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I’ll always encourage the reckless texts confessing your feelings. The kind where you throw your phone after hitting send.

I’ll always encourage the horribly straightforward conversations at 3am when conversations get deep and you can’t always put how you feel into words.

I’ll always encourage you to say the things that make your heart beat fast and your legs shake.

Because i know how alive you feel when you feel something for someone else.

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The Sex God is Sick

Can u write something where your bf is sick and all cuddly and cute and stuff (:

Imagine: ‘Ah-choo!’ [y/c] had the most adorable sneeze you had ever heard. You were both currently snuggled up under the covers of his bed watching the latest romantic comedy. He had a cold and although it felt mean to be admitting it, you kinda liked being able to play doctor. Plus, he was shirtless thanks to his fever.

>‘Bless you’, you whispered to him. [y/c] rolled over under the covers to face you and the sight of his cute, reddened nose almost made you sigh. You felt his forehead again to check how his fever was going. He pouted, not enjoying the constant attention. ‘You’re still really hot [y/c].’

>’I can’t help it babe, I really just am insanely hot,’ he winked. His voice had this husky note to it from the cold and it was honestly driving you crazy to be this close to him and unable to kiss those lips of his—even if they were chapped. You had initially come over today to confess your feelings for him once and for all, but upon seeing him in this sick state you had to stay and take care of him. The two of you had been close for a while now, and you needed to know if he felt the same way.

>’Of course you are,’ you rolled your eyes, trying to focus on the movie again. He feigned hurt.

>’I am!’ he insisted, poking you in the side to get your attention. You smirked in response. ‘I know you want me [y/n].’

>’You wish!’ you stuck out your tongue. The movie was all but forgotten by this point. [y/c]’s eyes twinkled with mischief. He turned back to the movie in silence, and so did you. A few minutes later you felt a finger trailing delicately up from your wrist to your arm. It continued up your neck until it reached your cheek. You remained perfectly still. [y/c] traced your jawline and then his finger came dangerously close to your lips. You tilted your head up to welcome this, but abruptly it stopped, and the finger was gone. You sighed. Moments later the finger returned, and began tracing your lips with a feather light touch. You turned to face [y/c], who had suddenly moved extremely close to you. His lips were suddenly so much more inviting than his fingertip, and you couldn’t look away. Noticing this, [y/c] licked his lips and smirked. ‘I knew you couldn’t resist me.’

>’Hmm whatever you say,’ you couldn’t look away from them. [y/c] leaned closer—just a little closer and—he stopped.

>’Admit that you want my body,’ he grinned.

>’No.’ you were too stubborn sometimes.

 >’Fine,’ [y/c] feigned a blank look before he jumped into action. He leaped on top of you and began tickling the life out of you. He knew all of your weak spots and you were helpless. Four minutes of torture later, [y/c] paused. ‘Ready to admit your burning desire for me yet?’ You thought about it.

>’NEVER!,’ you shouted. And with that you rolled off the bed, bringing a shirtless [y/c] down on top of you. He sucked in a breath of air, and you felt his toned abs press into you. You were both in that awkward, cliché position where you were stuck staring into each others eyes- wondering if the other would make a move. If only [y/c] liked you back, you thought. Suddenly, [y/c] lowered his head down to yours until your noses were touching. This close, you could see the tiny freckles sprinkled across his nose. You could see the flecks of gold swimming in his green eyes. You could see his pupils dilating with lust. And in them, you could see the moment he decided to risk everything and kiss you. His kiss was eager yet careful, and you kissed him back instantly. [y/c]’s hands were on both sides of you, holding himself up so that you didn’t have to bear his weight. The kiss was getting heated fast, when [y/c] paused. ‘Does this mean you’ll admit—‘

>—[y/c] I love you, okay. Yes, you are insanely hot, yes I want your body, and yes I have a burning desire for you,’ you stated. [y/c] looked both pleased and shocked. ‘Now shut up and kiss me.’

Bus Stop Bliss

Heyyyy could you do an imagine where you see your crush every Friday in the bus at the end of the day, idk like you don’t even know his name and you just know he’s cute (btw it’s winter so why not a winter thing like he sees you shivering at the bus station or whatever) sorry for being precise haha ! Have a good day love and thank you xx ~ wildlystyles


It was Friday afternoon—your favourite time of the week—and not just because of the weekend. You sat on the school bus home, nervous and excited all at once. You were barely focusing on the beautiful snowy weather and the twinkling Christmas decorations lighting up houses outside the window. You were nearly there. You felt his presence before you saw him. Your stomach erupted into butterflies at the mere sight of him; tousled hair, woolen scarf, and an adorably pink nose from the cold. If only you could put a name to that godly face of his, but of course you were to shy to make eye contact with him, let alone talk to him. He is gorgeous, you think, too gorgeous for you. All the girls in the bus sighed dreamily upon his much anticipated entry. You could have sworn that at least half of them only caught the bus on Fridays to see him. He ducked down to step up onto the aisle due to his impressive height. He had to be well over 6 foot, and with his slender yet muscular build, he could easily pass as an Abercrombie model. He fixed his brown-eyes down the aisle, scanning for something—or someone. It was then that it occurred to you that this was the first time you’d ever been abandoned by your friend [f/n] on Friday afternoons. She had caught a cold from this bone-chilling winter weather. The empty seat next to you was an obvious reminder of her absence, but you were clearly otherwise occupied by awaiting this beautiful boy’s arrival. The beautiful boy who… was currently staring at you with his warm brown eyes. You felt queasy, but stared back in a mixture of disbelief and happiness. He grinned- making his eyes crinkle around the edges with laughter lines, and began striding towards your seat. You were sure your cheeks were on fire by the time [y/c] reached your seat on the bus. He grabbed the back of it.

