misc musicals

stranger things 2 soundtrack - it only gets stranger…

i. whip it // devo; ii. just another day // oingo boingo; iii. talking in your sleep // the romantics; iv. rock you like a hurricane //scorpions; v. spooky movies // gary paxton; vi. ghostbusters (instrumental) // ray parker jr; vii. wango tango // ted nugent; viii. blackout // swing set; ix. shout at the devil // mötley crüe; x. islands in the stream // dolly parton; +more


Marks and Rec: Misc #1000

(A lot!) (Dialogue from Star Trek.)

(Thank you all for liking my ridiculous blog enough to keep it going for so long! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that there’s still interest in these things I make. <3 I hope that my silly blog can make you smile, and that you have a wonderful day~ Stay awesome! Happy 1000, haha.)


ive said it before but this song really…saved my life


an april playlist: listen

i: bellyache - billie eilish / ii: in my mind - maty noyes / iii: ocean eyes - billie eilish / iv: crazy in love (fifty shades remix) - beyoncé / v: breathe - astrid s / vi: duas - plutão já foi planeta / vii: bored - billie eilish / viii: baby came home - the nbhd / ix: säga mig - linnea henriksson / x: cheerleader - luna shadows / xi: burning bridges - bea miller / xii: cry wolf - luna shadows / xiii: symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson / xiv: acid rain - lorn / xv: i wanna get better - bleachers. + more.

august - playlist {listen on spotify}

i. love a loser (feat. g-eazy) // cassie ii. thunder // imagine dragons (acoustic) iii. hymn / kesha iv. hurt for me // (piano and violin version) v. brand new eyes // bea miller vi. deadcrush (spike stent mix) // alt-j vii. do re mi (feat. gucci mane) // blackbear viii. attention (lash remix) // charlie puth ix. nerve // jordan rakei x. havana (feat. young thug) // camila cabello xi. better // sam rui xii. big boy // charlotte cardin xiii. black & blue // clinton washington xiv. k i s s i n g // sophia black xv. rip // olivia o'brien xvi. heat and dark // luca fogale