As a female, i can say:

That we are not oppressed in the western world.

That the average woman is physically inferior to the average man.

That us raping males is equally as unacceptable as males raping us.

That we can be abusers too.

That the wage gap is a myth.

That while being violated is not our fault, it is not “victim blaming” to start learning to defend ourselves.

That we are not oppressed by bullshit like “manspreading”

That hating all men is just as cruel as hating all woman.

That we aren’t all victims.

IT IS OK to be a biological/cis man.
IT IS OK to be a trans man.
IT IS OK to be a man who adheres to gender roles.
IT IS OK to be a man who doesn’t.
IT IS OK to be a thin man.
IT IS OK to be a muscular man.
IT IS OK to be a larger man.
IT IS OK to be a man with mental disabilities +/or illnesses.
IT IS OK to be a straight man.
IT IS OK to be a gay, bi or pan man. 





Can we stop shaming women for:

- Enjoying dressing modestly

- Wanting to get married to a man, be a housewife and cook/clean for her husband

- Wanting to have kids instead of pursuing a career

- Liking following traditional gender roles

- Following a religion you don’t like (you don’t have to agree with it, but don’t bully people who follow it)

- Not subscribing to feminism or liberal ideals

Feminists, not everyone wants to make the same lifestyle choices as you. Not everyone has the same political views as you. And this may surprise you, but many women who do the above things don’t believe they’re oppressed by the way that they live in the first world. Stop implying that they need your help just because you don’t like the way they live their lives, claiming that they are “outdated and sexist.” 

And declaring that these women are brainwashed since they don’t want to conform to feminist ideals or live the way you want them to is extremely immature. Women can think for themselves and make their own choices. You aren’t the boss of them and it’s not up to you to decide their lives for them. If you say otherwise, it only proves how much your movement hates them.

Don’t you just love it when people say shit like this, then block you and run because they can’t handle the reply? Here it is anyway, sweet thing.

To anyone out there who agrees with this darling little bigot: BUCKLE UP KIDDOS, WE’RE GOING ON A WILD RIDE <3





As a serious side note, I never said that they were oppressed. I said that they suffered hate. Being a member of a majority group/not currently being “oppressed” does not make someone immune from recieving hatred just for the way that they are.
Agony of being a 50/50 mum
Nicola Hewitt, 42, an office manager from Kenley, Surrey, faces the trauma of being without her children Devon, 10, and Sonny, eight, every weekend. Many women face this problem too.

I love the title sentence of the article: “Agony of being a 50/50 mum: Women once held the upper hand in custody battles. Now fathers are winning EQUAL access… and mothers are struggling to cope.”

This whole article is so freakin’ sexist against fathers and the double standards are outstanding. These women don’t want equal rights, they want special privileges under the guise of equal rights. It’s on “equal” if they benefit from it.

 Look at this: “This is the reality for Britain’s growing legion of 50/50 mothers, who divide their time with the children equally with their exes. It’s a growing phenomenon that - on the surface - might seem the fairest way for separated parents to organise their lives. But it comes at an emotional price for the mothers involved - and the consequences for children are as yet untold.”

I am L I V I D right now. 

What, so bonding between a child and their father along with his emotions aren’t important now? For years women have had the advantage in custody battle over men and we’re concerned over the emotional toll of the women who share EQUAL custody of their kids because they used to unfairly have MORE time with their children THAN the father. How about the damaging consequences that children and fathers had from not being able to see each equally.
County in UK makes it a hate crime to upset women

If you talk to a woman in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands in the United Kingdom and she doesn’t want to be spoken to by you, prepare to get a call from the police.

In an effort to crack down on the alleged tidal wave of abuse and harassment women face every day, the county’s police force is now considering things like catcalling and pickup lines to be a hate crime if they are directed toward a woman from a man.

The incredibly vague definition of a misogynist hate crime from Nottinghamshire reads: Incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman and includes behavior targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.

Of course, that could include anything a woman deems offensive or unwanted from a man. It’s completely subjective. If a man approaches a woman in a bar and attempts to flirt with her, but she doesn’t find him attractive, he could be guilty of a hate crime. Unattractive men, beware.


You are wonderful. You are beautiful inside and out. You are important. It’s okay to be sexually attracted to a girl, that’s not misogynist. It’s okay to be sexually attracted to a boy, that dosn’t make you less of a male. To the boys who are cis, to the boys who are trans, to the boys who are stoic, to the boys who are emotional, to the boys who like musicals, to the boys who like Call Of Duty - it’s okay to be you. It’s okay to cry if you want to, it’s okay to pretend to be strong when you feel weak if you want to. It’s okay to like guns, it’s okay to like My Little Pony. It’s okay to like sports, or be disgusted by them. Boys come in all shapes and sizes and it’s okay to be any of them. You are human. It isn’t your fault what bad men have done to women. Don’t ever let someone treat you badly because of your gender. You are valid. You deserve respect. Go boys!