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Hi!! Can you recommend your favorite accounts about Narnia?

Hey there! I have loads of favorite Narnia blogs (in fact I think basically all Narnia blogs are amazing) so it’s really hard to decide on just a few blogs to share with you. I’ve decided to talk about the blogs I’ve had the honor of getting to know/really admire, but know that I love all the Narnia blogs that I’m following! (And also there are so many blogs I love that I’m probably forgetting to mention but I can’t remember them right now oops.)

@lucypcvensie​ ➤ Not only is Eysha’s blog full of wonderful Narnia content, she’s such a sweet and caring person. She’s super fun to talk to and is a great encourager. I love the edits she makes, especially her moodboards, and the posts she reblogs often make their way to my queue.

@nylonsandlipstick@tumnusses@spookysusan​  ➤ I’ve put these three people together because I consider them the “Golden Trio” of the Tumblr Narnia fandom. Nina, Isa, and Lala all make beautiful edits and gifs and have so much skill in making such pretty things! They’re all nice and friendly people and are really good at explaining their own opinions in a polite yet firm way.

@rhindons​ ➤ Niki has so many wonderful Narnia gifs and she also does this really creative Narnia cooking project that I haven’t seen anyone do before. She also posts some cute and funny non-Narnia content, but no matter what she posts, I enjoy seeing it on my dash!

@sheisthehighqueen​ ➤ Though Lydia’s been pretty busy these past few months, I definitely recommend following her blog! She somehow can find the time to make some really gorgeous Narnia/PJO crossover edits. Honestly all her edits are beautiful.

@scarletgalaxy​ ➤ Jas’ blog is amazing. She makes all types of Narnia content, from edits to gifts to crossovers, all of which are beautiful and well crafted. Her blog also includes a few other fandoms, but the main one is Narnia. Jas is a great person to talk to and she explains things very well.

@highqueenlucy​ ➤ Mainly Narnia, but involving a few other fandoms, Clarice’s blog and edits are stunning. She has some really beautiful gifsets that look like they took forever to make. She’s a wonderful person, always friendly and patient.

@pensivethejust​ ➤ Lloyd has a roleplay blog where his muse is Edmund Pevensie. Not only are his posts interesting to read, he’s a great person to interact with. Besides the roleplaying, he reblogs lots of Narnia content. When I feel the need to reblog some Edmund stuff, Lloyd’s blog is one of the first ones I go to.

@queeensusan​ ➤ Priscilla is a blessing to the Narnia fandom. Her gifsets are beautiful, especially the coloring, and I am constantly in awe whenever she posts new content. I haven’t really talked to her myself, but she seems like a really good person!

@istillliveinnarnia​ ➤ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jessie is so creative and talented. She’s the only person I know who does cosplay, and has come up with cool crossovers I’ve never thought of before. Her Narnia edits are really pretty and should be liked and reblogged all the time!

@fyeahnarnians​ ➤ Reblogging various Narnia content including icons, gifs, text posts, and more, Mo’s blog is full of amazing posts. I often find edits or other Narnia things that I haven’t seen before. Her edits are gorgeous!

@bythelamppost​ ➤ This Narnia sideblog is very lovely. Polly reblogs great content that I love seeing on my dashboard. She also brings up really good points and ideas in discussions relating to Narnia (and other topics) and states them in a respectful way, even if she disagrees with people.

@coravis​ ➤ Aimee owns a beautiful blog, from the theme to the edits. She creates pretty typography edits, black and white edits, and beautiful moodboards. It’s always great to see her posts on my dash.

@jillpcle​ ➤ Molly’s blog is gorgeous and is definitely worth following. She posts a little of other fandoms  too, but no matter what is posted, it’s very beautiful. Her Narnia gifsets are beautiful and all the gifs are so pretty, I can’t imagine the time it takes to make everything.

@cairparavel No matter what Caspian posts, may it be edits, gifs, or personal text posts, I love seeing them on my dash. Cas is funny and kind and it’s great following this blog!

@passeurdaurore This blog seems to somehow make and post lots of beautiful gifsets and edits constantly. Wenn seems like a lovely person and I hope to talk to her in the future!

@queensusan One of many talents, Wind not only makes edits, she also writes. Her posts are always welcome on my dash and I often add her edits to my queue because they’re all so pretty!

@digorykirke Meredith’s blog is amazing and reblogs lots of fantastic Narnia content. She seems so nice and encouraging. Her gifsets are all really cool and creative, I especially love the TV tropes series that she did.

@edmundblake Vanessa is so talented, she makes tons stunning black and white gifs and graphics. She reblogs lots of Narnia content that all look really nice. She definitely is someone to follow!

@dailynarnia A super amazing Narnia blog run by multiple people, this blog reblogs amazing Narnia content multiple times a day. They’re from all different people so it’s a great place to look for other Narnia blogs to follow!

@caspiandefensenet @pevensienet @ladiesofnarnia @narniaincolor I’m totally not recommending these because I’m part of some of them. I know these blogs are networks but they’re all really amazing. Not only do they post really nice content, the members are all really talented and can make beautiful edits. Follow all of them!

hello yall heyyy i did this suuuuper quick coloring of the voltron coloring book thing bc it was so cute and creative and hhh this one was by jacy aka cookiecreation who is a great artist and ive been following her for like… idk since the beginning of tumblr i guess

the performance unit’s names are so meaningful. hoshi (ほし) is star in japanese, the8 means unlimited possibilities because a sideways 8 is an infinity symbol, jun (俊) means outstanding talent, and dino means APPRECIATE ME YOU MUSHY RICE BALLS