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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who preordered my book! :) The preorders are over now and I will be spending this week packing everything, and shipping them next week.

Toronto residents: If you’d like to pick up your book in person, please message me to confirm date + time. I’ll be at Toronto Fan Days on Sat Dec 5 so this will be a convenient time to pick them up. 

Thank you again! 


not cool enough to be a fashion blogger BUT I CAN TRY. anyway, i really love seeing those instagram ootd posts, esp when its accompanied by the artwork. since i need to spend some time figuring out how to human anatomy, what better way than to practice on myself hurrhurr. i might make more of these depending on… how motivated i am to dress myself everyday haha orz

sweater from cath kidston (from a few seasons ago but i loveee it), shirt from cue, skirt from misc. store in china, shoes from bata, beanie thing from claires.