> ‘Is this seat taken?’ Oh my. He was British. And his voice was lower and sexier than you had ever imagined. Your jaw dropped.

>’Ye-s, I mean no!’ you stuttered. ‘Myfriendusuallysitstherebutshesnotheretoday’ you told him in one complete breath. You mentally facepalmed yourslelf.

>[y/c]’s lips quirked up into a smirk. ‘Is that so?’ You nodded frantically.

>’Well in that case, mind if I take a seat?’

>’Sure,’ you tried to sound nonchalant. In reality, you were struggling to breathe due to the proximity of this god. His smell was to die for.

>’I’m [y/c] by the way,’ he told you casually- as if you hadn’t been wondering about his name it forever.

>’[y/n].’ You offered him your hand to shake. He took you by utter surprise when he gently gripped your hand with both of his and brought it to his lips. He kissed your hand tenderly, all the while looking at you with this smoldering look in his eyes.

>’Its lovely to finally speak to you [y/n],’ he winked. HE WINKED AT YOU.

>You felt lightheaded and turned to face the window and watch the snow fall. The neighbourhood around you was growing all too familiar, and you realized with dread that it was nearly your stop. The pair of you sat in silence until the bus rolled to a heart-shattering stop in your street. ‘It was nice meeting you [y/c],’ you said, forcing yourself to stand. He stood up too and stepped out into the aisle to let you past. ‘Thanks.’

>’Until next time, [y/n].’ You began walking towards the exit, all the while feeling his stare burn holes into your back. Stepping out into the cold, windy air, you regretted- not for the first time that day- wearing a flimsy shirt and no jacket. It was cold. You were about to cross the road when you noticed a figure chasing after you, calling your name. Your heart leapt at that British accent and you turned to [y/c] in shock. He had removed his scarf and now held it out to you.

‘Here, take this,’ he insisted.

>’T-thanks, but I’m almost home.’

>’Please, [y/n] I couldn’t live with myself if you got sick from the cold when I had the chance to change that,’ he begged. That accent is too hot.

>’Okay thanks,’ you smiled shyly, taking the scarf. ‘I really appreciate this [y/c].’ You pulled him into an embrace as thanks, and he rested his head beside your ear. He tenderly pulled a few strands of hair away from it so that you could hear his next whispered words.

>’Oh, its my pleasure [y/n]. Besides, now I have an excuse to see you again.’

Crushing on people is so hard.
You go from thinking they’re cute to borderline obsessing over them.
And then, to make it not seem as weird, you call it love.
Except that you can’t be in love at someone.
And you barely know anything about them, really, so being in love with them isn’t all that possible either.
Then, maybe you message them and they message you back.
Maybe you become friends.
What then?
They’re still hundreds of miles away, or they’re still in a relationship with someone, or they’re still so much older/younger than you that you feel guilty every time you look at them.
The internet has made having a crush on someone so much easier.
And yet, so much more deadly.

The signs when they are crushing on you

Aries: shows off more than usual, is energetic and lively in your presence, wants to tell you all about themselves, acts quickly

Taurus: will organize for you to hang out, be shy around you but bursts with emotions and happiness on the inside, very upfront about it

Gemini: anxious and shy, might stutter or have trouble expressing themselves properly, will ask you a lot about yourself, will agree with you a lot

Cancer: a glance across the room, a flirty text but everything so subtle you won’t be able to tell. loads of compliments and they’ll cheer you on

Leo: charming, dresses nicer, touches hair a lot, compliments all the time, will probably just tell you that they are interested

Virgo: extra nice to you, always wanting to talk but extremely nervous and over thinks everything you say, will be quiet around you

Libra: presents their best qualities, flirty, will shower you with compliments and be much more aware of their looks and what they say to you

Scorpio: might stalk you, try to get your attention by walking in front of you, stares a lot and asks others about you, it’s very obvious if they like you

Sagittarius: will invite you out, be loud with their friends but shy around you, will engage conversation a lot but expects you to make the first move

Capricorn: will be very shy, quiet and nervous around you. they won’t know how to approach you, will gather loads of information about you before getting the courage to talk to you, is helpful and gives you advice

Aquarius: will want to be your best friend, talks about you with their friends and family, will be very helpful and nice to you, acts like they don’t like you, smiles a lot

Pisces: will daydream about you and imagine scenarios, speaks highly of you, might touch you a lot, and be very positive and happy whenever you are around