miryam fares

anonymous asked:

can you suggest some modern arabic singers? i really dont mind if it's in MSA or a dialect, thanks!

Hey anon! How about both? ;)

I’ll link some of my favorite songs for you, some of them are old, sorry ;-; you can check their newest songs too, I will also mention some famous singers in case you’re interested.


-Fairouz (Lebanese Dialect)* [note : listen to kan el zaman/ sahar al layali/ bent el shalabiya, all her songs are amazing tbh]

-Abdel Haleem Hafez (Egyptian Dialect) and Umm Kalthoum (Egyptian Dialect) are really famous singers and I think you think know about them, 

-Sami Clark (Lebanese Dialect) [song : lebanese/ song : Modern Standard Arabic]

-Nancy Ajram (Lebanese and Egyptian dialects) [song]

-Shireen Abdel Wahhab (Egyptian Dialect) [this song is so old but I love it]

-Omar Diab (Egyptian Dialect)

-Jadal (Jordanian Dialect- rock band) [song]

-Mashrou’ Layla (Lebanese dialect -rock band) [song]

-Elisa (Lebanese dialect) [song]

-Miryam Fares (Lebanese dialct/ Egyptian dialect) [song] << this song is in Egyptian Arabic

-George Wassouf (Syrian dialect/ he’s really famous but I’m not a big fan ^^;)

-Najwa Karam (Lebanese dialect) [song]

-Cheb Khaled (Algerian Dialect) [song]

-Shamma Hamdan (Emirati Dialect)

-Hussain Aljasmi (Emirati Dialect)

Modern Standard Arabic

-Humood Al Khadr (Modern Standard Arabic) [song]

-Kathem Al-Saher (Iraqi Dialect and a lot of Modern Standard Arabic) [song : Qooli ohebboka]

-Marcel Khalife (Modern Standard Arabic and Lebanese) [song]

-I don’t know if this would be interesting for you, but I’ll say it just in case : anime opening songs that are dubbed in Arabic are mostly in Modern Standard Arabic, you might want to give Rasha Rizq a try, she has other non-anime songs but I think they’re in Syrian Dialect) [song, song 2]

If anyone wants to suggest more please do!