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Dylan never ever talked about his crushes with his friends? This is kinda sad, you know. He wouldn't trust anyone to tell such a simple thing.

Yes. According to Devon, Dylan never felt comfortable on the topic of girls. However, you could tell when he was attracted to someone on how he looked at them or acted around them, but Dylan never confessed it to any of his friends.

I think it’s because Dylan viewed love as something that should happen between two people, and by parading it around and telling everyone it would make it less meaningful. “Love is more valuable than anything I know…I hate those who choose to destroy a love, who take it for granted.” 

Plus given Dylan’s male dynamic in his group of friends and how they viewed women as, he felt like they wouldn’t understand the depths of what it is to be in love. Therefore, there was no need to tell them. For example, Eric only viewed his crushes as people that could potentially get him laid. You could tell when he makes a check list of things he has to do before NBK and he puts “get laid” as one of them. And plus how he talks to his friends about his crushes. 

Eric’s Friend: “what do you mean by ‘yeah’? I know you want to tap that [Brandi].”

Eric: “Well, yeah. ‘Cus most people would.” 

Have you ever had a crush on someone even when you know it would never happen but you’re constantly drawn to them? Everything from their smile to the sound of their laughter that brings light to the darkest places, or the way words roll of their tongue as if it’s a spoken lullaby. Yet, it’s more than that, it’s the similarities that keep you thinking that maybe in another time or world, just maybe there would be a chance. Just maybe.


How long do you have before whoever you’re crushing on is a lost cause if they don’t already like you back?
••• Look at your crushes signs •••

Cardinal Signs (Check Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and 7th)
• Aries: Decides the moment they meet you if they like you, but they may also change their mind later… like after you guys fuck 🙃. Confuses love with lust, so watch out.
• Cancer: Decides after 30 years. You’ve gotta be determined as hell… but ultimately, if you give them attention and make them feel loved.. it’s in the bag. However, if they’re given reason to distrust you before liking you, you’re 100% out. Usually doesn’t go for people who they believe to be “higher” than they are, so if you’re the Jock going after the shy Cancer Venus girl, she’s not gonna believe your motives are pure for shit. Go hit a Pisces Venus up with that ish.
• Libra: Changes their mind often. Can easily be deterred. Often will like someone JUST cause they like them back. Like Cancer, these people tend to love due to the attention.
• Capricorn: Either likes you or doesn’t. Meets you and immediately tags you as smash or pass. After that, it’s all about how you speak to their soul. They’re the type that’ll fuck you on the first date but won’t kiss you in public until they decide you’re trustworthy and have shit going for you – or you’re worth their time. Likes people who will boost their status more, whether they’re attractive or know lots of people.

Fixed Signs:
• Taurus: They’ll take a long time to decide, but the moment they do, they’re dead set. They’ll go after you until the end of time. “Fling” isn’t in their vocabulary.
• Leo: Like Cancer and Libra, these people thrive off of attention, and will often start liking you simply due to the attention given to them. However, they also desire the social ranking, attractiveness, and positivity in a partner, much like Capricorn. They want to know they’ll not only be treated like a Queen, but will become closer to being one as well.
•Scorpio: They meet you: Smash or Pass. They’ll chase you, so often enough you don’t have to worry about it. Sexual as shit and generally flirtatious, it can be hard to know if you’re the “one” they’re talking to. They often chase several people at once. If you want them, challenge them.
•Aquarius: Appeal to their mind. Good conversation is key. Listen. Prove you care about people. Prove you’re intelligent. First impressions aren’t everything, but they sure do help. Adventures, fun-loving. These people are the definition of “idrc about looks…”

Mutable Signs:
• Gemini: Look at Aquarius. It’s the same. However, communication is more key than people. They want to be with someone they can learn from. Teach them. Let them teach you. If there is no learning, there is no love.
• Virgo: Same as Gemini, except with Aquarius’s love of people and without their acceptance of anyone and everyone. If you have no future, they don’t fwu. They need attractive people, like Capricorn.
• Sagittarius: Aquarius to a T. Also needs someone creative and willing to get fucked up with them, tbh.
• Pisces: Appeal to their creativity. Make them feel special. They love attention but love support even more. Often, just by loving them they love you… however, their high expectations can cause problems when you don’t live up to them… Prince(ss) Charming is hard to obtain, so good thing she/he thinks everyone they meet is him/her.

Girls Like Girls 💖 A Crush Playlist

Stop Desire // Tegan and Sara | Crush // Sleigh Bells | Hang Out With You // Mary Lambert | Sleepover // Hayley Kiyoko | Say My Name (feat. Zyra) // ODESZA | Make Out // Julia Nunes | 2Shy // Shura | Closer // Tegan and Sara | Closer to You // Brandi Carlile | Saturday // Rachael Cantu | I Want To Hold Your Hand // T.V. Carpio | Girls Like Girls // Hayley Kiyoko | Checking My Pulse // Alix Olson | Dontcha // The Internet | Tongue Tied // Shura

People love in different ways. Some text you a love poem at 3 am. Some send you funny pictures on instagram. Some prefer hugs and cuddles, and some demonstrate how much they care by giving you flowers.

Relationships are about finding the person who loves the way you prefer, might it be a kiss on the forehead or a cheerleader at every game.

Love is about compatability between your wants and what the other gives.

—  What I’ve learned these past two years. Via smiling-is-for-the-sad
It’s getting better now, less butterflies more comfort. We can talk more easily, make eye contact more easily, and all I wanna do is be around you. But don’t get me wrong I still get excited over small conversations and smiles and eye contact, just not so nervous. It’s nice. I don't want it to go away.
—  1:18

I recently read the books for the hundredth time and I had an unexpected crush on Oliver Wood. I only thought he was this serious Quidditch-obsessed guy during Harry’s young years. He is in fact so much more; touching and hilarious, determined and stubborn. He’s also very loyal, my heart skipped a beat when he was mentioned among the many former students who come to fight for the Battle of Hogwarts. I also see him as another important figure to Harry’s future role as Quidditch Captain.