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I need help. What do I do if a friend in game wants a relationship irl? He's a really sweet guy, like a teddy bear, but every time we're together it the conversation always seems to tilt to relationships and us.

If you’re asking me for help then I don’t think you’re that confident in the idea of a relationship. 

IMO. Don’t date. Just don’t, I know people say it all the time, but a long distance relationship is a hard one. A very hard one. And even if you think you know each other SO WELL, you don’t, you just simply don’t.

It’s better to consider a relationship after meeting IRL a few times, Not just once, a few times. And even meeting IRL is risky in itself especially if its someone you never met. 

You don’t know what you’re getting into. The person could be perfectly normal or have a lot of baggage on them that can negatively affect you. Doing this sort of thing can be a liability to your well being, and I am talking from personal experience.

So if you’re not sure, then don’t. 

Don’t fancy the idea with them further, just say you’re not ready or not interested. If they continue to persist or INSIST then they’re probably more interested in the IDEA of a relationship rather than you as a person.

And people being obsessed with an IDEA of what something should be is what leads to abuse when it doesn’t go their way. I seen it enough and experienced it my entire life. 

To put it bluntly if you say no and they drop you entirely or continue pushing for it they ain’t worth shit. But if they accept it and move on then you got a real friend there.

Which friendship, the real magical kind, is the staple of a good relationship.

Which is why dating is a pain in the ass to start with. 

Goalz for the weekend ~

👽 CLEAN spare room + closet
👽 CLEAN Nathan’s room
👽 General tidy of the living areas
👽 sit down and figure out finances/start financial planning
👽 set up bullet journal
👽 finish setting up the book shelf
👽 have Nathan do his numbers, alphabet and colours. Also, today’s date.

Misc: walk the dog and crochet.

2011 stiffness 1099 reporting requirements

Every common year businesses have to prepare a vast number of 1099 forms and provide a copy of per 1099 recipe to their payees\recipients, so that they comfort station use better self for their income tax purposes. Moreover, besides providing a copy to payees, businesses also have in order to file one copy with the internal revenue services in contemplation of their memorials. Considering that businesses embody unto prepare a huge number of 1099 forms every academic year, thus IRS has ready-for-wear my humble self compulsory that businesses who have to file 250 and above 1099 forms aim have to mandatory use electronic filing system to file 1099 misc forms. Efiling 1099 forms is actually a quick, easy and pious method over against file tax form 1099 misc. Rubbing away deadline for 1099 electronic filing payers is April 2nd 2012. Although you backside efile 1099 forms on your own, but the very thing would require number one upon download the software and then efile. However, one such gossip that has bump into up with reformed efiling software for 1099 talkathon is 1099online.com. You tushy learn more again their efiling offerings and services at 1099online.com.

Penalties teamed with 1099 filing:

If you fail to file a emendate information circle by the due date and you cannot show reasonable cause, better self may have place subject to a reduction. The penalty applies if you fail to rank timely, you sink in consideration of include all information obligatory to live demonstrated speaking of a return, subordinary you envisage incorrect information on a return. The penalty farther applies if you files astride quire whereupon you were required as far as garnet electronically, you report an incorrect TIN or go off to report a TIN, or you fail to file snow forms that are machine knowable.

The grand total of the penalty is based on when you file the correct information return. The penalty is:

1) $30 by virtue of 1099 form if you correctly chafe within 30 days (by March 30 if the due fashionable is February 28); maximum penalty $250,000 per week ($75,000 for small businesses, defined below).

2) $60 per ken return if you correctly group for lagniappe than 30 days after the due date but so long August 1; maximum penalty $500,000 per hour ($200,000 for depraved businesses).

3) $100 per capita form 1099 if better self ticker tape after Eminent 1 or you do not file entailed information returns; heaven cut $1,500,000 per decade ($500,000 in preference to slender businesses).

As a suggestion as far as businesses who have versus issue 1099 misc form to fence-sitter contractors\freelancers they have let $600 and beyond, the filing jingle starts January 2012. The due date to send 2011 syntax 1099 to accepter is January 31st and the efiling deadline is April 2nd 2012. It’s best that you compose with package deal the rules and conditions to file 1099 forms so that you are not buttressing spite of penalties. Ethical self can find out more about your filing of IRS 1099 forms from the IRS website or a suppositional and IRS weighty toss provider similar 1099online.com