New Otome Blog!

Aaah I’m so sorry, I know I promised this yesterday but I have been so indecisive about the theme and the side pictures. They have given me horrible headaches.

But I am finally sort of satisfied with the result. It feels like it is missing something, but whatever. I will be adding music later (maybe), but it’ll probably be Voltage music which I will gather from tumblr.

All the textures are obviously not made by me, the butler sprites are made by Kat and she is linked on my description, and the CGs I got them from myself and tumblr. ;u;

I will be posting raves and reviews and fangirling my little heart out on plooka. ;u; I am so psyched to finally have a place to really do it.

Hope you guys sort of like it?

I definitely do NOT understand how some of you can do graphics in the matter of seconds and enjoy it, I was so upset I teared up and it took me like a week and a half just for one side picture, bless your hearts graphic makers, BLESS.

External image

External image

All these sales… so many things to buy… I really didn’t think Voltage would do a Thanksgiving sale but I was definitely proven wrong.

If Voltage has a sale for two games and so many routes for Thanksgiving, imagine what’s gonna happen for Christmas and New Years! OMG IMAGINE VALENTINES DAY!


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-listens to the sorrowful sound of my bank account weeping-

Watching Nagi no Asukara and it’s giving me maaaajor Shinsekai Yori feels, ESPECIALLY from the characters. It’s like instead of Saki’s viewpoint it’s SATORU’s (i misspelled his name) and my heart is screaming for it to stop because SSY KILLED MY KOKORO.

This is just like twice as romance and I know some shit is gonna happen and I hate HATE 100% hate love triangles because I always ship the most canon route and it’s like a fucking corn maze to get to them together.

I don’t wanna doooo thiiiiiissss…

Uroko-sama and the gooorgeous art is literally the only reason I am still watching this anime.

Uroko-sama save me from heartbreak!