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Koe no Katachi: 10/10 Recommendation

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I absolutely love this film,

Like, the aesthetics are absolutely FANTASTIC, I love the little blur that’s added to the outer frame of the screen, and those colours!

I would say I wish they had taken the far more intense story-line that is present in the original manga, but for a movie adapted from an ENTIRE series, it did AMAZING!, That’s 62 chapter down to a 2 hour film! A film that savors it’s quiet scenes as well!

Not to mention the film adds a much stronger humor element.

The animation is also absolutely beautiful and full of life, it makes even the simplest movements into masterpieces of emotion, I remember feeling disappointed that it was a movie and not an anime series, but I’m so happy it went down the movie root, the look is 100% worth it. Even if it didn’t get to venture into a more complex plot, still got the manga though!

The voice acting is beautiful, I’m not a Japanese speaker, but from my perspective, its amazing!

And finally and probably most importantly.

The soundtrack

That soundtrack man. THAT SOUNDTRACK

The one thing I could never get from the manga, and it was done PERFECTLY

Subtle, simple, shimmering and just. MAGICAL.

The soundtrack is the bomb! Especially during that ‘fireworks’ scene, what was done in a few panels of the manga was stretched out into a full minute scene overflowing with all the emotions built  up during the film. It had an INCREDIBLY IMPACT!

This is of course my bias, since ‘Koe no Katachi’ is one of my favorite manga of all time, but you’ll hear more good reviews from an insane amount of people.

so as a quick end to this small review that ended up way longer than intended.

This film is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad it got made.

anonymous asked:

So you think that Ben wanted an Oscar enough that he hired someone to be his red carpet girlfriend and then has proceeded, over the course of several years, to convince his family and colleagues to drop information to the media in support of the fake relationship, fake marriage, and fake children? And you don't think it is just an unplanned pregnancy subjected to incredible levels of scrutiny? Occam's razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

I believe Harvey Weinstein thought he could get a multitude of Oscars for The Imitation Game and convinced Benedict Cumberbatch he knew what the best way for him to get one on the way would be.  I think Harvey Weinstein would have been right about The Imitation Game by the way, had the year been 1996 and not 2015.  

I believe Harvey Weinstein used Benedict Cumberbatch (a man whose name is clickbait gold) to market a film that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.  LIke I said, it wasn’t 1996.

I believe the red carpet girlfriend was Harvey Weinstein’s idea because he needed to shape Ben’s image into something conventional the majority of the Academy members would vote for. 

I believe Sophie Hunter was presented as a red carpet girlfriend choice by David Birkin who, at the time, was married to one of her best friends:  Eloise Fornieles.  

I believe it didn’t hurt at all that Harvey Weinstein had connections to Sophie Hunter as well.  To be fair, she looked like a shoo in for the part on paper.

I believe Sophie Hunter was tried out as a potential red carpet girlfriend at the French Open, but that idea was dropped when people assumed Benedict Cumberbatch was attending the match alone.  That’s why he kept dating blondes well beyond the French Open during the summer, and seen out in public with them.

I believe as time moved on and Kinvara Balfour dropped out of the game, pressed for time, Benedict Cumberbatch decided to give it a go, and with Harvey Weinstein’s go ahead, Sophie Hunter was introduced to the world as the mysterious woman who’d stolen the internet boyfriend’s heart.

I believe the engagement announcement was Sophie Hunter’s idea and that’s why Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch’s name wasn’t printed correctly on that notice.  

I believe Benedict Cumberbatch was starting to have second thoughts on the whole matter, but then was stunned to see Sophie Hunter reveal a mis-shaped bump on the red carpet at PSIFF.  His face and her face on that red carpet speak volumes.

I believe he refused to confirm the news of the pregnancy and Harvey Weinstein realised it generated a whole lot of buzz around his leading man’s name (the main selling point of The Imitation Game), so Sophie Hunter was allowed to keep baiting while Benedict Cumberbatch looked pissy and Harvey Weinstein was rubbing his hands while feeding the tabloids with blatantly set up pap walks.

I believe a deal was struck between Benedict Cumberbatch and Harvey Weinstein where if he lost the Golden Globe, he would confirm the pregnancy just in time to rake in the votes for the Oscars.  

I could go on for pages upon pages Nonny, but I won’t because I’ve already bored myself, this post is long enough as it is, and I have quite a few more asks to get through.  

If you’re still interested in what I believe, you may go through my archive.  You may also find multiple visual aids in my archive, explaining why I will never believe the pregnancy that led to the birth of Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch was real.   I never delete posts.  


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screenwriter  asked:

fun. + iron and wine + linkin park + the vaccines!!

Fun.: Put your music on shuffle and list the first three.

”I wanna be yours” by am (ew), “the guns of brixton” (live) by the clash, and “death of a disco dancer”
Iron & Wine?: What song would you want to be played at your wedding?“

ngl I don’t intend to get married but “come on eileen” by dexys midnight runners bc such a iconic bop
Linkin Park: Suggest a band you think I might like.

the xx
The Vaccines: What are your favorite lyrics? Quote them for me. Do they mean something special to you?

“We won’t use guns, we won’t use bombs
We’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of, that’s our minds”
from “mis-shapes” by pulp bc god they’re such brilliant lyrics??

thanks Angie ! <3

chillachin  asked:

for the music asks- 4, 10, 17, 29!

Thank you!

4. I learnt to play trombone at school. I was checked out aged about 9 and told my arms were too short to play violin, but a year later I got told I could have a go playing trombone, somewhat ridiculously. I also had to learn to play the keyboard in years 7-9 at school. I have no sense of rhythm so have never actually been any good at playing any instrument.

10. Do you Realize? by the Flaming Lips is always pretty good, Somebody Loves You - Eels, the intro / reprise bit from Exotic Creatures of the Deep because Russell’s voice in harmony with itself is so soothing. Pulp - Mis-shapes.

17. All Sparks songs are underrated. Ron is a lyrical genius and Russell has the most amazing voice ever. Most stuff that makes it to the top of the charts these days seems overrated to me. I don’t understand the appeal of Ed Sheeran at all. 

 29. I have no tattoos of any sort. I’ve never had anything that appealed so much I’ve wanted it permanently inked on my skin. If it would be anything though it would have to be some sort of Sparks lyrics or artwork.