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Back in the end of March, I met Wrath IRL at my school, with my buddy San. And… As we were drinking coffee… Wrath made a pun. Sometimes, I feel like my friends often choose the most appropriate moment to make me laugh.  :3(San is represented by the Femsniper with the Hibiskus flower. Cuz she’s from New Caledonia and looooves those flowers <3)

Mystery solved!

Super cute random guy comes into the bar tonight, and asks me how my hand is doing.

Apparently, he was at the bonfire. I broke my hand falling off the back of his truck.

I seriously do love my life, lol


Top 10 Frasier Relationships (as voted by my followers)
09. Daphne Moon & Roz Doyle

“Quick, turn on your TV. My building’s on the news. Some murder-suicide thing, I’m gonna wave to you from my balcony.”

do u ever just get the overwhelming feeling that you’re no one’s best friend? sure you’re friends with some people but they’ll always pick that one person over you and so will everyone else for someone else. they might consider it maybe for a second but they won’t pick you in the end and you know it. if so hmu we can be best friends please