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Tfw a straight ship is tagged as femslash February, but gender bent (which is offensive)... like please, do you need to have your fucking rectangle up everything's ass? Why can't you just use a ship that isn't originally straight? Idk man

yeah, i’ve had a person tell me “i like f/f ships, i have this headcanon of mari being  a boy / adrien being a girl and shipping adrienette.”

i have a love/hate relationship with genderbends/genderswaps/cisswaps, and i have no interest in telling people which kinds of femslash pairings they should use to celebrate the week, but yeah i can see why a femslash version of the lovesquare can be seen as a cop out of sorts. 

it’s discouraging for me mainly because i’m the type of person whose creativity tends to take the form of stretching the bounds of canon as far as they go, which tends to take the form of multi-shipping, headcanoning queerness in certain characters, etc. and i gravitate towards people who do the same. so i guess to see people celebrate femslash in the fandom by not pushing these bounds and instead just…..genderbending the main het pairing in the show disappoints me. and yeah it feels like a cheat almost. 

fandom is meant for you to take canon and meld it how you want, so i can never be in the position to shame people for what they do, even if i don’t agree with it. but i share your frustrations over things like that, and i kindly ignore and choose not to associate with content like that which personally makes me feel less than stellar. 

best course of action when you see things that bother you like that isn’t to attack and lash out, but to supplement your own creations to fill in the gap you feel. or at least that’s what tends to make me feel better about being in this space. 

sorry you’re feeling annoyed. i hope that some of the other femslash content being produced for the fandom will help lift up your spirits :)

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Tbh people are so negative about genderbends and it’s like… Chill…

As a trans person I see absolutely no harm in it. It’s just a bit of fun to wonder what someone would look like if they were more stereotypically masculine/feminine or whatever.

And I actually really rely on genderbends for cosplaying cause as a trans guy I find it really hard to present myself as a feminine/female character sometimes, so if I can genderbend that character and make them more masculine than that really helps.

It’s literally all a bit of harmless fun that I think a lot of people take too seriously?

But that’s just my opinion and I want to hear more about other people’s just to see what their arguments are and stuff and then see where I stand

So I had a thought about Female!Tony Stark. I’ve noticed that a lot of fan-artists draw her with the arc reactor HIGHER on her chest. And like…why? If Tony were a female before his incident, it would still have to go in the same place; in the center of the chest. That means that a Female!Tony would probably have damage to her breasts, and depending on the size may even have to have more surgery to accommodate the reactor. But, really…she wouldn’t be able to have cleavage. Like, at all.