misattributed art


content creators- sick of people reposting your gifs/gfx/art?

now you can introduce CONSEQUENCES for their actions! follow this quick and easy tutorial to find out how.

why reposting is bad | how to determine if a post is an art repost or not | how to image-search (fan)art for its original source on tumblr

remember, everyone! respect content creators and support us by REBLOGGING our work! we make this shit for free.

a text transcription of this ppt is under the cut.

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I just about watermark almost every image of mine nowadays. Don’t you just love when people make excuses to get gratification (aka notes and likes) off of other people’s work? :)) 

Tip for those who want to repost but can’t find the artist to ask permission from: Don’t repost it. Learn how to image search on Google. You may think its harmless to repost just because you are a ‘small’ account, but you’re still upsetting the artist, and not giving credit where credit is due. Me, in this case. I have explicitly stated repeatedly to not repost my work, and you are disrespecting my wishes. Stew on that before giving me your opinions.

I don’t usually do call out posts on my art blog nowadays (usually on my personal one), but honestly… the problem with Instagram is that there is literally nothing you can do besides comment and hope they take it down with minimal argument and if lucky, an apology. 

I know there are plenty more of my art reposted (like my Gency week comics). Please stop reposting my work. 

PS: Those who see my work reposted by any account not by me, please continue to let me know! I would also greatly appreciate if you could tell them (nicely) to take them down. 

How to report to Tumblr.

Tumblr is one of the most crowded social networks, where artists and edit makers share their work. But even though a great portion of them have a tumblr account of their own, there are people who steal their artwork and publish/edit it without crediting the creator properly or asking for their permission, even making absurd excuses in order not to delete their post.

Tumblr is well aware of this problem and provides an easy way to report stolen property, which we explain below, following tumblr guidelines


The right one for reporting repost/stolen art, is “Misattribution or Non-Attribution”


Below, Tumblr will start asking you some questions:

This tutorial is only for Tumblr, regarding reposts on Tumblr, so click on “I posted it to Tumblr". If you click on “I posted it somewhere else” it will redirect you to a DMCA copyright form.

Here you only need the reposted link and your original content. If you have more than one, don’t worry, Tumblr automatically allows you to add more than one links. Then type your name, your role on tumblr (artist, editor, etc) and the email address where in less than 2 days Tumblr will send you information about the misattribution issue.

And that’s all! Easy right? :D