Riothiei:OH MY FUCKIN GOD Jordan Did you see this? FUCKIN Korey played Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 and Its just as good as when dat nigga played Slender hahaha His screams are the best. 


Me: OH MY GOD BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA I watched it. This Fuckin KILLED ME. Korey’s Reactions always Cracked me the fuck up like you said when he freaked out on the Loading bar back in the Spill Days. Oh God I just love Black people commentary on Horror games
 “Why doesn’t the bitch run out the house from that purple centipede ass lookin mothafucka” hahahhahahahahahha Oh my God seeing him Terrified is seriously making me cry. Best commentary for this game 


so finalelement is not happening anymore, sadly. I made a whole bunch of animations for the project, and just so they don’t get stuck in limbo, here are some of my favorite characters among (many) enemies, minibosses and bosses. I may post some more in the future, too.

Exciting news!

Today, I finished my share of the work on the game! I would like to announce the release dates for the demo. :)

On August 1st the beta version of the demo will be sent out to our testers. On August 6th the game will be available for free download to all players!

I will be making a video with these announcements, as well as some special sneak peeks later this week to my youtube channel.


Also! We have one more slot open for beta testers! We are looking someone operating with linux to test the game, so please send me a message if you’re interested! The testing period will be from August 1st-5th, so please make sure you will have time to test the game.

Thanks! <3