drop and Maiden would have an episode. A sudden change in mood, the dilating of the pupils, confusion, delirium, shaking hands. It was enough to keep the other kids away. They weren’t sure what was the cause of it was but the children stayed away, leaving Maiden to lead a lonely childhood filled with creative ideas and whimsical dreams.

It was a lonely existence until he met a young man that changed everything. Harlan Albus. Maiden could be charming, when people took the time to look past his seemingly random fits, and Harlan did just that. Finally, Maiden had found a friend who took him under his wing and introduced him to a new circle of friends. Their friendship continued through high school. They were a rambunctious group and often found their way into trouble, but Maiden was glad to have found individuals who were all a little mad in their own ways. Things only escalated once Harlan began dabbling in drugs. Soon, Maiden was the best friend and right hand man to The White Rabbit. Though never partaking in the substance himself, afraid of how it would react with his condition, Maiden Hatchell was surrounded by a group who all loved the affects of Wonderland. Still, they were friends and he was determined to keep an eye on them.

It was an interesting time for the young man. His fits would give him delusions of his own while his friends all took trips to Wonderland. It was the same thing time and time again until one day Harlan brought a fresh face into the mix. A curious little blonde named Alice. The two hit it off immediately. They were both quirky and she saw bits of genius in him that nobody ever had before. Suddenly, his madnessfelt right. Things had never been particularly easy for him, however, and even his friendship with her had a rough patch. As she grew more and more involved with Harlan and Wonderland, Maiden worked to push her away from the drug and his best friend. He wanted to protect her from the world she was entering. After Alice’s arrest, he kept away. This was her chance to start over with a life free of Wonderland.

There was an emptiness inside him when Alice left for Walt. When she’d been at his side, it had grounded him in a way. His thoughts were still whimsical and off the wall, but Maiden was more conscious of his condition which led to fewer spells of shaking and combative behavior. With her gone, the clarity seemed to disappear as well and the young man grew more and more dark. During one of his fits, Maiden was walking down the street with pupils dilated and spouting words that only a madman could. An officer approached, concerned for not only the well-being of Maiden but of the surrounding citizens. In a daze, Hatchell lashed out, striking the policeman. He threw several punches before he was restrained. Knowing that it was jail, or an Academy in the States that seemed to have the ability to turn even the most rebellious of children into functioning members of society, Maiden was sent off to Walt.

recently played songs;

  • panic! at the disco —nicotine
  • the neighborhood — float
  • gold fields — dark again


a l i c e l i d d e l l  ➳ Alice. A curious little blonde who quickly became the stability Maiden needed in life without even knowing it. He was fiercely protective over her, desperate to keep her out of whatever plans Harlan had because he knew how disposable sellers were to the drug lord. Letting her be shipped away was one of the most difficult things he’d had to do, but Maiden knew that without Wonderland, Alice could achieve the impossible and this might be the only way to break the spell.

h a r l a n a l b u s ➳ The first one to ever look past Hatchell’s madness and form a genuine friendship with the shaking boy. They remained close throughout the years, though lately Maiden can’t help but wonder if his place is still at Harlan’s side.


Matthew Graves (33)
Occupation: Lacrosse Coach at Bingely College
Connections: Hannah Graves (sister); Dominic Sinclair, Peter Sullivan (friends); Phoebe Carlisle (crush); Levi Smith (student)
Matt Graves was hailed as one of the top lacrosse players at Bingley during his time at college, leading the team to three championships. When the former coach retired, he hand selected Matthew to replace him. Conveniently for Matt, this coincided with his sister starting school, allowing him both to return to the town he loves and keep an eye on his younger sister.
[Jared Padalecki]


Levi Smith (21) 
Occcupation: College Junior
Connections: Lydia Sinclair (best friend/crush); Neil Caplinger, Hannah Graves, Amelia Rockwood (friends); John Kampman (roommate); Matthew Graves (coach)
Though Levi’s family lives in Bingely, as his father is the president of the college, but Levi spent most of his younger years away at prep school. He attempts to downplay the fact his father is the president of Bingley College, but people very quickly figured out why the president was always at the school’s lacrosse matches, no matter what. Beyond his interest in lacrosse, Levi doesn’t have much direction in his life and scraps by with his studies in order to stay on the team.
[Evan Peters]


ZACH HARRIS is EIGHTEEN years old, and has been sent to Orangeview for DRUG ADDICTION. They look strikingly similar to JUSTIN BIEBER

✓ independent, outgoing, strong
✘ sneaky, aggressive, hot-tempered

Noticing his aggression and jumpiness, Zach’s parents decided to have him tested for ADHD. He tested positive and was prescribed drugs to help him be more relaxed and calm. The more he took, the more he became addicted to them. He constantly asked the doctor for more, but he started becoming suspicious. Zach turned to kids in his school that he knew sold drugs, but he only bought for them for so long and what he could afford. Needing a quick fix to keeping his drug supply last, Zach resorted to his last option. He decided to start raiding his parents medicine cabinet. He got by without getting caught, but his parents started to notice the missing drugs and pills. One night, when Zach was sure his parents were asleep, he went to go raid the cabinet for more drugs, but ended up getting caught by his dad. His parents talked it over and agreed to send him to Camp Orangeview to help with his addiction.



