misa kelly

PBB held its audition to serve as a huge “marketing campaign."to make everyone aware of its presence. The producers already knew the fact, and still pushed the nationwide interview in order to gather more viewership as we all know that everyone is HOPING for a shot.

PBB isn’t a reality show, it’s fucking scripted since season one. They selected "marketable” housemates not from audition but through a “book.” I’ve seen such book when I worked as an intern in TV5 way back 2011, a book that contains such pretty faces; half-brazilian models, and advertising models such as kelly misa.  My boss said that talent scouting isn’t easy when you don’t have someone to manage your career.

That’s why I believe that PBB is as fake as shit. But many mainstream people still believe it’s not scripted. If you believe that it’s not; then consider yourself as a creep.