misaki x usami


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Shungiku Nakamura anime and manga


I love this balcony conversation. Now they are talking everything out properly and they are thinking about things together. Usagi really knows how to talk to Misaki. I think that’s one of the main reasons why Misaki loves Usagi and loves being with him and staying with him. Because with Usagi, he can think less of being a good boy, he can forget about the habit of being scared of troubling others. To Misaki their house is really a home where he can move however he wanted, do whatever he wants, cook and organize things to his heart’s content. Being with Usagi is a place where Misaki can be himself, as loud as he truly is, as hesitant and scared as he is, as nagging and troublesome as he is, as childish and selfish, and as caring and loving to Usagi. But reality is never easy and his mixed feelings, fears and doubts are just normal. He loves his brother the only family he has left as much as he also loves Usagi and the life they already built in all those years. As reality is slowly sinking in on him he has every right to be afraid of the consequences and outcomes. But as long as they don’t give up on each other, hold each other’s hand and face this inevitable future together then everything will be fine.