Hey guys! Just wanted to comment on something.

Saw one of our images floating around Twitter! While it is cool for you guys to share the things we make, and it normally hasn’t been a problem before, we’ve had a couple people stealing things recently and taking credit for them!! 

If you are going to repost our image, especially if it’s CLEARLY an edited photo, please source it back to this blog!

All three of us work really hard when it comes to those edits, even though it might not seem like it. Sometimes edits take five minutes, bot in some cases, they can take up to an hour or so. Sure, we are using other copyrighted materials, so perhaps sourcing material isn’t in our jurisdiction. That’s one reason why we rarely, if ever, use fanart. It’s not nice to edit other people’s works!

Also, since I’ve debated posting it here, but if you wanna keep up with my twitter, you can find me here! I post a lot of personal stuff, but also a lot about my scouts and stuff. Follow me if you want

I hope you all have a happy week and I’ll see you all later!

- Admin Honoka

Remember that it’s okay to be attracted to trans people when you’re a trans person yourself.
It’s totally okay to be attracted to someone who’s going through the same things in life and who understands everything.
It’s okay to want to be with someone to whom you don’t have to explain everything and with whom your dysphoria might be less.