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Bones Hiatus Challenge | Day 1
↳ Grossest body find/remains OR moment that scared you shitless

There are way too many gross bodies/moments on Bones for me to choose something for this category, so I’m going with moment that scared you shitless, because that one is crystal clear. Nothing on Bones had ever freaked me out as much as Brennan’s nightmare in S11 finale. All of Brennan’s nightmares have been pretty horrible, and the latest finale especially offered terrifying scenes, but the one that caused me to pause for a moment and collect myself was the one at the very beginning of the episode. And I doubt I will ever be able to watch this scene without feeling absolutely shaken. Bravo, show.


I’m having so much fun daily vlogging, guys. This one is hilarious!! Partner acro yoga. Watch iiiit, like iiiit, love iiiiit, talk soon <3

It is here, it is queer, and it is ready for 2015! May I present to you, the 2015 MOVIE AND TV CHALLENGE!

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Inspired by the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, please do not steal and claim it as yours.