hey everyone! I love les mis and the fandom is pretty cool and everyone is pretty nice but I’ve been seeing a recurring problem…. in les mis project where a group of people come together and do stuff on behalf of the characters, why does everyone need to be white? like I know for a fact that there is not only white people in the fandom… I’m not trying to piss anyone off but this is really annoying and tumblr uses who are casting need to be a little more diverse race wise.

“Nazm uljhi hui hai seene mein,
misare atke hue hain hothon par,
udate phirte hain titaliyon ki tarah,
lafz kaagaz pe baithate hi nahin,
kab se baithaa hun main jaanam,
saade kaagaz pe likh ke naam tera,
bas tera naam hi mukammal hai,
isse behtar bhi nazm kyaa hogi.”
- Gulzar