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Grumpy’s Sketchbook - Haven Edition part 1



  • Best friend
  • Can be scary but they’re just a big cat
  • Sleeps and eats a lot
  • Collects cute things (our room is full)
  • Bandaids never come off?
  • It’s so quiet when they’re not here…


  • Scary when mad
  • Is mad a lot nowadays…
  • Where did they go?
  • Something is wrong. they won’t talk about it.
  • I miss dressing up with them…


  • Cute
  • They’re nice, but shy
  • Remind me of flowers


  • Hasn’t been around for a while…
  • They’re funny.
  • I kind of miss them being around
  • It’s not fair they got their own room though!!


  • Scary…
  • After all this time they still scare me.
  • I think they might ACTUALLY be a demon
  • Must be behaving when here…
  • I don’t see why NC likes them so much.

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I’ve been kind of doing some self study on European history, and have taken a particular interest in Prussia. (I’m reading a whole bunch of really cool books on it!) Considering I’m drawing a lot of France suggests otherwise though, huh? (France is the next country I plan to tackle though.)

Anyway, random sketches, a character study, and rough doodling. I’m still in that “limbo” between how I want the character to look, and how comfortable I actually am at drawing them. It hasn’t quite come together for me yet. Also, I get so bored drawing in just certain styles, I have to go and do others every so often…

France is very pretty, yes? (No joke though. Even after more than a decade of having visited Paris I can still remember that feeling of awe~~!)♥

Tsukista TV Ep 6 Summary Notes

This last episode of Tsukista TV focused on Tomotsune Yuuki, who plays Shun, and Doi Kazumi, who plays Kai. (I can’t help but notice that Blue Moon beer logo on the side of the bar in the above screencap lol). These Tsukista TV episodes were a lot of fun to watch, and it gave us more insight into the actors’ lives and personalities. Also, the Tsukiusa Taisou will be stuck in my head forever… I still haven’t written anything for the first episode yet, but that should be posted next week. I’ll put links to all 6 of my episode posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc. page once I’m finished. Thanks for reading!

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Tsukista TV Ep 1 Summary Notes

This was the first episode of Tsukista TV which aired on 4/5/17. It focused on Kiyama Ryuu, who plays Kakeru, and Yokoo Lui, who plays Koi. These guys in Six Gravity talk a lot faster and talk over each other more than Procella, so sorry if I missed some things. With this post, I’ve finished writing notes for all six episodes. I know I skipped over this episode initially, but thanks for waiting for me to get around to it! You can find links to the other summary posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc page, but if you’re on mobile and can’t view it, I made a text post with links to each as well.

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