It’s insane to hear my stuff on Hits 1 and to know that other people are listening to it. I’m in New York, I’m in LA working and no matter where I get in the car, you know, when ‘Ghost’ comes on it’s just like amazing and it’s driving through traffic with my windows down in LA and hearing my song coming from someone else’s car and just wanting to look over and being like 'thank you so much!’. That’s incredible, it’s the whole reason I do this, it’s the whole reason anyone does this.

                     нello, мy old нearт
                                            ιт'ѕ вeen ѕo long
                     ѕιnce ι’ve gιven yoυ away.

                         every day ι add anoтнer ѕтone 
                              тo тнe wallѕ ι’ve вυιlт aroυnd yoυ 
                  тo ĸeep yoυ ѕaғe