I know this is random but I wonder if Shawn has a bad temper. It’s often the most chill, calm and collected people have fuses that when it ignites it gets ugly. I can see him being the type to be chill during an argument but once you say the wrong thing or something that ticks him off he’s all in. I wouldn’t mind him yelling at me though, am I the only one that finds that attractive? When guys are pissed, yellling, cursing, all that one shit? Lmao


@margotupdate Margot celebrating her first ever Oscar nomination with her family + friends! 🥂

I feel like I need to publicly announce on this trash website that I was carefully not a reylo shipper mainly because of the whole luke & leia are actually siblings burn long ago  and then tlj happened and I warmed up but i still wasn’t completely hooked until the freaking THIGH GRAB and now i’m reylo trash forgive me