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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who preordered my book! :) The preorders are over now and I will be spending this week packing everything, and shipping them next week.

Toronto residents: If you’d like to pick up your book in person, please message me to confirm date + time. I’ll be at Toronto Fan Days on Sat Dec 5 so this will be a convenient time to pick them up. 

Thank you again! 

Conversation prompts
  • “No, I don’t need to see the dead bird you found.” “But we’re going in to the exam in five minutes and I’m not sure it’ll still be there!”
  • “Hey, can I sit with you and use some of those under glazes? My piece needs some of-” “No, I spent $125 on all those palates for myself, thank you.”
  • “You know, you can foster a cat if you like them so much.” “I’d much rather adopt them but my dorm’s wing doesn’t allow pets.”
  • “You can’t hide that snake from the RA forever, they’re not allowed in the pet wing.” “If you tell on him, I’ll tell that you brought a fox and not a shiba inu puppy.”
  • “Can you not keep leaving love notes in all the books at my store? I have to take them out before they get sold. They’re cute though.” “You think they’re cute?”
  • “I know I hired you to walk my dog, but you never told me you were entering them in agility competitions.” “They’re going to states, you can thank me later.”
  • “You’re the only other person under 70 at this driving class. I just wanted money off my insurance, not a day of grandchild stories. Sit with me.” “We’ve got an hour for lunch, want to go to my house? It’s right down the block.”

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I am clearing out some of my inventory for Anime North, so I’m having a poster sale in my store. All regular posters are 30% off from Today to May 1 only! These posters are just a bit thinner than the premium paper but they are more lightweight. Quantities are limited! More designs available in my store!  

Thank you so much! See you at AN! 

DnM e+ mostly had a mix of items from DnM and AC:PG but some new items were

GBA minigame prizes

3408…apple box
3410…jomon pottery
3418…basketball hoop
341C…mummy’s casket
3420…mandarin box
3424…jumping boy sign
3428…fire hydrant
3430…pinball machine
3434… drum set
3438…wooden box
343C…rocking horse
3448…darts board
344C…princess bed

3 misc. items

3458…store sign
3450…Nook’s autograph
3454…display dish


not cool enough to be a fashion blogger BUT I CAN TRY. anyway, i really love seeing those instagram ootd posts, esp when its accompanied by the artwork. since i need to spend some time figuring out how to human anatomy, what better way than to practice on myself hurrhurr. i might make more of these depending on… how motivated i am to dress myself everyday haha orz

sweater from cath kidston (from a few seasons ago but i loveee it), shirt from cue, skirt from misc. store in china, shoes from bata, beanie thing from claires.