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make me choose meme || @seunrig asked lee dong wook or park ki woong


[ENG] 130909 MTV Taiwan ShowBiz - SHINee Day (Jonghyun, Key, Onew, Taemin)
Watch here | Credit: kylie k


[ENG] 130910 MTV Taiwan JKPOP Music Craze - Interview
Watch: ver.1 / ver.2 | Credit: kylie k, wisteria


[ENG] 130926 SETTV ShowBiz - Undisclosed Clips (Jonghyun, Key, Onew, Taemin)
Watch here | Credit: kylie k


hi there !! 

it’s been a little over two months since i’ve made this blog so i’m searching for new blogs to follow since i only follow 96 ! my dash has been so dead, i’m honestly so glad i’m doing this. so please reblog this if you post any or even one or two of the following:

  • pastel exo + luhan, kris & tao, seventeen, bts, got7
  • bias blogs (preferably anyone besides kyungsoo because i follow enough already lmao)
  • chansoo, baekchen, xiuhan, sekai (doesn’t even have to be pastel !)
  • pastel aesthetics, misc, fashion
  • minimalism
  • colour palettes

that’s basically it ! anyways, please reblog this post if you want me to check out your blog and there is the highest chance i’ll give you a follow ! and it would be great if you could check out my blog as well ! you can even message me, i enjoy making new friends. thanks so much !