misc: crushes

The signs with crushes
  • Aries: wants a boy/girlfriend but is unsatisfied with everyone they meet
  • Taurus: over friendly which lowkey scares their crush
  • Gemini: punny and attracts with them cuteness and weird thumbs
  • Cancer: too shy to do anything so watches from afar
  • Leo: 24/7 with da bois, then goes back for seconds
  • Virgo: watches from a distance which turns into accidentally staring them down - gets weird fast
  • libra: could flirt with a lemon if they wanted too
  • Scorpio: thinks that if their crush looks at them they’re dating
  • Sagittarius: doesn’t wanna commit but is probably the best flirter (as in the most normal when talking to their crush)
  • Capricorn: no thanks
  • Aquarius: really wants a boy/girlfriend but knows no boundaries
  • Pisces: is talking to the entire city at the same time and can't pick which crush they like the most
the signs as boys you fall in love with

Aries: charismatic and good looking. the one who you were proud of. he reminds you of first dates and good times.

Taurus: relaxed and soft spoken. the one you looked up to. he reminds you of lazy afternoons and coffee beans.

Gemini: funny and curious. the one you explored with. he reminds you of vacations and new experiences.

Cancer: comfortable and handsome. the one you knew was perfect. he reminds you of old books and candles.

Leo: confident and proud. the one you believed in. he reminds you of unbridled passion and wild adventures.

Virgo: cute and clumsy. the one who needed you. he reminds you of long hugs and holding hands.

Libra: easy-going and pleasant. the one who made you laugh. he reminds you of funny jokes and summer days.

Scorpio: captivating and mysterious. the one who had you hooked. he reminds you of wild emotions and rainy nights.

Sagittarius: gentle and unafraid. the one who showed you the world. he reminds you of warm winds and starry nights.

Capricorn: smart and responsible. the one who knows your secrets. he reminds you of blankets and hoodies.

Aquarius: independent and honest. the one who accepted you. he reminds you of school and success.

Pisces: creative and artistic. the one who understood you. he reminds you of red wine and paintings.

But everytime I lay my eyes on you my heart quakes and my lips curve into a smile and my palms start to shake. And everytime we talk my heart flutters and my lungs hurt from the laughter and my soul feels so damn happy. Everytime we touch my heart stops and palms sweat and my teeth dig into my lips. If all that isn’t love, then I don’t know what the fuck love is.

there’s this girl
brave, smart, beautiful
and I’d give her anything she dreamed of

I’d stay up and watch her sleep
the rise and fall of her chest
the place where I sometimes think my heart beats

I’d go up to the heavens and ask for the stars
because she deserves to be crowned with starlight and moondust
because the stardust that created us burns in her so much it’s blinding

there’s this girl
a warrior, a queen, a whirlwind
and she’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of

—  is this how it feels to fall? by abby S
the signs as guys i've had a crush on
  • ARIES: the fighter. has a strong and energetic aura, determined look in his eyes. the ambitious one who won’t stop until he reaches his goal. constantly on the move, whether it be changing schools, moving homes, or traveling. coarse and aggressive on the outside, but is truly protective and caring of his friends on the inside. always up for a debate, and won’t take no for an answer.
  • TAURUS: the gentleman. has rather soft and round features. sweet, polite, and shy. the kind of boy you wanna take home to meet your parents. the one you never notice until he brushes his hair out of his face, because that’s when you realize how damn attractive he is. self-motivated and goal oriented, but rarely speaks about himself. humble.
  • GEMINI: the playboy. devilish grin, twinkle in his eye. fun-loving. the type of guy who texts you asking about homework, but diverts the conversation to asking you about your love life. he’ll compliment you, woo you, but leave you hanging. a flirtatious guy who loves to keep you on your toes, but will disappear the moment you reciprocate his attention.
  • CANCER: the sweetheart. baby-faced, dreamy eyes, amazing teeth. the kind of guy who’ll compliment you on anything and everything. wants to make you feel good, wants to see you smile. the kind of guy who, at times, takes care of others more than himself, because he knows how it feels to be left alone in the dark. can be sensitive and emotional, so there will be no such thing as “too much” reassurance.
  • LEO: the lover. passionate and competitive gaze, attractive smile. spiky hair. loves to be in love, craves your attention. despite his confidence, he can be just as needy and insecure as any other guy once he is comfortable with you. enjoys light and humorous conversations - will always tease you just to get a reaction. will always want to be physically close to you.
  • VIRGO: the adult. a clean, tidy look. stern and serious gaze, often immersed in his own little bubble rather than paying attention to his surroundings. looks extremely attractive in glasses. most of the time, is very booksmart - but can also come off as condescending. past that demeanor, he's the type of guy who'll show you that he cares by helping you out. a practical, grounded and sensible guy.
  • LIBRA: the sweet-talker. attractive voice, charming smile. humorous, flirty, and curious. loves to hear you talk about yourself - asks a lot of questions. enjoys adventures and romantic dates, and will always be willing to make time for you even when he’s busy. the kind of guy who loves to have a good time - you’ll find him destressing at a concert or a local bar at the end of the week.
  • SCORPIO: the soulmate. piercing stare that’ll make your heart want to beat out of your chest. loud laugh. will always be intense in one way or another. once he has his eyes set on you, he won’t stop until he has you. devoted, passionate and hard-working. the jealous type, but does not often show it due to his overwhelming amount of pride. will do anything and everything he can to show you that he cares for you.
  • SAGITTARIUS: the child at heart. a child-like, juvenile persona. nice build, usually muscular and fit. the kind of guy who’ll make jokes at all times - even when it may be inappropriate to do so. loves to flirt with you, wants to take you on adventures. will always make you laugh. the kind of guy who likes to live in the present. open-minded.
  • CAPRICORN: the rock. cold and intimidating stare. usually extremely sexy and alluring, but unapproachable. may be quiet, reserved and unwilling to socialize at first - but once you break down his walls, you’ll realize how much of a gem he is. great sense of humor, although not everyone understands it. hard-working and mature for his age. will always make sure you’re comfortable and secure with him. the kind of guy you can always rely on and come home to.
  • AQUARIUS: the lonewolf. charismatic stare, sexy voice, quirky fashion sense. usually very well-spoken and intelligent. loves to have philosophical talks with you. has quite a lot of friends, but likes to spend most of his time alone. the kind of guy who fluctuates between giving you all the attention in the world to completely shutting himself out. complicated, but worth it once you have him figured out.
  • PISCES: the romantic. messy hair, sleepy eyes, feminine features. the kind of guy who runs late to class more often than not. is extremely shy and may be insecure about himself, but loves to please you. may be afraid to approach you at first, but is a total chatterbox and goofball once he opens up to you. usually the designated driver, and is more than willing to take care of his loved ones.

Patton: logan…. Do you… Want a hug?

Logan: Patton that is very considerate of you to ask actually I would accept a hug.

Patton: *hands him a hug* good because staying hydrated is important!

Logan: oh,um, yes indeed it is.

~next day~

Patton: Lo, where are you? *sees logan reading in his unicorn onesie* awww logan you are so cute i just wanna give you a kiss!

Logan: *blushing* w-what

Patton: *hands him a kiss* Its chocolate!!!!!!

Logan: oh….thanks

~next day~

Patton: *pokes logan with his cup*

Logan: yes patton? What is it now?

Patton: Logan, I have a crush on you.

Logan: *sigh* let me guess, you are holding an orange crush?

Patton: uhh? no? this is Dr. Pepper.




Logan:….wait what