I really like Miruca. The fact that she worked hard to formally study new alchemy in the city only to be disillusioned by what she saw and the people there and now just gets by fixing pans in her hometown while hanging out with her dumpster-diving self-taught alchemist BFF… that’s a little too real Atelier.


Returning character Keithgriff(party member)and new characters Linca and Albert for Atelier Shallie.

Linca’s description heavily hints that she isn’t the same Linca from Ayesha and Escha & Logy, but one of her “sisters” instead. Her seiyuu is still Ami Koshimizu just like all the other Lincas.

Albert is Shallote and Miruca’s childhood friend. His seiyuu is Nobunaga Shimazaki.

You can also see some screenshots of the OP at the top of the second scan. It was shown at the Gust live the other day but hasn’t been released online yet.