misc musicals


Being so busy lately, I have completely forgotten what it feels like to get goosebumps and a flutter in my heart from a beautiful song. This song is worth a listen. Slow down and take a couple minutes for this one.


if u ever get shamed for writing fanfic just remember that

wicked the musical: fanfic of “the wicked years” novels

hamilton: fanfic about the founding fathers

spring awakening the musical: fanfic of the 20th century play called spring awakening

natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812: fanfic of war and peace by leo tolstoy

heathers the musical: fanfic of the 1988 movie heathers

carrie the musical: fanfic of the 1974 stephen king novel carrie

lizzie the musical: fanfic of lizzie borden

bloody bloody andrew jackson: fanfic of andrew jackson

1776 the musical: fanfic of historical figures

the list goes on but basically write ur heart out and don’t let people shame u cause your fics are cool