Pietro Maximoff || 24 || Heroish || Mutant


Wanda Maximoff


Bio:Pietro Maximoff is a genetically enhanced Sokovian citizen who is  capable of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds. He is the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff. The twins agree, and each end up undergoing a number of tests where they are exposed to the scepter’s energy. Out of all of the test subjects, only the Maximoffs survive. They end up joining the Avengers when they realize Ultron wants to take over the world, though they are not fully sure where their alliances lie since their parents were killed by a bit of Stark technology. He is the older twin by twelve minutes.

Face Claim:  Aaron Taylor-Johnson

35 • Empathy • Equalist Leader


Latham is a strong believer in fate: he was raised to have confidence in the fact that everything happens for a reason, which is why he didn’t hesitate when it came to leading the Equalists. While his empathy has given him even greater insight, he’s always been good at reading people and understanding their motives, making him an extremely patient person. Latham is also fair - he’ll listen to both sides and choose what’s right every time no matter how he feels - and is gentle but firm when he needs to be. He always sees the best in people which leads him to trust a little too easily, something he is aware of and knows could be dangerous given his current position.


Latham never knew his father - the man left before he was born, leaving him to be raised by a young, single mother who accepted her fiancé’s untimely departure with her head held high. Despite how hard their lives were, she firmly believed that ’everything happens for a reason’, and it was this attitude that helped him get through many hard times, including the death of his mother in a car crash when he was twenty-three.

Growing up, he always showed a great understanding of people and their motives, and because of this unique talent, he went on to study psychology after high school and became a therapist. After the fall, it was easy to for Latham to decide that he had to form a new group, known as the Equalists: the fall - mutations, deaths and disasters it brought along with it included - were meant to happen, and the reason why would reveal itself eventually. He views his particular mutation as a gift as it has given a greater insight and understanding in regards to others, allowing him to become a more effective leader in the process. He only hopes it will help him be able to convince the Rebels and Militia to make peace before it’s too late…

Tom Hiddleston • Open


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Name: Barry Allen
Secret Identity: The Flash 
Age: 25
FC: Grant Gustin

BIO: [Up to Roleplayer]


  • The disaster in Times Square has attracted many heroes from out of town, and Barry is one of them. He accompanied Cisco Ramon to New York to aid an offshoot branch of S.T.A.R. Labs in developing technology that can stop the Joker. However, when they arrived in NYC they were turned away, insisting that there is no branch of S.T.A.R. Labs at all. While his friends look into this mystery, Barry has been keeping himself busy helping out any way he can. He’s been so helpful in fact, that he’s drawn the attention of the Justice League.


  • After meeting Amanda Waller (who works for the government in some capacity; she was never really clear), Barry and Cisco are convinced that she’s hiding something. They’ve heard there’s a branch of S.T.A.R. Labs somewhere in the city and they’re determined to find it. 
  • Split time between Central City and New York.
  • As a forensic crime scene assistant he’s been a big help to the New York police, especially on recent cases involving the Penguin and Two Face. 
  • After some chance encounters with the Justice League, they’ve discovered that they fight well together, and he gets along with most of them. Wonder Woman has even asked his opinion on some missions. 
  • Awhile ago he fought with Scarlet Witch to stop a bad guy from wrecking an apartment complex, but hasn’t seen her again. 

Trevor Philips  is 36 and bears a face almost identical to Steven Ogg. He’s on the side of Villain. He is from Grand Theft Auto V. He is currently OPEN.

The Past 

“I gotta go meditate. Or masturbate. Or both.”

Trevor was born and raised in Canada. He claims he “grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful damaged flower of a mother” and has “served time, my country, your country and myself." Even as a child, he had a history of rage issues and violent impulses that ruined his attempts to fit into society. His father was abusive towards him, while his mother was overbearing and patronized him often. When he was a child, Trevor’s father abandoned him in a shopping mall, which Trevor later burned down in retaliation. Trevor also had a brother named Ryan, who died due to an unknown accident. Trevor also reveals, that he dropped out of school, which is the possible reason, why he has a lack of some basic knowledges. Later in his life, Trevor discovered that he had a talent for flying jets. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Forces to pilot fighter jets, but several days prior to completing his training, Trevor was deemed mentally unstable by the "witch” in charge of psychological evaluations, thus resulting in Trevor’s discharge and grounding for life. Trevor managed to evade the police for several years and make a new life for himself in the rural town of Sandy Shores, San Andreas. There, he founded a small criminal business with his new-found partners. The business was named Trevor Philips Enterprises, which specializes in gun smuggling and the manufacturing and selling of crystal meth.

On Earth

Player fills it in.

Their personality.

What are they like?

