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woah!! look! i made this kind of map/tree thingy of most of the fandoms i’ve been in ever since i joined tumblr

yall should make yours aswell if u want to


hi hello its me i know i like left this blog for quite a while n havent been posting but :’’)) ive had a lot of things going on but uh thank u for 1k+ im very thankful for that <3 ive got a new phone now so im going to start posting again and doing requests soon xx im sorry for being gone so long!!

But honestly, Elena Gilbert has Damon Salvatore wrapped around her little finger.

She wants to show him a meteor shower? He goes.

She wants to go into a photo booth and take silly pictures? He does it.

She wants him to be her date to a dance at college? He obliges.

If she wanted to go to the freaking Disneyland Resort, he’d take her.

Because as long as Elena is happy, Damon doesn’t freaking care what he has to do. Because seeing his girl smile is all it takes to make him happy.

Let’s take a moment to imagine Rooney going to Cate’s debut on Broadway with a big bouquet of flowers.