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MEA: Ryder Meme

yeah sure the game is a month away and we know nothing of the cc, little of the story and nothing about Ryder’s personality/motivations, but we still have those head canons tho. Plus I love these so get to it.




Eye Color:

Hair Color/Description:

Skin (Color, blemishes, tattoos, ect):

Misc physical attributes

Preferred romance option:

Relationship with Alec & Sibling (Do they get along? ect.):

Projected BFF (The squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take):



Other (What else should we know about your Ryder):



Name: Vaati (true name is Vito)

Age: 18

Affiliation: He’s in the Italian mafia called Passione.

Background: He was an orphan adopted by the old man Ezlo, but he ran away from home and joined Passione at age 17.

Stand: Tenement Funster- controls the wind and oxygen at a large scale, provoking tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. 

Misc.: He has some tattoos.


I’m preparing to move across the country, so I’m opening commissions!

Contact me at clarewritesstuff@gmail.com (Subject: Commission, so it’s sure to get to me)


  • type of art wanted
  • paypal email
  • visual references (faceclaims, screenshots, more is better!)
  • some background about the character
  • desired outfit
  • specific requests (pose, lighting, background, etc)

Additional fees may be added for complex backgrounds or armor, nsfw content, misc additions, or character tattoo design

Send an ask for quick questions, an email for commission requests!

Payment is upfront, and work will begin once payment is received via paypal

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tell us about the best bobs burgers tattoos you've seen (I've you seen any and can post them)

okay so primarily the ones I’ve come across on tumblr have been tina belcher-related (which have all been pretty spectacular) – however it looks like all the posts are either buried on my blog or in my links

SO–in order to find some pictures to share–a quick pop over to google provided some damn interesting results

I mean 


(bonus picture of kristen schaal with her louise inspired temp tattoo)

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A tattooed Peter Hale for you! (Sort of. But just imagine IF...) prettiestcaptain(.)tumblr(.)com/post/74162394580/as-you-can-see-im-still-not-over-this


I adore tattooed Peter Hale/Ian Bohen. Have you read moonstalker24′s latest fic? The gif alone drew me inXD

And because tattooed!Peter gets Stiles all hot and bothered, here’s a little something extra:

Stiles likes biting that neck, especially right over the tattoo. It doesn’t hurt that Peter growls when he does, like he can never help the noise that reverberates deep in his chest whenever Stiles pounces and clings and does his level best to leave his mark on tanned flesh and dark ink.

“Are you sure you’re not a werewolf after all?” Peter asks one time when Stiles is sitting in his lap and grazing his teeth along the outline of the tattoo. The older man’s hands rest on Stiles’ hips, holding him steady even as Peter lets his head loll back to give Stiles more room. His eyes are half-lidded with languid pleasure as he bares the stretch of his throat, and Stiles will never get over how much Peter trusts him.

“Nope,” Stiles mumbles, licking up from the tattoo along a tendon before biting gently at Peter’s stubbled jawline. “Cuz I’m not the one who heals all stupid quick.”

He pulls back and huffs as the hickey he left at the join of Peter’s shoulder and neck slowly disappears. “Not fair.”

Peter chuckles, curling a hand at the back of Stiles’ neck to guide him down into a wet and downright filthy kiss that leaves Stiles gasping. He’s gratified to see that at least Peter’s a little breathless too.

“Bed?” Peter asks, and his voice comes out in a gravelly rumble that - coupled with the searing heat in his eyes - has Stiles scrambling to his feet and tugging impatiently at Peter’s hand, his own gaze riveted hungrily on the bob of Peter’s throat and the smirk that curves his spit-slick lips.

They don’t leave their bedroom again until long past dinnertime.