+ x3

- x3

The Power they possess is Anger Empowerment.


Name: Jaime Reyes
Secret Identity: Blue Beetle
Age: 21
FC: Tyler Posey

BIO: [Up to Roleplayer]


  • Jaime moved to New York with the rest of Young Justice, working under the leadership of Robin (Tim Drake) to bring the Joker down as quickly as possible. While he’s trying to stay focused on the mission, he has another worry to look into: he’s recently found evidence that The Reach, a group of aliens who had once had Jaime under their control, are looking for him and may try to capture him again. Jaime knows he and his team won’t let that happen, but the Reach is relentless and who knows what they may be planning next. 


  • Work with Young Justice to stop the attacks on the city, investigating leads into the Joker.
  • Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, has shown an interest in the scarab. Jaime knows that the relationship between Young Justice and the Avengers is still pretty shaky, but he’s warming up to him. 
  • After a chance encounter with Spiderman, the two have worked together on occasion. 
  • Investigate the Reach with Miss Martian in his spare time. He doesn’t want to make a fuss yet, but if something does show up he’ll need to notify his team ASAP.

samuel ORPINGTON | Pure Blood | between 30 and 35 | Obliviator | FC: Matt Bomer | OPEN

➤ A special note about this canonThis character is heavily involved in the plot of the roleplay. Please contact an admin for more information about their role before you apply.

➤ A special note about this canonThis character is a request for another character in the roleplay. Current members may submit an application without a history, provided they speak with the mun of Daisy Montague first. The plot will involve mature themes.

In castles of glass —

It is the year 2022, a whole twenty-five years since the defeat of He Who Must Not Be Named. A lot changes in twenty-five years. A new government, a whole new Wizarding world, an anniversary commemorating the war quickly approaches. Life is…calm, routine, normal. A hard fought and hard won peace has settled on Wizarding society, while in the background reconstructive efforts continue under the ever vigilant, ever watchful eye of the Ministry. A new Minister for Magic has been voted into office on a platform that promises to continue the work and uphold the policies of the Shacklebolt era, the once disgraced Bagnold family returns to power, but Minister Shacklebolt’s shoes –vacant now for ten years due to health problems and a wish to focus on his family– are difficult to fill. Three Ministers in the ten years since his retirement, and Wizarding England is itching for stability. 

The hunt for those loyal to the Dark Lord is over: those witches and wizards designated a threat to society’s continued interest in peace continue to serve their sentences in Azkaban Prison as war criminals. Some sentences are considerably longer than others, while others will see their release perhaps as early as the coming year. Lord Voldemort built his regime on the pillars of distrust and discrimination, anchored in violence and blood purity, but the destruction of his authority has left a legacy of confusion: wizards and witches Pureblood and Muggle Born alike struggle to forge for themselves an identity separate from the choices of their families. In the wake of peace, some will succeed. Others will not. Wizarding England and its Ministry are a very different place. In the shadows bygone sentiments and anger inevitably linger.

But it’s a new day. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been rebuilt, entrusted to the stern hand and watchful eye of its aging Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall. In the interest of safety, an Auror Outpost has been constructed by the Ministry in Hogsmeade, to better defend the students and staff, as well as the residents of the village at the base of the school. Schooling has also resumed; the professors welcome anyone willing to work hard under their tutelage. In the halls and dormitories of the castle, new faces have been put to old blood and old names and old feuds. Love, hate, magic, mystery, mischief, danger – nothing else has changed. You can’t expect anything else from a school so deeply rooted in its traditions, however unorthodox they may be. So the question must be asked: when the time comes and a choice must be made, how will you carve a name for yourself? Will you find your place amidst these pillars of history and tradition? 


anonymous asked:

Do you know why there aren`t any rpg blogs for John and Michael? I haven´t found any at least

I know,  look at those darling boys!

Honestly there’s probably not as much interest because they were only in the show for a brief time and not being in Storybrooke currently, they couldn’t interact with most characters in a canon group. 

They could interact with @askmisswendydarling though,  I’m sure she would love to have someone to play her brothers! 

Both darling boys are currently on our open character list



ON CAMPUS he’s a freshman who everyone over looks. He’s just a little guy who hasn’t made any friends yet.

WITH HIS BROTHERS he’s the house baby. He’s only been in the house for about a week. However, he finds himself growing closer to every member with each passing day. 

ALL HE NEEDS is to knock those cocky Roar Omega Roar’s down a peg. That’ll teach em to pick on the little guys.



ON CAMPUS girls fawn over him. He’s the strong, silent, and handsome type. The guys generally respect him. To the campus, he’s had a bit of a charmed life.

WITH HIS BROTHERS he’s happy - because they accept him for who he is. Johnny’s the only one who’s been there as long as he has, and he honestly doesn’t care that Chip is dyslexic or that he’s hooked up with girls and guys. After coming from a strict religious background, it’s been a huge relief for the poor guy. 

ALL HE NEEDS is to be a little more open with people - most of them would understand.