“Badlands to me is like this futuristic society, this dystopia in the future where everything is corrupt and it’s a wasteland and it’s kinda chaotic, and it’s metaphoric for a mental state for me. So living in this mental state is like living in the Badlands where you can’t escape. Everyone around is like, ‘Oh, those are the Badlands, we don’t go there.’

[translation] Free! Visual Story Vol.2 Drama CD track 7 - "The Walk Back Home on a Snowy Day"

[AUDIO LINK] from wakoaime

Makoto: *sigh* It’s been so cold lately, and today’s snowing so hard!

Haruka: Yeah.

Makoto: *warms hand* But anyway, the snow festival was really fun!

Haruka: Yeah… I was really happy to see the giant snow sculpture of Iwatobi-chan.

Makoto: It’s true, that sculpture was quite a masterpiece! …oh, Haru, if you’re cold, you can borrow my gloves, y'know…?

Haruka: No, I’m fine. I too will one day build a snow mackerel… *sneeze*

Makoto: See?  Here you go, I’ll give you one of my gloves.  I’m wearing a scarf, so I’ll be fine.

Haruka: …sorry.

Makoto: Our initial plan was to only see the snow sculptures and visit some shops, I still can’t believe it turned out like that…


Nagisa: Since we’re at a snow festival, let’s all join the snowball fight!

Makoto: Snowball fight?

Gou: Right now?

Rei: Nagisa-kun, no one’s prepared for it!

Haruka: That’s too much work…

Nagisa: WHAT~~~!? Don’t say such things… I really want the winning prize: Iwatobi-chan figurine: Snow Queen Version~~!!  Besides, the runner-up prize is one year’s worth of canned mackerel!

Haruka: Nagisa, where do we start?

Makoto: HARU!??

Nagisa: See!? Even Haru-chan’s all fired up!!

Rei: But still…

Gou: Listen, Rei-kun, in order to win a snowball fight, it’s very important to have a good strategy!

Rei: Gou-san, why are you so hyped up as well!??

Nagisa: With you Hyper-Brain, Rei-chan, we will definitely win this competition!

Rei: Hyper…Brain…fufufu, very well! I’ll come up with the greatest strategy!

Gou/Nagisa: YEAH!!

Makoto: I guess that’s nothing I can do to stop them… oh well, let’s all enter the competition then!

Makoto: Wow… there are so many people here!

Gou: The mid-winter muscle contest is amazing too~~!! Snow and muscles… what a perfect combination!!

Makoto: …it’s the muscle contest right next door that you’ve been eyeing, I see…

Nagisa: Well then, let’s see who our opponent is…

Rei: Could…could it be…! You are…!

*end of flashback*

Makoto: Speaking of which, who would’ve thought that our opponent would be the Samezuka Academy swimming team?  Rin was pretty good, but so was Captain Mikoshiba.  I was totally caught by surprised when a high-speed snowball came my way…

Haruka: I was caught off guard…

Makoto: Haru was out of the game right away, and even though we all fought really hard, we lost… and all our clothes were soaked beause of the snow, it was awful!

Haruka: …yeah.

Makoto: And even though Samezuka team defeated, they lost to Team Nezumi no issho (I think?)…

Haruka: …canned makerel…

Makoto: Huh? Did you want them so badly? Well, I guess we’ll need to win next year. Since Nagisa wanted that Iwatobi-chan figurine as well…

Haruka: yeah. I’ll definitely get those canned makeral next year.

Makoto: uuugh!  It really IS cold! It’s even colder since it was so warm in the train…

Haruka: Makoto. You can have your glove back.

Makoto: Oh, don’t worry about me, I’m fi…*sneeze*

Haruka: Your glove.

Makoto: Hehehe.

Haruka: What is it?

Makoto: Nothing… I was just thinking that it’s the other way around now… thank you, Haru.

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New cookie and pet released in Kakao, Orange Cookie and Mini Mouse!

Her unlock is fully upgrading 42 cookies. Her ability is collecting orange tennis balls in the stage which she can hit by jumping, which release orange jellies everywheres. She also quickly hits tennis balls while dashing. The tennis balls also destroy obstacles. You can see a video of her ability here. Her pet Mini Mouse gives speed points and drops Dash Boosts up to every 17 seconds. Orange Cookie’s treasure is Orange Cookie’s Sports Bottle, Mini Mouse’s treasure is Mini Mouse’s Orange Peel Treadmill.

She’s full of orange and could not get any more refreshing. She enjoys outdoor activities on sunny days, but no matter how long she stays outside she does not burn thanks to being made with whipped cream. She has strong and sweet ingredients~ Her sour flavoured ponytail dangles when she jumps, and her refreshing aura spreads to everyone and makes you want to play with her. She always tells interesting stories with energy, making you feel refreshed. It seems like in childhood she played with a friend, and maybe their influence gradually increased the strength of her smash…?

As for who her childhood friend is, it’s implied to be Lemon Cookie! After all, his bio mentioned a childhood friend as well, particularly a talkative one. Orange and Lemon’s taglines are similar, “Shall we have a refreshing run?” vs “Shall we have an electrifying run?”. Also, the have matching loading lines, one of Orange’s being “I need a recharge~ Please charge me!” and Lemon having the counter “I’m not your battery.”

In one last bit of news, packages of crystals, pets/cookies, treasures, and coins together are now available. They also have a purchase exclusive pet, a Platinum Drop, which drops platinum coins worth 70 coins, and rescues from a hole once.

For sheet rips click here.