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[ENG] 120709/120710 MTV Taiwan JKPOP Craze - SHINee Special (Jonghyun, Key, Onew, Taemin)
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This is why Franky, and Franky alone, is the ‘father’ of the Straw Hat Pirates.

When he was only a small child, he was abandoned on the Grand Line by his parents for being a 'nuisance’. Franky knows what it’s like to be abandoned. Not orphaned–his parents are very likely still out there somewhere–but abandoned, not because his parents died, but because they freaking didn’t want him. Franky knows all too well the loneliness that results, of being small and scared in the big wide world, with no one to turn to.

But he also knows what it’s like to be accepted, to be taken in by someone who became more like 'family’ than those he was actually related to. He knows what it’s like to be given a new sense of hope, to be given direction, to discover that he is not a nuisance at all, that he is actually worth something.

But then he knows what it’s like to lose that all over again, and by actions he perceives as his own fault, just as he viewed the abandonment by his blood father as his own fault. Losing Tom totally shattered him, so much so that he was willing to forego his lifelong dream of creating ships, the thing that basically defined who he was.

But one thing remained. Foremost to being a shipwright, he wanted to be like Tom. Franky wants to be the father-figure to others that Tom was to him. He wants others to know that they are not hopeless. That they are not a 'nuisance’, that they actually deserve to take up space in the world.

So when he returns to Water 7, he gathers up all the misfits and outcasts, all the 'nuisances’, and gives them a family. He gives them a home, and a purpose to live, so much so that they want the same for him. They want him to revive his dream of being the shipwright aboard the dreamship.

And once he does this, he is every bit the father figure he wanted to be. In Dressrosa, when Luffy hears about Ace’s fruit, Franky is the voice of reason. To Usopp, who’s come from a similar-yet-different situation of parental abandonment, he is the first present father figure in that kid’s life, and helps guide him in their similar areas of interest, in which he is more experienced. He knows when to be serious and when to be silly and can switch between the two without a moments warning, entertaining them with his inventions, not because it makes him happy, but because it makes them happy, and that’s what makes him happy.

Because he doesn’t want others to feel the loneliness he felt as a child. He doesn’t want others to feel as though they’re a waste of space or a nuisance. Because he has lived and breathed with a fully human body and with a cyborg one and knows regardless that just existing is never a crime, and while he’s around, no one is going to feel unwanted or worthless.

While he’s around, no one is going to feel fatherless.

What always kills me about the whole “shameboner” thing (not surprised geeky-jez said it, she has a LONG history of racism) that there are MANY legitimate fears anyone who dates/marries interracially we have to deal with.

It isn’t sexy. It isn’t anything to be fetishized. If I date a white Christian, I’m supposed to put MY culture on the back burner. I gotta worry about how they’ll view my faith, my culture, my family, everything….I gotta have this conversation, I gotta navigate my way around and am expected to assimilate to whiteness. Any “culture clash” in the relationship would be my fault by default, because we know how barbaric Islam and Arabs are amirite? That’s why we have the Arab ban! 

I’ve had to watch so many friends put up with this shit when they get in relationships with white (mostly) boyfriends.

Which has created a neuroses for myself tbh where I would be quite unwilling to be intimate with someone who is white or identifies as such.  So yeah, I’m a little neurotic about being intimate with white people. If I find one attractive, I joke about “shame boners”.

But this country has literally barred some of my friends and family from entering the country. Citizenship has been denied, friends have been stalked by the governemnt, masjids in my area have been infiltrated by feds trying to entrap more people like me into turning “I’m dissatisfied with America” statements into terrorism charges.

Every Arab man my age has already been placed on a registry and tracked. 

It’s not some kind of perverted sexual frustration that wets WAY too many panties (i.e. which explains the very creepy popularity of Cullen/Amell and Cullen/Surana) - it’s not “shame”, it’s FEAR.

Because millions of people voted for a man who wants to kill people like me with no remorse, and liberals parrot his mantra under the guise of being “progressive” and “enlightened” i.e. Bill Maher.

And according to exit polls from the last election, if I date a white person, I’m dating someone who VERY LIKELY supports that goal. 

So stop fetishizing my fear for your creepy fuckfics k thx.