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Do you have any tips on making friends? I never know what to say or what to talk about.

i just answered something similar to this but i’m happy to provide some conversation starters or topics!

  • did you see the last episode of (x) / do you watch (x)
  • have you ever though about getting a tattoo?
  • talk about SNL or diss trump or something. u don’t wanna be friends with people who support the Orange Man
  • do you have the homework for (x) / do you know when the next exam is? / do you wanna make a study group?
  • what’s your hogwarts house?
  • look up facts about platypus. share ur knew knowledge with people (one time a guy harassed me 4 my number & then i gave his number to my friend so he started texting this creep pretending to be from a daily platypus fact subscription and sent him random facts every single day. the facts just got stranger and less true. to this day i have never seen something so beautiful)
  • if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
  • if you need some new music to, check out (x) album
  • point out something you have in common (i.e. if you have the same pair of shoes, if they have a bernie pin and naturally you love bernie too, if they have a book you like)
  • pretend to (or purposely) forget a pen or paper so you have to ask the person next to you to borrow some
  • compliment their outfit/hair/handwriting/face/soul
  • actually just share your extended knowledge of harry potter. they will be very impressed i’m sure
  • sing high school musical. u’ll find ur tru friends there
  • talk about the latest political fiasco (that shouldn’t be hard with america literally screwing something up every 20 minutes) or award show or some other current event
  • tag them in enough memes and they’ll either love you or hate you
  • seriously tho just start by asking basic questions  (related to school/work/social) and then expand - ask them how classes are going or what they’ve been up to. conversations will flow once the stone is rolling

these gems are new rebels that were never on my original blog!  They’re allied with the Starbrights and available for ask/rp but aren’t as stationary as the SBs!!    Up on top is Atlantisite and under her is Red Star of David Spinel (SOD Spinel? or just Star Spinel)

Feel free to ask either or both of them questions! or even the other gems !!

These are from 16 August 2014

Twitter doodles

“Look at this Tamaki Kaito, don’t u feel like punching his face?”

“I don’t think any binder will work so strong against Mei’s rack. Sorry Mei, u can’t be Haruhi.”

“Miku is a possible Haruhi. And the twin Hitachiin Kagamine at the background www.”

“Vocaloid Ouran Hostess Club. Len is there because of many reasons. Don’t ask.”

“I have developed quick headcanon of the plot. Kai becomes servant > then becomes host > get popular > jelly Mei.”

Lol. She bullies him just so he pays attention to her.

anonymous asked:

Do yyou ever get anon hate? If so how do you deal with it?

I’m so glad to say that I have hardly had ANY hate. I think one person called me a fake bitch once and I just literally laughed so hard. You know those cheesy commercials on ABC Family that say ‘delete it’ when you see cyberbullying or any hate? Yeah, I agree completely. I don’t understand why people find the need to publish responses to dumbass gray faces who feel the need to cowardly hide behind the anon option. The only times I have ever said anything to any hate is when I have the opportunity to educate the hater. I pride myself in being a nice person because I sometimes cannot physically be mean. Maybe I’m lazy, but I find it exhausting to be hurtful and I’d rather be cheerful and happy. Anyway, I delete it or say something worth saying. I don’t really fret over any of it because really, ~mean people~ over the internets aren’t worth my time.