idc anymore i’m writing this. this is basically the situation in my eyes.

i’ve been talking to abiort since november. idk the exact date ok.

we were serious for months only a week after we started talking. and when we were on skype waaaay back, he mentioned courtney, saying she was sending him nudes and making posts about how him and her were together. i spoke to her through tumblr yesterday after finding out about all of this shit abiort and sabrina (theobliviation) have apparently “made up” to make bankn0tes jealous and get her to leave him alone. personally, i don’t believe it was pretending.

bankn0tes also told me that abiort and her were going out and idk when exactly this was. but when courtney saw a post including sabrina and him saying they loved eachother, she confronted him about it. then he got mad and blah blah blah

i found this out yesterday, after i talked to sabrina. she said they were going out and everything since a week ago. after talking to him for 5 months and that he was going to go see her next week. he then said that he was going to come see me next week to show me he was telling the truth, and me and him were meant to meet on the 7th and 8th of july. abiort has been texting my friend today to try and make me believe he was never going out with courtney or sabrina while me and him were talking and still isn’t. he’s also told me today that sabrina thought i was one of courtney’s friends, so she therefore carried on with the “game” that him and sabrina were going out.

i am so so so confused right now and i just wanted to make this post to tell the people involved in this what i’ve been told. tumblr is just a bitchy site. and i’ll admit i’ve bitched on here once. yet i’ve never sent hate to anyone. i just need to hear sabrina and courtney’s point of view. so if you could tell me if any of this is wrong or whatever, please do. thanks, andrea.

anonymous asked:

Male friends you've made of tumblr, write a little description of them please :)

Um Nick - he’s lovely, always there when i need someone to talk to, can always make me smile.
Chav (Nath) - funny, lovely, sarcastic, a wee qt and a chav.
Kiernan - lovely and can make me smile.
Abiort - amazing person to talk to, funny, lovely, absolute beaut. 
Luke - he’s just amazing, can’t really describe him.
Harry - gorgeous and lovely, thinks he’s funny but really isn’t. 

they’re all fab and i love them x