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AU Kaito was a klutzy dorky incubus that sucks on his job to seduce women. 

While wandering in human world, he encountered Mei-chan who worked as a hostess.

He was enchanted by how she seduced the male customers & begged to her on his knees to teach him how to seduce people (revealing his secret as an incubus to her later because he was so desperate).

And so Mei-chan agreed to take him as her student, but she made him worked at the night club she worked at as slave boy, while promising to make him learnt about how to be a number 1 host things (so that he can seduce women smoothly).

Long short, lots happened & Kaito slowly fell in love with Mei-chan. Like maybe once he brought up his courage to protect her from bad pervert customer, Mei-chan shared sad old times story before she became a hostess with him, telling him how maybe hostess works made her having less faith in actual love & all.

At one point, all the hard work paid off. Kaito started to get popular with random females, the hostesses who worked on that night club & maybe the female boss also.

Mei-chan congratulated him. But now even tho he had become an successful incubus, he started to have weird feeling when Mei-chan served her male customers.

He then realized & confessed that it turned out that Mei-chan was the woman he wanted to see being sucessfully seduced by him the most. 

In a loud shaken voice he said “EVEN THO NOW I’VE BECOME A TRUE INCUBUS & THE OTHER FEMALES HAVE FALLEN TO ME, THERE’S ONE WOMAN I AM NEVER ABLE TO SEDUCE. SHE NEVER, EVER, SEEMS TO LOOK AT ME IN THAT KIND OF WAY. …This time, PLEASE teach me the way to seduce, not all other women in general, but you, your heart… your heart alone.” as he approached her to hold her hands.