misc sprite gifs

So, in the interest of having placeholders for an eventual programming practice, i found these sprites someone edited to look like morenatsu characters. The only way i could find them was through a random tumblr post, sourcing them to code-As. I can’t find them on their pixiv anymore, but their niconico douga userpage has them in a previous attempt at a morenatsu RPG. (including some other misc. sprites too, most likely). HOWEVER: keep in mind that he has made these videos private, for whatever reason, so perhaps it is disrespectful of me to link to them now. For any other missing sprites, you could ask the developer of a morenatsu corpse party game, as he too has aquired these sprites somehow.

Finally, I’d just like to provide my work on making these sprites easy to use, in this here zip file.

In any case, due to the unclear background of these sprites, I wouldn’t recommend using these as anything other than placeholders. Have fun!

EDIT: oh good grief tumblr, i swear i added the link to the zip file,
well, its definitely here NOW, ugh