You’ve heard of Dream Daddy, now get ready for… Cute girls around your house dating simulator

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by: FredWold


I am playing Dream Daddy now :D

This is my Dream Daddy character, his name is Eric Westler

The first daddy I romanced and got all S’s on was Goth Daddy, I will not post his spoiler though. But him having SasuNaru fanfiction was great.

I will like to also point out that lookwise, I prefer Damien’s son Lucien and tbh would much rather romance him XD

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One Cool Thing

This is the first time that I have ever been tagged in any kind of challenge, so I am so happy about this. Thank you, @malloryblaise  for tagging me in this! This is based off of this post. It’s rough-ish, but, here I go:

The large spirit bowed its head, tree trunk thick tusks scraping the ground, creating two long, but shallow trenches in the dirt. Remembering her manners, Ajai bowed back, but kept it hasty.

“Um, not that I’m not happy to see you again, because I am. I totally am. Seriously, like, how’s it going, man? Dream eating going well?”

The Baku tilted its head at her.

“I am genuinely curious,” she assured him, waving her hands in an attempt to express how serious she was and accidentally smacking a nearby tree. She barely registered the pain. “Like, what do they taste like?”

“I am unable to describe it,” the spirit said, sounding slightly amused. “However, they would not be the best thing for your kind to attempt to eat. If a human were to consume a nightmare the way a Baku does, they would be forced to live that nightmare for every waking moment for the rest of their life. No being, not even a Baku, would be able to retrieve it from them or save them from it.” It raised a massive paw that immediately sent whatever words that were about to come out of Ajai’s mouth right back down her throat. She couldn’t find it in her to feel shame for her reaction; the Baku could probably crush a bus with that paw. It continued, “In the human that created it, a nightmare is merely a collection of ideas and fears. It is harmful, but has no will of its own and can be taken care of. Once extracted from the mind it becomes a sentient being of its own and can only be safely devoured by one of my kind.”

That was longer that originally intended, but I wanted to add a bit of context. (A bit more: This is Ajai’s second encounter with the Baku that took her recurring nightmare away. After he sort of dream kidnaps her, she finds out some interesting information about nightmares.) I shall tag @christinawritesfiction​ @chasingfictionx​  @c-foley​  @thewritehag​  and @byjillianmaria

i was tagged by @harleyquinn1234 <33 cutie i missed this thank you so muchhh hope you’re doing great

Are you named after anyone? 

- i dont think so, maybe my great grandmother that was called Elisa too

When was the last time you cried?

- wednesday and almost yesterday too lmao iw ill probably cry soon so whatever

 Do you like your handwriting? 

- aesthetically speaking yes but you see, i cant even read it its just fucked up but it looks nice in general 

What is your favorite lunch meat? 

- lunch meat? like protein um idk.. i dont eat red meat so fish or chicken it’s fine? 

Do you have kids? 

- no. thankfully. not ever. 

If you were a different person would you be friends with you?

 - yea?? if i were another person i would be friends with me but propbably not the ‘me’ becasue im distant af

Do you use sarcasm? 

- i do sometimes

Do you still have your tonsils? 

- what 

Would you bungee jump? 

- no, not my thing 

What’s your favorite cereal?

 - corn flakes and anything fibrous?? i always add some cinnamon 

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

- not really only if they’re like boots and big shoes like that

Do you think you’re a strong person? 

- whats this question.. of course not like, im bearly hanging on lmao. mentally and physically fucked could describe me. 

What’s your favorite ice cream? 

- vainilla or any frozen yogurt is fine. oh also bubblegum 

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

- in this order: eyes, neckbones, neck, then mouth and smile. then hands and arms then everything else lmao ehats wrong with me 

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

 - um, my slightly not flat stomach i would die for .. cellulite… my face cheeks … acne… ??? shit man 

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? 

- boyshorts and no shoes 

What are you listening to right now? 

- You by Weird Milk

If you were a crayon what color would you be? 

- black or purple or blue Favorite smell? - cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar :0 

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 

- a guy friend of mine 

Favorite sport to watch? 

- volleyball or.. soccer i guess .. i dont watchh sports actually

Hair color?

 - brown 

Eye color? 

- darkish green 

 Do you wear contacts?

- nope 

Favorite food? 

- probably yogurt 

Scary movies or comedy? 


Last movie you watched? 

- Spiderman Homecoming :^) 

What color shirt are you wearing?

 - black 

Summer or winter? 

- we have no seasons here but winter 

Hugs or kisses? 

- dependsss but hugs are so good 

Book you’re currently reading? 

- :^) i wish i had time

Who do you miss right now? 

- My emotional stability

What’s on your mouse pad? 

- what? 

What’s the last tv program you watched? 

- Game of Thrones 

 What is the best sound? 

- good music that gives you goosebumps

 Rolling stones or The Beatles? 

- the beatles? yea 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? 

- um, when i went to US like 10 years ago 

Do you have a special talent? 

- ? no¿ i draw, paint, dance and sing sometimes. that’s pretty much it. 

 Where were you born? 

- Costa Rica ♥

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