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Strong desire to read your yelling about why n52 Tim is Bad

So to start– as a character, why n52 Tim is bad as a representation of Tim is because he’s selfish (Tim is loyal), was never Robin (that was an enormous part of Tim’s character AND the Batman Universe) and he’s flat as a character (Tim evolved and grew so much). + a bunch of other issues I have with him and the way people treat him and interact with him but that’s not the point of this.  

But my theory for that, plot-wise, in-story, however you want to phrase it– is because it’s not… actually… Tim? 

Essentially, when the universe reset, everyone kind of got shifted over one slot. Everyone’s essence got transferred from one universe to another and that got used as the building block for who they are in the new universe. Except, Tim’s, for some reason, didn’t get the memo everyone was jumping ship. They pulled one big cosmic Home Alone on Tim, somehow. 

So there was just this big ~Tim Drake Shaped Gap~ in the universe blueprints for the N52/Rebirth universes. So the Cosmic Powers That Be were kinda like “lol o shit what do we do we kinda need a tim drake in here somewhere” and kind of reshaped the life of the next best “Tim Drake” understudy they could find. 

Which happened to be a dark haired, blue eyed prodigy kid who lived in Gotham, with rich parents and a craving for heroics. (I call him Nathan.) So when he fucks up trying to play hero and has to go into witness protection, he’s given the name Tim Drake and falls into Batman’s hands and the universe powers are like: 

So it explains why he’s similar looking, why he acts kind of like Tim but he’s missing some of those crucial characteristics, why his real name isn’t even Tim Drake, why he’s just a little bit Tim but not quite right.

And because I love death and dying, I decided to try to coherently flesh all of this out so I could write a fic where The Actual Tim Drake comes back instead of Tim_Drake_2.exe and is like “guys what the actual fuck”.