Two down, two to go. 

Might change the Police Coordinate’s colors from green to yellow or red, though. Despite matching the unicorn it still sorta clashes with the Recon uniform. Unless the entire military’s colors were green and brown. 

~Who knoooows~

Edit: Added a yellow just to see what looks better


An old old Pathfinder character of mine, Astraea (Half-elf Roof Runner & Scout Rogue) may have gotten off-screen reincarnated as a Strix when that campaign came to a close. I imagine she gtfo’ed and went back to the Crow’s Feather pirate crew, and layed low for a while. 

Anyway, have some sketches I’ll never finish. Astraea being a cool cat (drow-bird???), and a little reunion with the tiefling First Mate of the Crow’s Feather.